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Events That Red Bull Would Not Sponsor

Updated on August 15, 2010

The Red Bull Brand

Red Bull - associated with exciting, fun, and adrenaline pumping sports and events such as Red Bull X Fighters (motocross), Red Bull air racing, snowboarding, skateboarding and Formula 1 racing.

They have chosen their niche wisely to ensure that their branding has the most impact and that their image is only associated with everything that their branding stands for.

So I think it's a pretty safe bet, that the following events are not likely to ever be sponsored by Red Bull!

Crown Green Bowling

Crown green bowling is believed to date back as early as the 12th century. A gentle and slow paced game, but which requires a surprising amount of skill and judgement to master. The aim of the game is to bowl closer to the jack than your opponent.

Although generally associated with the older generation, it has started to attract younger players.

The height of excitement for this game would be if someone dislocates a hip or knee, or perhaps loses their false teeth.

Not exciting enough to warrant the Red Bull sponsorship though.

Crown Green Bowling Video

This is probably as exciting as crown green bowling is ever going to get - so brace yourself!

Wellie Wanging

Wellie (or Welly) wanging, is thought to have originated in Yorkshire. The sport is relatively straight forward - you simply take a size 8 wellington boot and throw it (wang it) as far as you can, within the pitch boundary.

There is an annual competition, and the world record (mens) currently stands as 63.98m by Teppo Luoma, (women's) 40.87m by Sari Tirkkonen.

Whilst deemed as a bit of fun - there has been one recorded incident of a participant fracturing their neck & becoming paralysed from the neck down, whilst participating in wellie wanging!

Whilst being an unusual event, it's still not quite exciting or dangerous enough to carry the Red Bull endorsement.

Wellie Wanging Video

Wellie wanging looks great fun - check out this video!


Now I'm not knocking origami at all - I think it's a truly amazing art form. Origami (literal translation meaning folding paper) dates back to the 17th century. True origami involves folding and sculpting a sheet of paper without cutting or using any glue to produce the finished sculpture.

However, no matter how intricate, delicate and amazingly beautiful these paper sculptures are - the only level of danger/excitement involved is that you might get a paper cut!

This is not going to be sufficient to land a Red Bull sponsorship deal.

Origami Demonstration

If you want to learn how to make an origami dragon, please check out the below video.

Wife Carrying

The original annual Wife Carrying competition takes place every year in Finland, but there are also other competitions that take place in North America.

The sport original spawned from a joke, is based on deep routed Finnish traditions. To participate you require to have a male contestant carrying a female contestant (the wife - not necessarily their own wife) over a 253.5m obstacle course (including water section).

Whilst extremely popular and and the chance of mild peril to the wife if she is dropped - this again is not exciting or dangerous enough to get the Red Bull endorsement.

Wife Carrying Video

Here's a video of the wife carrying competition - maybe you fancy giving it a go yourself!

Cow Chip (Cow Pat) Throwing

This is another annual event where an unusual object has to be thrown the furthest distance to win. In this instances a cow chip (dried cow dung).

This event originated in Beaver, Oklahoma in 1970. The rules are almost identical for wellie wanging, whereby you have a designated area in which you can throw you petrified cow pat.

The current world record stands at 182 ft and 3 inches, which was recorded by Leland Searcy in 1979.

Whilst there is the danger of being struck by a hard piece of cow dung, plus the danger of contracting BSE through handling cow pats - this is still not a great enough thrill seeking adventure, to tempt Red Bull into sponsoring this activity.

Cow Chip Throwing

Here's a short video demonstrating cow chip throwing.. ewww!

Worm Charming

Just thinking of a slimy little worm hardly conjeurs up images of excitement or danger - so worm charming as you can imagine is a pretty tame sport.

Each contestant is given a 3x3m plot of land, and they have 30 minutes to encourage as many worms into this area as possible. The person with the most worms wins.

It is believed that one of the first worm charming events was hosted in Willaston Primary School in Cheshire.

The world record for world charming is currently held by 10 year Sophie Smith, who managed to charm a staggering 567 worms.

As they are not poisonous and they are not likely to attack, this activity does not have the danger or excitement factor to warrant a Red Bull sponsorship

Learn The Art of Worm Charming

If you fancy having a go at this very strange sport, check out this video...


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