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The Treasure

Updated on February 8, 2010

This is a excerpt out of a short story I wrote for my grandchildren. I have never published any of my stories. Now unemployed I have considered it but do not know where to start or if they are worth the trouble.


At night a house changes and becomes a small child’s’ nightmare. Little creaks and noises become a monsters footstep. The wind rushing around becomes the very breath of the beast. That is unless you are the brave children of the Brooks house. All three know that they can face those monsters and win. Michael is the brave one and the leader. Christopher is the navigator and wears his navigation helmet. Alexandria is the oldest and watches out for the others guarding their backs as they go on missions.

Adventures were many in the house on Cherry lane. It was an old house and many families had lived their before them. A large forest bordered the property behind the main barn and went on it seemed forever. The adventure you are about to read about happened in the early summer two weeks after school let out. Each were about to prove themselves as warriors brave and true.

Each morning Mother would wake them up to do the morning chores. Eggs had to be gathered and animals had to be fed. Mother always had breakfast waiting for them. Then it was either get ready for school or start a new adventure. The boys had to mow the grass and Alexandra was going to help Mother with some indoor chores. By evening all were worn out and bedtime was a welcome treat after their baths. As Michael walked wearily to his room he stepped on a loose board and almost fell. What was going on? He had to stop and investigate. Under the loose floor board was a paper tube. Inside the tube was a map and strangely enough it was the woods behind the house. He ran into the bedroom only to find Christopher fast asleep. Into Alexandria's room he ran only to find her asleep also. He tried to sleep but sleep was becoming hard. Father got home from work every night about eleven and as a routine came to the children’s room to kiss them goodnight. Michael surprised him by being awake. His father ask him what was wrong? Not wanting to say anything about the map because grown-ups didn’t believe in adventures Michael only smiled and said “ I just woke up and wanted to see you when you got home.” Father just smiled and said “Goodnight sweet Prince.” and walked on to his bed.

When sleep found Michael he dreamed aimlessly about black holes and mysterious objects. Little did he know he was about to meet his dreams. Mothers wake up call found him still groggy from the fitful night before. Remembering the map woke him up. They did their chores as Michael told them of the new adventure. All three were eager to start for the summer was getting boring as summers do when you have no new adventures. This one required some planning. Michael got out his sword and placed it in his belt. He packed his backpack with a flashlight a candle and some matches. He also put in extra socks and a tee shirt. Christopher packed his similarly, but he got his best helmet out of the closet. He knew when he had it on he felt stronger and wiser. The doctor told him he had to wear it to protect his head, he knew it was to protect his mind in order to keep his thoughts from escaping. Alexandra packed a first aide kit in hers along with a bottle of hand cleaner and a few towels. Mother packed them extra big lunches for she knew how hungry adventurers could get. They walked out together Michael leading the way with Christopher guiding their path. Alexandria was in the rear ever watchful for any danger.

The map lead them to a large oak tree behind the barn as they passed beyond it a big oak door with a face on it appeared. Michael used his sword to knock on the door. Knock knock his sword rapped out. The face came to life and said, “Who’s there? “ Michael

Replied “It is Michael the brave at heart along with my wise navigator Christopher. Behind him is Alexandria our protector.” The door spoke back “We have been waiting for you. Enter.”


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