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these boots are made for walking

Updated on July 8, 2009

Mystikal that bad ass rapper is a war you didn't no that.

After I graduated high school,I laid around for about a year trying to "find myself."I was the head cook at apple-bees,and engaged to be married.But there was something in me at the time that just wanted to experience something new,I didn't know what,I just felt like since I graduated,I had to do something else.Then one day I'm cruising around with my girl and she said "why don't you join the military?" she was joking.She knew I was searching for something,I thought to myself "why not? I'm not doing anything with myself,all I do is work and come home,I need a change of pace."and just like that my journey began.I got up and went to the army recruitment office one morning,the recruiters was shocked to see me. about a year before I walked into their office, they was hounding me hard,coming by the house,stopping me in malls,popping up at the movies and just really getting on my nerves.So I made this story up to get them off my back,I told them I was a gang-banger,and I had just been convicted of a drug charge and I was on probation,that backed them up so quick,they stopped bothering me.Now a year later here I am,ready to be all I can be.And they was thrilled,and I was too,cause I was ready for a change in my life,ready to do something,ready to see the world.I had some pretty cool recruiters who really shared a lot of their personal experiences with me,all the big cities that they had been to,all the exotic locals they had visited,and all the beautiful women they had met.I was hooked,bags packed ready to go.Felt like I was doing something with my life.Once all the testing,the red tape,and the physical,was out the way I was ready to go.Looking forward to this new day in my life.I hit basic training ready for whatever.I had already heard stories about basic training so I psyched myself up,I viewed basic as a initiation,a test to pass to be accepted.So off to basic I go,my first three days in basic was laid-back,I was at reception where all the new privates came in to get processed,to take that final step over that line and become military men.Reception,was laid back and relaxing.On the third day one of the Seargents,took all out side and pointed over to a set of train tracks right down the street and said " you see those train tracks,privates?That is the point of no return.once you cross those tracks your civillian life is over.enjoy today,because tomorrow basic training begins.

Basic training

The first day,we all piled into the back of this paddy wagon type of truck that we called the cattle car.Two drill sergeants on board one at the front the other at the back.Silently standing there with cop shades on.We privates didn't pay any attention to them,we just kept on talking,kept on joking,one of them said,"you're in the army now privates."We had just crossed over the railroad tracks,the point of no return.We kept on chatting,tripping,and laughing.after ten minutes,the cattle car stopped.The drill Sergeant in the back had moved to the front he took off his cop shades looked around at all of us and said "GET THE FUCK OFF MY CATTLE CAR PRIVATES!!!!!" The two doors flung open and we was swarmed by a army of drill sergeants all howling,screaming,and cursing "move it maggots!!" "pick your damn bags up lard ass!" "move your candy asses you buncha school girls!" and immediately we came tumbling,running,and stumbling,out of that cattle car in a state of panic,shock,and confusion scattering around like frightened sheep,"down privates,down on the fucking ground privates!" some of us cried.."what you crying for privates?huh? you a fucking mommas boy private? what you gonna do privates call your momma? huh? "mommy!mommy! I can't handle it,the drill sergeants are too mean!!" that what you gonna do private? huh? GET YOUR CANDY ASS UP!""Stand up!!! eh,drill sergeant guess what we got here,A mommas boy!Break out the fucking pacifier! what you wearing mommas boy?you wearing panties?huh? are you a mommas boy? or are you daddy's little girl? huh? private,am I smelling pussy,private?huh?is that what I'm smelling? And then some of us laughed..."oh you laughing private? you think this is a joke?oh,I get it.. you a regular bad ass!well,well...well!Private bad ass! you think you bad private huh?that what you think? oh,I get it you think you're smarter than me.That what it is private?You smarter than everybody? we just a bunch of dumb asses,and you? You're Albert fucking Einstein?Well private,what is it? You think this is a joke?you think you smarter?you think you better? Answer me private!!! which one is it.?!!" Impossible questions that could not be answered.It was a lot of that in basic training,drill sergeants find out you're in love with you girl back home,this is what you get "Oh,you in love private? can't wait to get back to your girlfriend private? Better call before you go home private.You know who's there? Jody,private,thats who's there private,Jody he's sitting right beside your sweet heart,private,right beside her as she writes all those letters to you,all those "I love you."letters all those"I miss you letters."Yeah private Jody's with your girl right now privates,soon as she puts the pencil down and licks the stamp and mail that letter off,Jody's going to plow in to her with twelve inches of pipe,privates,yeah privates Jody's got your girl and gone.Look for the dear John letter private,it's coming to a mailbox near you." That's real conversation from one of my drill sergeants,when he found out I was madly in love with my high-school sweet heart.I thought about that all through out basic,and the funny thing about it was he was right.Turned out the crazy drill sergeants was right about a lot of things.I did think I was bad,I just knew I was smarter,I didn't think I was better,but because I was athletic and mentally fit,I thought I was the best.I had it all planned out,join the military,get the college money,get married,buy a big house in the burbs,and build a multi-billion dollar empire,retire at forty,I was young,and cocky,didn't really know about the curve balls life can throw at you.I remember the day after desert storm kicked off.The drill sergeants had called a meeting after the last chow,all of us piled around waiting to see what they had in store for us,because they always had something in store,something crazy,so we had gotten use to it.the head drill sergeant(first sergeant) the one we never see,rolled out a big screen t.v with a VCR on top of it placed a video tape inside,turned around and said "to all you privates that came in just for the college money,to all you privates that think this is some big joke,I want you to know that we are at war!! all your orders have been changed and you will be reassigned to IRAQ.effective immediately after a.i.t. so you better get your heads out your ass and take this seriously!!" the first sergeant pushed play and it was a broadcast from CNN showing air-strikes being carried out in Iraq.The silence in the room was unreal every body in the room was glued to the taped broadcast,after that day everyone in basic became focused,even the "bad" privates,even the goofy "gomer pyle" incompetent privates,became dedicated,we had gotten to the point where we was going over what we learned that day amongst ourselves,hanging on every word the drill sergeants had to say,soaking it in like a sponge.Things had changed we came in to basic at a time of peace,and four weeks in,we was at war.We knew we had to master every single thing that was being taught because in a few weeks we was scheduled to be deployed to Iraq.They was expecting world war three,they thought Hussein had a lot more fire power then he really had,so this was going to be a full scale strike.But he didn't have a lot of fire power,within a week after desert storm started,Our battery commander called another meeting,we was like what could it be now?Our b.c came out on stage and said "privates,I have some real good news,everything is going a lot better than we thought so we have decided to allow you to go home after graduation spend a little time with your families,and you will be reassigned to Germany.If everything goes well this will be over in a few months." we was happy as can be.Graduation came and I came home happy to see my family and friends,with war on my mind I was trying to make sure that I had as much fun as I could because I knew a few vets and the all said the same thing "WAR IS HELL."So,my mind frame at the time was enjoy everybody,and everything because I might not see them again!Then one fateful day, after I had broken up with my girlfriend,told her to go and find somebody else because I might not becoming back.My best friend called and said "turn on the t.v." I flipped on the t.v.and there it was the Iraqi military waving white flags and surrendering.I fell back on the bed and screamed out "Thank you God!!!"

