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The Vampire Academy Movie

Updated on February 15, 2018

VA Movie Details Including Cast and Characters

So let's all cheer for the new Vampire Academy movie due out in cinema's soon!

Just when you thought we'd had enough of school with the likes of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, now we get to relive the magic at another school. This time, we are going to a Vampire school called Vampire Academy!

This movie is based on the popular book series by Richelle Mead and fans everywhere are super stoked to see this literary work being adapted for the big screen. Me included!

Everyone wants to know who will be playing their favorite characters. I'm looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Rose Hathaway and Dimitri!

VA Book Series

I recently re-read the Vampire Academy book series in anticipation of the release of the movie, and it was still as good as the first time around!

The connection between Roza and Dmitri is amazing. The struggles that Rose and Lissa have constantly redefines their relationship, as new people and more threats occur each day.

If you haven't read this series, then I'd suggest you do. It's an easy read as it's targetted towards a teen audience. It involves magic, love, friendship, bad choices, horror and of course vampires!

If you have read it and wanted to know what happened to some of your favorite characters and don't want the story to end, then try Bloodlines. It's a kind of continuation or spin-off from the original story.

Vampire Academy Box Set 1-6
Vampire Academy Box Set 1-6

There are 6 movies in the complete book series that follow the antics and love lives of the main characters.

It's really addictive reading and you'll be amazed at how fast you get through the story and want to know how it all works out!


Academy For Vampires and Dhampirs

Have You Read The Vampire Academy Book Series?

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If you were left still looking for answers at the end of the Vampire Academy books then you'll want to read the Bloodlines series. It continues on the story pretty much where the last book in the VA series finished, except Rose is no longer the narrator... (sorry can't say much more without spilling what happens at the end of the first 6 books)


The Vampire Background to This New Movie

Fans of Twilight will be super excited to hear of a new teen vampire movie. Except in this movie the rules are a little different...

Like Twilight, there is a ruling class of vampires. However, these are actually called Moroi and they are peaceful bloodsuckers that "feed" on humans but don't take the lives of their meals. If they do kill their dinner then they become Strigoi, immortal vamps that like to kill their own kind as well as the Moroi - supposedly they taste better than ordinary folks like you and me!

When a Moroi and a human hook up and have kids, then they have half human, half Moroi babies. These are called Dhampirs and they inherit some key qualities from their parents.

Dhampirs are strong, fast and don't feed on blood. Since Dhampirs are pretty much infertile, unless they mate with a Moroi, they have mainly become guardians to the remaining Moroi. If the Moroi cease to exist, because of the Strigoi hunting them down and killing them, then so will the Dhampirs.

Although the Strigoi are faster and more deadly than the Moroi they lack the magic that these peace loving blood drinkers are able to tap into.

Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
Vampire Academy: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Fans are loving this high glossy book and the pictures are spectacular


VA Storyline

So for those that have read the books, then you'll pretty much know what this movie is about as the movie has mainly stayed true to the books.

For those that haven't read the books, and want to know what to expect from February onwards, keep reading.

In the film, you'll meet Rose Hathaway. She's a young Dhampir that is friends with the last remaining Dragomir vampire princess, Lissa Dragomir. They decide to leave the Academy, where their kind is trained to kill the Strigoi and also protected from them while they learn. However, they are captured and returned to school.

Rose has to try her best to catch up all the training she's missed. And Lissa has to figure out what her magic power is. However, there is way more to being at school than just boring lessons!

Rose is attracted and is attractive to half the male campus, including her unattainable and super sexy mentor. Rose is reckless and finds herself in a lot of compromising positions, that will leave the audience killing themselves.

Meanwhile, Lissa finds herself in trouble, not just because of her close bond with Rose, but because of her secret magical ability that leads her down dangerous paths.

Cast and Characters

So who exactly is in this teen flick?

Well there are a few names that you'll recognize but as most of the main actors are pretty young, there will be quite a few that you might not be as familiar with. However, this film is a comedy along similar lines of last years comedy/horror flick Warm Bodies. However, this time it's about human loving blood suckers rather than zombies!

Rose Hathaway

The main antagonist of the movie is played by Zoey Deutch. You might recognize Zoey from her role as Juliet Martin alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer or as Emily in Beautiful Creatures.

Rose is a Dhampir at boarding school, trying to become a Guardian so she can protect her best friend from the undead. However, Rose isn't exactly your typical Guardian material. Instead, she's extremely sarcastic, the center of the party and seems to always find a way to get into trouble.

Vasilisa Dragomir

Lucy Fry plays the role of Vasilisa Dragomir, but is more often called Lissa. This is pretty much her first major role, although she has been in other TV shows that I've never watched such as H2O: Just Add Water and the spin-off Mako: Island of Secrets.

Lissa is a princess of her people and is in danger because of her special abilities. She has a special bond with Rose, that allows Rose to know when she's in danger. She is also the last of her line.

Dimitri Belikov

This is the sexy hunk of the piece that Rose for whom Rose falls heavily in love. Dimitri is a Russian Guardian and is assigned to help Rose catch up with her classmates. He's well respected among the Dhampir and the students at the boarding school.

This is the first American movie that Danila Kozlovsky has done, so we look forward to seeing how he portrays this character in the film.

Victor Dashkov

Long standing actor Gabriel Byrne plays the role of Victor Dashkov. Byrne has been in lots of stuff, his most recent appearance being as the Viking leader in the History channels really cool Vikings TV show.

Victor Dashkov is Lissa's Uncle. He's also a Moroi and is the closest thing to family she has, as her parents and brother died in a car accident.

Headmistress Ellen Kirova

Olga Kurylenko plays the Headmistress Ellen Kirova of the Boarding School. She's very strict and her life would be much easier if she could banish Rose. However, she has to try and control lots of out of control teenagers.

Olga Kurylenko is mostly known from her role in the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and in Oblivion.

Guardian Versus Blood Whore

In the book, Rose is a trainee Guardian and has to make a lot of sacrifices for her friend and essentially her boss. Lissa's life comes before Rose's and for the most part, she seems fine with that. It's normal to her.

The alternative is for Rose to become a "blood whore", which is looked down upon by other Guardians. However, she'd be able to have children and raise them.

The trailers for this movie gives you a glimpse into just how funny this movie is going to be.

Are You Looking Forward to This Movie? Or Already Seen it and Have Some Feedback?

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