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A Thousand Day Promise - Korean Drama 2011

Updated on September 23, 2014

SBS Melodrama starring Kim Rae Won & Su Ae

SBS melodrama Thousand Day Promise also known as A Promise of One Thousand Days was a Monday & Tuesday night drama.

Both the production director and writer from SBS Favorite Drama Life is Beautiful teamed up together to bring us the newest Korean romantic melodrama.

One of my favorite actress Su Ae whom I fall in love after her mellow but tough brilliant portrayal of Yoon Hye In in Athena, will be back this time as a lead character in this drama. Her mellow soft face supported with her acting will be perfect as she'll be playing a woman who is slowly losing her memory.

This drama is the comeback drama for Kim Rae Won who served 2 years mandatory military and was released late August 2011. I really love him in 2008 drama Gourmet, so I'm really glad to have him back. This time, he is playing a man who'll be staying at his lover's side and tackle their love obstacles as she might no longer remember who he is.

Beside Su Ae and Kim Rae Won, huge number of A stars will be staring in the drama people expected to be one of the most beautiful melodrama of the year such as Kim Hae Sook & Lee Sang Woo (both from Life is Beautiful), Jung Joon (City Hunter, Coffee House), Park Young Kyu (Protect the Boss) and child actors Han Bo Bae (Sign, Dr Smile) and Yang Han Yeol (Ding Dong from Best Love).

Aww a sweet love melodrama is definitely my forte.

Are you excited for new SBS melo-drama, Thousand Day Promise?

Thousand Day Promise Details, Synopsis & Cast Members

A Thousand Day Promise
A Thousand Day Promise

A Thousand's Day Promise Details

Number of Episodes: 20

Also Known As: A Promise of One Thousand Days

Previous Rumored Title: Forget Me Not

Original run: October 17, 2011 - December 20, 2011 on SBS every Monday & Tuesday 21.55 KST [Replacing Warrior Baek Dong Soo]


- Su Ae as Lee Seo Yeon

- Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung

- Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min

- Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Gi

- Im Chae Moo as Park Chang Joo

- Lee Mi Sook as Oh Hyun Ah

- Kim Hae Sook as Kang Soo Jung

- Park Young Kyu as Noh Hong Gil

- Jung Joon as Cha Dong Chul

- Park Yoo Hwan as Lee Moon Kwon (Lee Seo Yeon's Brother)

- Moon Jung Hee as Jang Myung Hee

- Yang Han Yeol as Ji Min (Myung Hee's son)

- Han Bo Bae

- Alex

Director: Jung Eul Young [Life is Beautiful]

A Thousand Day Promise Teaser

Thousand Days Promise
Thousand Days Promise

Brief Sypnosis

**Very brief synopsis - I will update the synopsis as soon as SBS releases more storyline details**

--- A beautiful yet sad love story between a couple as the man has to deal with his lover's memory loss and for one thousand day, he promises to care & protect her memory---

Park Ji Hyung has hard time deciding if he should follow his heart or his love for his family. His parents and Hyang Gi's parents are college friends; he has 10 years long engagement with Hyang Gi, who is really innocent and love him with all her heart. But Ji Hyung never loves her.

Everything changes after he met Lee Seo Yeon, woman of his dream. He starts to see her secretly, until he decided to break up with her because of his arranged marriage with Hyang Gi.

Jang Jae Min who knows how hard Seo Yeon lives her live, had repeatedly warn Ji Hyung to never break her heart.

Seo Yeon lost her parents when she was young and has been raised by her aunt (Jang Jae Min's mother). Seo Yeon lives with her younger brother.

Watch Thousand Day Promise on SBS Every Monday & Tuesday, 21.55KST starting from October 17, 2011.

Thousand Day Promise Awards


SBS Drama Awards 2011 - December 31, 2011

- 2011 New Star Award: Jung Yoo Mi

- Top 10 Star Awards: Kim Rae Won and Su Ae

- Best Actor - Special Series: Kim Rae Won

- Best Actress - Special Series: Su Ae

- Special Actress - Special Series: Lee Mi Sook

A Thousand Day's Promise OST

A Thousand Day's Promise OST Part 1 - Released October 18, 2011

- It Hurts Here by Baek JI Young

- It Hurts Here (MR - Instrumental)

- It Hurts Here (Violin Version)

A Thousand Day's Promise OST Part 2 - Released November 1, 2011

- Like Words Being Said for the First Time by Shin Seung Hun

A Thousand Days Promise Press Conference (English Subtitle)


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