welcome to germany

When I first got to Germany I was given tall glass of gin and juice,and quickly guided to a military tour bus,"where am I going sarge?" I asked "you're going to the field with the rest of the base, private,welcome to Germany." The field o.k. I was ready for it.And so we went on that long ride out into the middle of nowhere,my first training mission on active duty.This was around the spring so the landscape was beautiful.up and up and around and around and here we go.I stepped out off the bus with all my gear on back."let's do this."I thought.My section chief was waiting on me and we rode out to camp in the Humvee.As soon as we arrived,I noticed all the green pop tents spread out under the huge camo nets and thought "o.k. first time sleeping outside I can do this."As we made our way to our camp area and after I met everybody and began to set up my tent.after I finished I asked "what times chow?" everybody laughed "chow?" they pointed over to a few boxes in the back of the 548 (kind of a carrier truck on tracks.)"O.K. m.r.e. I thought,ain't nothing but a thang."I thought to myself as I was digging through the boxes trying to find one that I might like.Hopped in my cot rolled in my sleeping bag,and slept like a baby.The next day,I awoke totally refreshed and feeling good about getting through the first day.But the m.r.e. from the night before had wrecked my stomach."sarge,where's the bathroom."Sarge stood up and pointed to a path,"follow that trail."I set out on my journey looking for the bathroom,walked for about fifteen minutes,couldn't find it.made my way back to camp "eh,sarge I can't find the bathroom." Sarge looks up with a smile on his face "keep walking you're find it."so I head out again this time I'm walking for about thirty minutes,I turn around and make my way back to camp "Sarge!!!I still can't find it." everybody's laughing but I'm serious.Sarge stands up grabs a entrenching tool and a roll of toilet paper,"let me show you where it's at private." everybody snickering.we walk about five minutes , Sarge hands me the entrenching tool and the roll of toilet and points out into the wilderness and said "The bathrooms anywhere you want it to be!welcome to the army!!!" Sarge walks off laughing.I'm standing there for about ten minutes.I make my way back to camp "Seriously Sarge!!where's the bathroom!"everybody fell out laughing.


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