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The Last Starfighter - A Movie Review By S

Updated on April 5, 2012

Review written by S., edited by Christopher Dapo

"Greetings, Starfighter! You have been recruited, by the Star League, to defend the Frontier against Zur and the Kodan Armada. Prepare for blast off!"

Alex Rogan has big dreams. Dreams that seem to extend far out of the tiny trailer park community he lives in. But just when he begins to believe those dreams will never come true, a video-game and an encounter with an alien stranger change his life in ways he never dared to dream of.

It seems Alex was always busy, he never got the chance to relax and have fun. He has big dreams of going to a serious college. But one night, he busts the record on his favorite video game. The whole community comes out to watch. After the excitement, his mother presents him with news of his college loan - it was unapproved.

Feeling down about the news, Alex heads off down the road and notices his favorite game is acting up. Just then, a futuristic-looking car pulls up. With the door opening, an elderly voice explains he is searching for the person who just made the record on the game. When Alex answers the gentleman that it was him who achieved the record, the man, going by the name Centari, invites Alex into his car for a proposition.

One of the most exciting parts of the movie is during the ride in Centari's car. As they start heading off, Alex asks, "Where are we going?" Centari's response is, "Are you the type of kid who reads the last page of a mystery first, pesters the magician to reveal the secrets behind his tricks, who sneaks downstairs to peek at his christmas presents? No you're not, my boy. That's why," and in a child-like tauntingly way, says, "I'm not going to tell you!" He finishes with, "Besides, I just love surprises, don't you?" Then suddenly, Alex's adventure begins!

Take a journey into space when you watch The Last Starfighter! With a stellar cast and a soaring story, this 1984 classic can't be beat. Starring Lance Guest, Catherine Mary Stewart, Robert Preston, and Dan O'Herlihy.

This is a great movie about good triumphing over evil. Among the wonderful quotes, two of my favorite are, "I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds!" and, "Things change, they always do. You'll get your chance. The thing is, when you do, you have to grab it with both hands and hang on tight!"

Featuring stellar special effects that were unseen back in 1984, this is a movie to treasure and share with kids, friends, and family.


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    • Christopher Dapo profile image

      Christopher Dapo and S. 5 years ago from Havelock, NC

      This is one of my favorites, too, 007. I grew up with it. Thanks to my family, I've seen lots of good movies and they continue to inspire me.

      - S.

    • profile image

      007 5 years ago

      That is one of my favorite movies, kid makes it big out of the trailer park. And relay goes far-----------------.