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The Top 3 Most Underrated TV shows on air currently(2015)

Updated on September 16, 2015

3.The Odd Couple


This 2015 sitcom starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon is the remake of 1970 sitcom of the same name. The sitcom centers around two friends with very distinct personalities living in an apartment together. It features Matthew Perry as Oscar who plays the carefree slob while Thomas Lennon plays Felix who is an obsessive neat freak. The show got an underwhelming response in its first season and most thought it did not meet expectations or live up to its older namesake.

However if you lower your expectations just a tad than this shows has its moments. There are scenes that make you laugh out loud and even when that doesn't happen, you will still have a smile on your face throughout. The low ratings this show got might have been because people set their expectations a little too high and started comparing it to the hit 1970 series. However if people stop comparing this show and watch it with an open mind than this show has the potential to deliver some pretty decent laughs.

This sitcom only has had one season so far and the second is scheduled to premiere soon so its not too late to catch up on this show.

Best part of the show: If you are a fan of friends than you would enjoy seeing Matthew Perry in action again. Also the acting from him and the rest of the cast especially Thomas Lennon makes this show worth a watch.

Odd Couple: Trailer

2. Penguins of Madagascar


This may seems like a strange choice at first glance as it is easy to dismiss this show as just a children only show. While it's true the show is predominately directed towards kids, it also has enough humor to make it a good watch even for adults. The animated show follows the adventures of the penguins from the Madagascar movie franchise as they get settled in Central Park zoo.

Despite being a children's show the humor can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. In fact some of the jokes seem to be in place just for the adult viewers. If you are a fan of goofy and mindless sort of comedies than you can do a lot worse than give Penguins of Madagascar a watch.

So if you can get over the fact that its an animated kids show and give it a watch than I can almost guarantee the show would dish out a few laugh out loud moments. This show is also perfect to watch if you have kids as it’s a show that you can watch together.

Best part of the show: The writing and jokes in the show are spot on and there are plenty of clever jokes that older viewers can enjoy. The voice acting is also top class and makes this show a fun watch.

Funny Moments: Penguins of Madagascar

1. Murdoch Mysteries


When people discuss the top crime and cop dramas on TV, Murdoch Mysteries (Also called “The Artful detective ”) hardly gets a mention and that to me makes this show the most underrated show on air today. Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian mystery drama based on the novels of Maureen Jennings. The show follows the exploits of Detective Murdoch and rest of the crew of Stationhouse 4 as they solve crimes in 1890s Toronto.

What sets this show apart from the rest is the unique setting and time period it takes place in. The producers do a great job in creating a 19th century Toronto, which looks both vibrant and believable.

Not only is the show set in an historical setting; we also get to see the portrayal of real historical figures as they take part in fictional storylines. In the 8 seasons so far, we have seen the likes of Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Annie Oakley, Harry Houdini, Queen Victoria and many other notable historical figures. So if you are a history buff or just a fan of historical fiction than this show might be right up your alley.

Now while the historical aspect is a major part of the show it isn’t the only good thing about it. The engaging storylines and the stellar acting make this an engrossing watch. All the actors play their parts quite well but special mention has to go to Yannick Bission and Jonny Harris. Bission does a commendable job as Detective Murdoch who is an intelligent and artful detective. While Harris plays the role of the somewhat goofy but competent Constable Crabtree, who is easily the most entertaining character of the show.

The ninth season of the show is scheduled to air on October, So if you haven’t watched it yet than its still not too late to start. The earlier seasons of the show are available on Netflix and on

Best part of the show: As mentioned above, the mixing of historical events and figures is definitely one of the key aspects of the show. Not only do we see historical characters , we also see a fictional portrayal of real life movements that went on in the 19th century. For example in season 8, we see a fictional version of the suffragette movement as one of the primary characters of the show Dr. Ogden (Helene Joy) fight for the right to vote.

Another interesting fact of the show is that one of the episodes had Canada’s current prime minster Stephen Harper guest star as one of the constables.

Stephen Harper in Murdoch Mysteries

Which of these shows do you plan on watching?

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