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Tina Jittaleela Profile Starring "Kim" in Yes or No Movie

Updated on February 25, 2013

Tina Jittaleela Profile - Starring "Kim" in Yes or No Movie (Thailand)

Hey, hey, hey! It's Tina Jittaleela's favorite words who soared through her first movie "Yes Or No". If you get to this article, I can bet you already watch her movie "Yes Or No" that achieve a great success in several countries in East and Southeast Asia. Tina Jittaleela, the character actor of "Kim" coupled with the cast of "Pie" played by Sucharat Manaying. Characters selection that flawless praised by fans of the film "Yes Or No", knowingly, Tina "Kim" Jittaleella and Sucharat "Pie" Manaying indeed both have a pretty charming oriental face. It's just that, with a tomboyish character that is inherited from the original character of Tina Jittaleela, makes her charming face is said to be handsome, hehehe

Tina Jittaleela
Tina Jittaleela

Tina Jittaleela Profile

Yes or No Movie Star

Full Name: Suppanard Jittaleela

Nickname: Tina

Chinese Name: Tina Lee

English Name: Tina Jittaleela

Gender: Girl

Date of Birth: February 12, 1991

Star sign: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Horse with Metal Element

Blood Type: AB

Shoe Size: 39

Height: 170 cm

Favorite Words: Hey .. Hey .. Hey!

Mama: Piyawan Jittaleela

Siblings: Nichapa Jittaleela, Podchara Jittaleela, Tatae Jittaleela

High School: Satriwithaya School

Last University: Chiang Mai University (was stopped)

Current University: Rangsit University

Occupation: Film actress, Singer, and DJ Music / Radio Announcer at Pynk FM

Favorite Singer: Mark Ronson "Samantha Ronson" and Jay Chou

Favorite Clothing Brand: Marc Jacobs and Rei Kawakubo

Favorite Dress Style: Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Glasses Ventilation ^^""""

Facebook Fanpage:

Tina Twitter: #! / Tiniiz

Weibo Tina:

Tina Jittaleela debuting her career in the entertainment industry by starring teen lesbian love movie "Yes or No", her uniqueness and the position as the main character in the Yes or No movie, Lifted Tina's popularity quickly. Even more popular than Aom Sucharat Manaying who became his partner in the same film. This is proven by the number of fans who follow them on social media such as facebook, twitter, weibo, etc.

Tina Jittaleela talked about her past before he plunged into the entertainment industry that instantly bring up her name. Her childhood, she studied at Ratchaburi (province) before moving to Bangkok in the sixth grade. She entered the Satriwit school, known quite hard to accept new students especially transfer student. Tina who is basically brained dilute accepted into because of an incident that makes the school look at her intelligence. Tina is given some html code used to build websites, and somehow she lost the codes, after that she decided to write the new code by herself. It was quite difficult and Tina were able to do it. She also was the first champion in the Nectec Computing Competition when Tina at the sixth grade.

Talent and ability in the field of computer software, recognized by Tina is a blessing from her mother who always supported her to learn whatever she likes. In her childhood Tina Jittaleela like to learn website development using Dreamweaver and Flash software. It contributed to her decision to study at Chiang Mai University majoring in Software Engineering, which stopped before finish because of demands of the job, distance, and broken concentration. According to her, Tina said that she choose majors that require high concentration and serious learning that can not be in line with currently career she was doing.

A journalist asked her, how did Tina get selected to cast in the Yes or No movie? Tina said that she was told by a senior (senior in college likely) to participate casting a movie that has been planned to be created since 2 years ago. However, they have not found the right character to portray the character of "KIM". Tina finally selected because She can pronounce "Ka" and "Nu" with feminine naturally, while the majority of tomboyish girls in Thailand can not. This is be a consideration, because the character "KIM" in the movie yes or no, it is not to be tomboyish at first, yet more describes a tomboyish character that develops over time became more and more stronger.

Tina Jittaleela who had no acting experience at all, at first had trouble. However, she said that she received intensive training from movie team, good cooperation between fellow artists involved, as well Tina confessed give her best ability that she can to Yes or No movie. Based on behind the scene video of Yes or No movie, it appears also that Tina Jittaleela and Aom Sucharat Manaying working very unified, mutually supporting each other, especially because of so many scenes of physical contact between them. No wonder, many fans especially fans of Tina and Aom (Tiaom Fans) who see a strong chemistry between them even to expect a relationship of love between them is really happening in real life.

For Tina, Yes or No movie , is a universal movie, this movie should be watched by any gender. Although, according to Tina, Many people consider that this movie is a lesbian movie. However, the truth is about true love between two young human. Awesome!

Asked about her future plans, she said that, whatever happens, she will continue her career in the entertainment industry, because she has fallen in love with this world that raised her name.

Yes or No Movie

Tina Jittaleela and Aom Sucharat Manaying
Tina Jittaleela and Aom Sucharat Manaying

Yes or No Movie Polling

Tina Jittaleela
Tina Jittaleela

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Tina Jittaleela Fans Made Video :)

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