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The Walking Dead - Michonne, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes

Updated on August 19, 2016
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A true lover and fan of GOOD television shows. The shows that have you excited to see the new season start.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Source

The Walking Dead - Best Fan Memorabilia

The Walking Dead Fans are some of the most die hard fans ever, myself included. We make up a large part of the world right now and we represent with a vengeance. You know you’re a fan when someone on the show dies and your eyes get watery. We've watched "The Walking Dead" faithfully from the beginning and have become more obsessed with each episode. True fans don't miss episodes so schedule your life accordingly. On this page I'll be showcasing some of the best "The Walking Dead" fan memorabilia.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Source

Our Favorites

From the beginning Rick Grimes has always been my favorite. Being a leader in a zombie apocalypse is not for everyone. Michonne and Daryl are second and third, respectfully. No matter what goes down if those two are on your team you can't loose. Beth was also one of my favorites and when she died I became physical ill. She was like the little sister that all you wanted to do was keep her safe. Carol is like a strong sister that you would go to for advice. Tyreese was like an uncle to the group. Hershel was like a grandpa to me, oh how I miss him so. The entire cast is great, but I know we all have our favorites. They'll be more great characters joining the team as the show proceeds. We'll fall in love with some and others we'll want to abandon by the roadside.

"I'm so hoping to see Daryl and Carol get together. Hopefully this will be one of the surprises this season."

The Walking Dead - Michonne, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes

Exclusively for The Walking Dead Fans
Exclusively for The Walking Dead Fans | Source

About the Show

After the tragic events of the mid-season finale -- as well as losing the possibility of a cure in Washington, DC -- Rick Grimes' band of survivors find themselves on the road, surviving day to day and trying to hold on to their shredded humanity and dwindling hope.

Stripped of security and without a direction for the future, some of the group near their breaking point, some find themselves hardened and cold and some just try to grasp on to what little they have left. Though they are still breathing, the line between Rick's group and the dead is starting to blur.

Could there be anything at this point that brings them back to life?


Season 5

This season we need to prepare ourselves for more adventure, more short lived joy and more loss. You know the stuff that has us anxiously waiting for the next episode. Even the episode names are intriguing. Keep watching for the complete lists.

Season 5 Episodes

  • No Sanctuary
  • Strangers
  • Four Walls and a Roof
  • Self Help
  • Consumed
  • Crossed
  • Coda
  • What Happened and What's Going On?
  • Them
  • The Distance
  • Remember
  • Forget
  • Spend
  • Try
  • Conquer

Walkers Beware - Rick Grimes, Michonne and Daryl Dixon are three of the best and baddest characters of the show. Bad meaning Good!

The Walking Dead: Compendium One Paperback

Introducing the first eight volumes of the fan-favorite, New York Times Best Seller series collected into one massive paperback collection! Collect The Walking Dead #1-48. This is the perfect collection for any fan of the Emmy Award-winning television series on AMC: over one thousand pages chronicling the beginning of Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning continuing story of survival horror- from Rick Grimes' waking up alone in a hospital, to him and his family seeking solace on Hershel's farm, and the controversial introduction of Woodbury despot: The Governor. In a world ruled by the dead, we are finally forced to finally start living.

Who is your favorite Walking Dead character?

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We Are "The Walking Dead"

Yes there is a lot of killing and gore and stuff so gross you may have to turn a way for a second. However there is also unity and a bond that can't be broken. An undeniable group work ethic that's rarely seen today. Hopefully we will never have to experience a zombie apocalypse, but just in case we'll be prepared. We'll be ready for battle, ready to find others to band with and ready to live another day. Everyone has one goal in mind and that is to survive.

Anyone up for some dog meat?


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