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The Tenth Kingdom - The Janitor, the Wolf and the Puppy Love Prince - Fractured Fairy Tale Family Fun

Updated on August 16, 2014

Have you ever wondered what came after all the happily ever afters? What happened to all the beloved mythological creatures brought to life in classic children's tales? Where did the elves and fairies get off to?

In The Tenth Kingdom, we finally get to find out. Originally aired as a TV miniseries in 2000, The Tenth Kingdom was a wonderful amalgamation of characters from many beloved childhood tales.

Follow along to see how this enchanting story captivated audiences of all ages.

In this tale, our world is considered the tenth kingdom.

The other kingdoms, like most countries now, don't necessarily get along. Famous figures from fairy tales past carved out their own lands resulting in nine major kingdoms run by such legendary ladies as Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella.

As happily ever after fades, the descendants of our fairy tale figures are confronted with an old evil. Finally free, the evil queen of days past has returned with a vengeance to claim just that, vengeance. She's out for blood at any price in her quest to punish the descendants of Snow White.

Our story begins here in America.

All fairy tales need a princess figure, a heroine, some poor girl destined for greatness, if she can hang. Kimberly Williams plays our unsuspecting heroine, Virginia in such an honest way. She's a believable young woman. One can't help but cheer her on.

An average girl, strapped for cash and resigning herself to a life of mediocrity, Virginia suddenly finds destiny thrust upon her as the walls between kingdoms are penetrated. Watch her life go from ordinary to extraordinary in the blink of an eye.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Like most of us, Virginia is just trying to make it from one day to the next. Tooling home from work one day, she accidentally hits a dog. Being the sweet girl she is, she takes him in to be sure he's okay.

This lovable pup is no ordinary dog.

That one act binds Virginia to the canine and sets her on the path to incredible adventure, romance and hidden knowledge. She's not alone.

Canines, fathers and wolves. Oh, my.

Through the most hysterical series of events, Virginia's father, a hapless janitor, winds up going with her into the foreign lands of fantasy. Played by Dan Laroquette, Tony Lewis loves his daughter, but does good to take care of himself.

Along with our lovable pooch who by the way just so happens to talk, Virginia is further accompanied by a wolf in human clothing. Wolf turns out to be one of the most interesting characters of the entire show.

Is he a good guy or is he a bad guy? Nothing is really as it seems.

The characters are so very lovable, even the bad ones.

Every time I see this, I become enamored of the characters and not just the good ones. Even some of the bad guys are just as cute as they can be. For example, the evil queen, while kind of scary is also eloquently played by Dianne West in such a way as to be magnetic.

She comes across as the very epitome of regal, yet vulnerable at the same time. I find myself hoping she will come over to the side of good again and again. She's such a powerful figure, charismatic and charming one minute and chillingly evil the next.

From a sadistic elf that "works" as a prison dentist to mischievous mushrooms, the creativity in regards to character production is off the scale. These endearing characters pop up from scene to scene with each kingdom having many of its own to keep viewers engaged and entertained.

Even the sets and props have personality.

So many things come to life here from frogs that talk to a singing ring. The ring is my personal favorite prop in the movie but the mushrooms run a really close second. You have to see it. They are all so sweet and yet bitingly sarcastic.

Children will love the fantasy action and characters. Adults will adore the added bonuses along the way in old references and the journey through some of life's most complex problems such as abandonment, abuse, loyalty and love that are brilliantly woven into the story.

Fun for the whole family.

Beginning with the opening song "Wishing on a Star" preformed by Miriam Stockley, going all the way through to the breathtaking end, there's action, comedy, romance and flights of fantasy appropriate for all ages. For family viewing, I give a big both thumbs up.

Enjoy a great story of fractured fairy tales from all over with no bad language, no graphic violence or gratuitous gore, just great lines, legendary ladies, the most enchanting characters and an epic quest that goes... On.

Below you will find trailers for The Tenth Kingdom and the super sequel that it spawned.

A few clips from the original wrap up the video menu.

For me, the music really stood out in this story. In the first video, listen to the theme song. It's beautiful. I liked it so much I often listen to the song online without watching the movie. It has a sweet yet somehow haunting quality about it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

show me trailers one and all.

Cinderella, Big Red and Snow White, too

all face challenges both old and some new.

You are cordially invited to the ball.

Come now. Come one. Come all.

Step to and come right on in.

Let the magical journey begin.

Background image credit; Poetvix

Who was your favorite fairy tale character?

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Stellar sounds and a great read.

As a teacher, I loved recommending book versions of movies to students, when appropriate. This story is unlike so many movies and books today that are loaded with foul language and sexual scenes.

Many times, kids are more motivated to read books that are in movie version too. Because they already have an interest in and attachment to the characters and somewhat know the story line, reluctant, poor and readers lacking confidence find them less challenging.

Children, teens and tweens with better reading skills also love books that they have seen in a movie version due to character attachment. Moms can add these to the kid's book shelf, the DVD library and the music menu worry free.

The 10th Kingdom (Hallmark Entertainment Books)
The 10th Kingdom (Hallmark Entertainment Books)

Nothing tops a book. HD TV and CGI may go a long way towards creating a visual masterpiece, but nothing yet tops the human mind.Fun for adults and safe for budding brains, take an epic journey through the lands of fantasy and fairy tales gone forward.


I've always loved fairy tales. What are some of your favorites?

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    • AlanJC321 profile image


      4 years ago

      I think it would make a good gift for my nieces. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rhonda Lytle profile imageAUTHOR

      Rhonda Lytle 

      4 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      @Cari Kay 11: Enjoy! It will make you laugh, cry and cheer all at the same time. Here's wishing you and the kids an awesome summer. God bless!

    • Cari Kay 11 profile image


      4 years ago

      I am always looking for good shows for the kids and have never even heard of this one. I'm checking it out. Thank you!


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