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The Vespers

Updated on February 17, 2013

The Vespers new CD "The Fourth Wall" out on April 3rd!

The New CD from The Vespers the talented quartet of musicians blend folk, blues, country and so much more!

Hitting stores and online retailers on April 3rd!

I've got the latest review of a pre-release copy and I've compiled all the bands digital download sites and social networking sites so you can get the strait scoop on the new CD.

Cover Art for  The CD "The Fourth Wall" by The Vespers
Cover Art for The CD "The Fourth Wall" by The Vespers

CD Review "The Fourth Wall" by The Vespers

Release Date: April 3rd 2012

The Vespers are one of those bands that have paid their dues on the indie college venues and festival touring circuit. This new CD release will be their 3rd album and it is a well polished gem of folk-pop songwriting.

If you like folk, blue grass, blues with a touch of youthful pop flavor to your music then check The Vespers out. They bring it all to you with a Christian spiritual message that will unite listeners young and old.

They list some of their influences and inspirations like Decemberists, Avett Brothers, Cadillac Sky, and Allison Kraus.

My two personal favorite songs are "Got No Friends" and "Lawdy", They have that old southern spiritual hymn feel.

The song "Grinnin In Your Face" has the potential to be a radio hit and perfect for a television or movie soundtrack.

They bring a genuine amount of pop styling and dynamic song writing with the upbeat yet tempo change laden song "Jolly Robber" and the fantastic "Foot Prints In The Snow".

The lead vocalists and sisters Callie (21) and Phoebe Cryar (19) enchant you with their amazing range from soothing motherly breathy vocals on "Daughter" and the soft ballad of the opening track "Better Now". Together with the fellow musicianship of brothers Bruno (20) and Taylor Jones (22). The Vespers bring a fresh sound to styles of music that are really in need of a fresh injection of outstanding talent.

If your looking for great listen, or even craving new flavor for your worship music taste. Then check out The Vespers "The Fourth Wall" online for a preview listen and much more.

The Vespers Website

Check out the bands official website for more info!

The Vespers Music on Amazon offers The Vespers The Fourth Wall as a full album download or you can purchase individual songs!

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