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The Longest Yard- A Classic Football Movie

Updated on August 2, 2014

Great movie whether you like football or not!

I go way back with this movie to when it was playing in theaters. My parents and grandmother loved going out to the movies once a month and I liked to tag along. I was a teenager at the time and sometimes their taste was not the same as mine, but in this case, The Longest Yard was a winner. When three generations all go to see a movie together and everyone comes out smiling, it's easy to tell that it was a good movie for all.

Now don't get me wrong, this is not a family movie by any means and is certainly not appropriate for children. It's rated R for a reason and parents can use their own judgment. I saw The Longest Yard when I was fifteen and I don't feel that I was scarred for life. In fact it is one of my favorite football themed movies and it brings back fond memories of the times spent out with the family. 

So what do you think happens at a prison when the guards and the prisoners get together for a football game? If you answered a classic football movie where we all root for the underdogs, you would be correct. Burt Reynolds simply shines in this movie, which I think is one of his best. Eddie Albert does a superb job playing the warden that we all love to hate. 

Please don't confuse this 1974 film with the newer version, as it is in another class from the remake. Even though the new version is not bad, there is no comparison to the original. 

A Bit of Trivia:

During the filming at the Georgia State Prison, Burt Reynolds liked to socialize with the inmates even though it was discouraged. He agreed to have celebrity photos taken with some of the inmates and he donated book subscriptions.

Invincible [Blu-ray]
Invincible [Blu-ray]

Another great "against all odds" film that will have you on the edge of you seat cheering


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      Carmelocoton 3 years ago

      Great Lens. Thanks a lot.