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Revenge: Plot+Scenery+Characters=Great Viewing

Updated on May 20, 2012

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The reasons why this show is so intriguing

Years ago before cable really took off, and before we could order any show we like at any time, there was the regular network. Having only a few networks the stations could introduce shows and give the show a chance to gain an audience. One show during that time was Dallas. This show had everyone buzzing when it debuted in 1978. I remember the ladies I worked with eagerly awaited Friday nights at 10 to watch JR Ewing and his family engage with business and family in the big D. I thought those days were over, but a new show has struck lightening and people are talking again. The show is Revenge. My friends and I look forward to the show each week. After it is over we will either email or talk about what happened that night.

I didn’t want to watch this show when I first heard about it, because now days the networks give a show very little chance to connect with an audience before cancelling it, but I was intrigued with the commercials and decided to give it a chance. I am glad I did because this show has drama, clever writing, mystery, and suspense. What makes the show so good? These are the reasons why:

The Location Revenge is set in the Hamptons and who wouldn’t want to look at the ocean from the rich side of town. Not only are summers beautiful by the ocean, so are the winters. To see snow falling on the sand is serene. It will make everyone wish they owned some property there.

The Writing the days of series television Dallas, Dynasty, and Knots Landing all had great characters who knew how to deliver witty lines. Revenge is full of great one liners that are sure to make you smile or chuckle to yourself. We are given the drama, but we also have mystery, we have the continuing story line, we have some comedy. Revenge has a little something for everyone.

The Characters this is the main draw for this series. What a cast of characters they are. I will introduce you to the main characters:

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke is the woman who is seeking Revenge. She returns to The Hamptons to seek her revenge on the people who caused her father to be wrongly blamed for a terrorist attack. Emily discovers her father was innocent and sets her sights on the people responsible. Emily is a bitter young woman that has one clear vision everyone that had a hand in her father’s imprisonment must be punished. Each week a person from the past is targeted, and Emily has a plan that will get them where it hurts. She knows everyone’s weaknesses. Reading her father’s journals gives her a lot of inside information. She is engaged to Daniel Grayson. Grayson is the son of Conrad and Victoria Grayson Emily’s main targets. Did she really fall in love with him or is he just a pawn in her plans? Each week we learn more about what makes this lady tick.

Victoria Grayson this lady has a fierce love for her son and will do anything to protect him. She doesn’t trust this Emily Thorne and is constantly watching her from the house next door or hiring someone to check up on her. Victoria had an affair with Emily’s father David Clarke. She did not want to frame him, but her husband and an associate said it would be the only way to save the Grayson name and company. Victoria is complex she can be vindictive, but she has also shown great love for her daughter and son. She also found a great love with David Clarke. She is very intelligent and one will have to be very clever to pull one over on her. She is also the master of great one liners that can really hit their target on whoever she directs her words at. She is class and sass and is a great character to watch.

Nolan Ross this character knew Emily’s father. He has a great loyalty to David Clarke because he believed in him when no one else did. He gave Nolan money to start his own computer business. Nolan sought to help Emily out after she was released from reform school. She didn’t want his help, but Nolan persisted and now they have become partners in crime (so to speak). Nolan is very intelligent. He can plant a video camera anywhere and not be detected. He knows a computer like the back of his hand and it has been a great help to Emily. He has wonderful one liners also, and when he makes a friend he is very loyal. Nolan is a great guy to have on your side.

Jack Porter he is a childhood friend of Amanda, but he is unaware that she is now in town as Emily Thorne. Jack is owner of the local bar and a little rough around the edges. He cares nothing about the rich and famous. He is happy in his world. Jack is not afraid to speak his mind and can’t be bought. He is the knight in shining armor ready to fight for the woman he loves.

Daniel Grayson he is the son of Victoria and Conrad and Emily’s fiancé. This character loves Emily. He loves the comforts of his life and can’t break away from being groomed into the family business. This may put a wedge in the relationship he has with Emily. The show hasn’t shown what Daniels true character is, but lately it seems he is becoming a lot like his father.

Conrad Grayson is a very shady character. He is wealthy and owns the Grayson Corporation. One wonders if he ever really loved his wife Victoria, or was he just so upset with her affair with David Clarke that it made him bitter. He has no moral compass and will do anything it takes to save the company and himself. He will not go down without dragging Victoria with him.

Charlotte Grayson daughter of Conrad and Victoria. Charlotte is a rich girl who just wants to have fun. She fell for Declan a poor boy in the Hamptons. Does she truly love him or does she love irritating her mother who has a huge dislike for Declan? Charlotte is a bit lost these days upset with her boyfriend Declan she has turned to drugs. Hopefully she will wake up, and we will be able to see what her true potential will be.

Ashley Davenport started off as a party planner for Victoria, but her inside information on Emily and Daniel earned her a position working for Conrad Grayson. She has been Emily’s friend, but lately they have drifted apart.

Amanda Clarke is not actually Amanda but a friend of Emily’s from reform school. She would do anything to protect Emily even murder. She is a bit of a loose cannon and Emily had her mentor take her away. She is in love with Jack and I have a feeling she will make her way back into town.

Revenge is the perfect show for those looking for a drama that leaves the viewer wanting more. Emily and the gang provide entertainment and the plots will take you on a wild ride. Revenge, in this case, is a good idea after all.


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