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Why Movies Are Important

Updated on March 3, 2017


Right at the moment of composing this I am eighteen years and five months old and I have watched over five hundred english-speaking movies. This article is an attempt to explain why I have spent so much of my time doing so.

How I Got Into Movies

First off, I am not a native English speaker and learning the "international" language comes forward at a young age as a necessary condition to move on with your life, really. My teacher always used to urge me and my classmates to put some english-speaking film with no subtitles on just to practice our english and so I followed her advice and started doing just that. At first, obviously, I could not figure out much, but as my language skills progressed, it became a natural thing for me. So I found a way to not only better my English, but also be entertained at the same time.

But why did I get so "hooked" on movies? It can not just be about being entertained or spending your spare time creatively. I'm pretty sure that, at one point or another, each and every single one of us has wished for their life to be just a little bit different. And, well, a movie can genuinely lift you off your, at times, boring life and make you land potentially at a different place, in a different era, surrounded by different people. It can honestly take your mind off your concerns for a 2-hour journey, make you laugh, intrigue you, scare you, thrill you, even make you cry, setting your thoughts in motion everytime.

The Way I See It

It goes even beyond that. Creating an artwork of a movie isn't and should not be about the money, nor should it be made just for the sake of making it.. The creators of a film have a pretty clear idea of how they want their piece of art to translate to people, they maybe want to express an idea, set forth their frustration on a subject that matters to them and a generating a movie offers them a metaphoric means of achieving that. They have the ability to raise awareness on an important matter or sensitize people on another, with simply depicting what is wrong with the world.

Ultimately, movies can create a better, smarter and wiser version of yourself. Any person with just a tiny bit of empathy can definitely derive some benefit from watching a movie, any movie. In example, watching a character's journey through a dramatic situation towards obtaining the oh so coveted happy ending can give you hope, teaching you not to give up even at dark times. On the other hand, a well crafted comedic movie, so as to make us laugh, requires a lot more creativity that we could possibly think of and ,in turn, gives us new ways of being creative ourselves. A good mystery film pushes you to see the bigger picture of things and stretches your intellect to keep pace with every detail that you receive, serving as a live action riddle. The list can go on and on, as every movie holds so much potential without us really seeing it.

Now, I'm not saying that every single movie in existence is as good or as conductive to your growth as a person. There will always be a movie now and then that, after you watch it, will make you feel that you just pointlessly wasted 2 hours or so of your time... But still, I want to make sure that I'm missing not one detail of the overall picture before rushing to judge a movie.

From this prespective, movies are much alike books, with the difference that books allow you to be freely creative when picturing the characters in your mind and not to have to settle for a specific actor. That is probably one of the main reasons why a lot of books-turned-movies do not always find the audience in favor. Movies, though, have the privilege of being a faster way of acquiring knowledge, as people can get impatient whilst reading a book. This is not a comparison in the way of "movies are better than books" as books hold their own unique value, but this is a different subject.

The "deduction"

In colclusion, movies are a huge part of mine and many other people's lives. It's a way of learning about new situations without actually experiencing them or living through them. It's an art that should be above a positive or negative review, box office or accolades, as it always has something to give back to people. And it is important far beyond than what can be put into words.


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    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 

      22 months ago from Illinois

      I think as a reader and lover of movies, I think people should read and not use movies as a substitute for books because the richness of the meaning the author wanted to convey will always be first and foremost in the book version. Or manga or comic or whatever the original source material is. But, like you said, films are a shorter way of attaining the essential information of a book. And, it's interesting to see the book's concepts brought to 'real life' form in movies or TV shows, even if it's not exactly how it would have looked if it were all controlled by you.


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