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Things To Do In A Public Place

Updated on September 24, 2013

The Best Things To Do In A Public Place

The world can seem a very boring place at times. So, why not spice things up a little next time you find yourself out in public? Keep reading for a few ideas on how you could inject a little life into those mundane places that we all frequent on a daily basis...

A few ideas...

  1. Shout, 'DUCK!'.
  2. Go up to a complete stranger and greet them with the enthusiasm and warmth of a close acquaintance. Watch their desperate attempts to feign recognition as they politely nod and agree with every word that you say.
  3. Walk into a bookshop, find a quiet corner and lay out a sleeping bag and pillows. Then, pick out a book that takes your fancy and settle down to a good bedtime read.
  4. Hold up a sign that says, 'Free Hugs'. Then, once someone comes over and tries to put their arms around you, glare at them and shout, 'What do you think you're doing?'.
  5. Sit in a public library and randomly go up to people, stare angrily at them and say, 'SSSHHHHH!'. Aim specifically for those who aren't making any noise.
  6. Walk normally down your street and then suddenly, and gracefully, perform an acrobatic move such as a forward roll or grande jeté. Then resume walking as if nothing happened.
  7. As you catch sight of yourself in a shop mirror jump back and cry out in horror, 'What is THAT!!!'. Then, after a moment, visibly relax and say, 'Oh, its all right folks... it's just me'.
  8. Go to the same food sampling point in your local supermarket dozens of times, each time sporting a different 'disguise' and talking with a different accent.
  9. Choose a random member of the public to follow everywhere. As you tail behind them, loudly narrate everything that they are doing.
  10. Run up to a person in the street, tap them on the shoulder, shout, 'IT!', sprint away and see if they chase after you.
  11. Dress in a convincing period costume of some sort and stumble through the streets with a look of bewilderment. Ask a passerby what year it is and, when they answer, put your hands up to your head muttering, 'No. It cannot be...'.
  12. Run down the street screaming, 'I'M FREE!'.
  13. Walk into a shop that has a display of televisions. Sit down in front of the one that is showing the best film and take out a bowl of popcorn from your bag. Whilst shoving copious amounts of popcorn into your mouth respond animatedly to the action on screen (cry/laughing/making comments when appropriate). Refuse to leave until the film has finished.
  14. Go to a place where lots of people go jogging. As they approach, hold out a finishing line for them and applaud loudly as they cross it.
  15. Pick a bitterly cold day. Go out onto the street and hand out free ice packs and mini fans to members of the public. Advise them to stick to the shade and drink plenty of water.
  16. Grab a wheel of some sort, walk onto the street and excitedly yell, 'Look what I've invented!'.
  17. Dress up as a town crier, ring a bell and loudly announce personal news such as:

    - 'I have my Christmas underpants on today!'

    - 'I had cold pizza for breakfast this morning!'

  18. Suddenly stop, point and stare wide-eyed at absolutely nothing. See how many other people stop to look with you.
  19. Arrange for a few friends of yours to go up to you, with pens and paper, asking for your autograph. Watch how many others follow suit without even knowing who you are.
  20. Walk wearily down your local high street dressed head to toe in hiking gear (e.g. sporting hiking boots and a backpack, with a compass and walking pole in hand). Stop random members of the public and ask, in an exhausted voice, where the summit is.

Just so you know...

Don't push any of these ideas to the point of harassment unless you want police intervention or a punch in the face. Be aware of when it ceases to be funny and when people are starting to look annoyed.

Photo used under Creative Commons from dcJohn


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