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The Truman Show: Wow, what a movie

Updated on October 25, 2015
The Truman Show
The Truman Show | Source

The Truman Show - a film to watch over and over

If you have never seen this film and you have no idea what it's about, then I urge you to buy it now, do not read reviews, (not even the DVD sleeve) and watch it with absolutely no preconceptions at all.

That's how I first saw it. I had no idea what it was about or what I should expect and this approach was, for me, an astonishing way to see this movie.

I wasn't expecting much

I really didn't expect to think very much about it. First, there was Jim Carrey. I'd only seen him in one film before - The Mask - and although I more or less enjoyed it that, and the clips of Ace Ventura, made me think that Carrey played parts that were a bit to manic for me.

Then there was the word 'show'. This indicated to me that it was about television (it sort of is) and although I watched TV when I lived in the UK I'd lost interest. I imagined 'show' meant some sort of game show and the thought of that, plus the manic Carrey, didn't appeal to me very much at all.

I was so wrong

I forget just why I had to watch it - maybe I was at a friend's home and too polite to refuse, maybe it was the only option on a plane - but I was pretty captivated quite quickly.

Who is Truman?

He's a young married guy who lives in a gorgeously manicured small town by the sea. Life is good. He is married to a pretty and amenable nurse and he has a good enough job in an ordinary office. But he is beginning to realize that there is something strange about his life. He's not an egoist but increasingly, life in the town seems to revolve around him. He notices his wife's habit of seeming to endorse products, for example, extolling the virtues of a coffee brand when she's making him a cup. It's all very strange.


He begins to feel trapped in the small but delightful town that he has lived in all his entire life. He's never left it. If he tries to make travel plans, they're disrupted and everyone, even TV shows, tell him that staying at home is best. He is now convinced that there is something not at all right with his life.

He's right

Truman has no idea and cannot possibly imagine what the truth of the matter is. But increasingly, situations become stranger. The people he knows become more and more odd and less predictable.

There is something so very wrong with his life, even though it seems perfect in so many ways.

Movie clip Truman in...

See a clip from the film

Truman increasingly believes that something is wrong. He feels that he won't be allowed to leave town but who could stop him and why?

With his wife in the car, he tells her that they are going to New Orleans. But Truman has a phobia about water. He can't go in boats without be paralyzed by fear. In order to get onto the road from his home town to New Orleans, he has to drive over a bridge.

With his wife's unwilling help, he makes it.

Within seconds they see a bush fire warning and have to drive through fire. His wife tries to get him to turn back. Not much further along the road they come to a 'nuclear leak' emergency and are told they must return home.

The cop, who Truman has never met before, calls him by his name...


The Truman Show can be enjoyed as it is but on subsequent viewings, one starts to ask questions and see (real or imaginary) analogies.

This film is the same. The basic premise sounds daft - two teenagers find themselves living in a 1958 sitcom. Of course, this is in black and white but gradually color starts to appear.

People who are 'colored' are viewed with suspicion and in this black and white world, color is seen as a bad thing. Intriguing and thought-provoking.(And fun)..


© 2013 Jackie Jackson


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    • BritFlorida profile imageAUTHOR

      Jackie Jackson 

      4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      It's definitely well worth watching, that's for sure.

    • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

      Dancing Cowgirl Design 

      5 years ago from Texas

      It does sound interesting and I haven't seen it yet so maybe I will take a look at it soon.


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