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ALL 42 SONGS ON THE TO DO LIST SOUNDTRACK, "Do It" and "Ooh La La" Songs on the Movie Trailer

Updated on August 5, 2013

Music by Raney Shockne

Playing a nice girl turned naughty, skort wearing geek Aubrey Plaza stars in the raunchy romantic comedy The To Do List which was pushed out from a Valentine's Day release to late summer.

Initially only a red band trailer was released on YouTube but you can now see a green band, PG friendly version as well as preview clips from the movie. But this comedy is definitely rated R for raunchy.

One of the songs in the movie's trailer is "Do It" by Hipjoint Music Group and it's available to listen to on their MySpace page. Music for the To Do List Soundtrack is by Raney Shockne (Fame, Beastley) who is best known for working on arrangements and music for television series such as Anger Management, Tori & Dean Inn Love and Jersey Shore.

The To Do List written and directed by Maggie Carey stars a fun cast which includes Aubrey Plaza and co-stars Rachel Bilson, Andy Samberg, Connie Britton, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Clark Gregg and Bill Hader of SNL fame who also happens to be married to the director. This saucy comedy will be released July 26, 2013.

The Do List OST

Source: CBS Films

The Do List Soundtrack - Music Supervisor Howard Paar

Source: IMDb

Also available on CD

Click the Album to Preview All the Songs on the Official Soundtrack

Featured songs include "Stutter" by Elastica, "29" by the Gin Blossoms from the album New Miserable Experience, "I Don't Know Why I Love You" by The House of Love, "Dreams" by The Cranberries, "Break It Down" by Tears for Fears, "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer" and "Bittersweet" by Big Head Todd & The Monsters.

# 1 - "Me So Horny" - 2 Live Crew

#2 - "O.P.P." - Naughty by Nature

O.P.P by Naughty By Nature. Contains sample of "ABC" by Jackson 5.

#3 - "Let's Talk About Sex" - Salt-N-Pepa

Salt-N-Pepa. You know they just had to get this song for the movie.

#4 - "Fade Into You" - Flashback to 1994 Mazzy Star Performs Live on Jools Holland

The whole thing about this song is its very relaxed feel as if Mazzy Star just rolled out of bed and started singing it. Her whole sound kind of reminds me of Margo Timmons from The Cowboy Junkies. To see her on Conan O'Brien, click here. To see the official black and white music video that dates back to 1994 from the album, "So Tonight That I Might See" click here.

More Songs in the Movie

"Up Down" - Death Valley Jupiter

"Rejector" - CAV3

"Stanley" - Raney Shockne and Rob Bonfiglio

"Big Sack" - Raney Shockne, Jason Boschetti and Michael Angelo Garcia

"Goodbye" - Shayne Blue

"Free" - Written by Raney Shockne & performed by Clay Birds

"Lost" - Written by Raney Shockne * performed by Clay Birds

"Jamon Y Queso" - Written by Raney Shockne

"Rayon Summer" - Written by Raney Shockne & performed by Celina Graves

"Purple Sky" - Tony Bunce

"The Wind Beneath My Wings" - Performed by Aubrey Plaza, Alia Shawkat and Sarah Steele

"One Time Looker" - Written and performed by Ross Gidney

"Cans of Hamms" - Written by Raney Shockne and Andy Carey

"Bonus" - Written by Raney Shockne and Jason Boschetti & performed by Ed Graves

"Shine" - Written and Performed by Amina Konta, Frederic Vitani and Patrick Chartol

"Alive Afta Five" - Written and Performed by Raney Shockne, Jason Boschetti and Andy Carey

"Quarantine" Written by Raney Shockne and Damian Valentine Mayek and

performed by Andy Samberg, Chris Wagner, DH Peligro and Sonny Mayo

"Pearl Necklace" - Written by Raney Shockne & performed by Ed Graves

"Glass Bottle" - Written and performed by Colleen Grace Rourke

"Mr. Nasty" - Written and performed by Raney Shockne and Jason Boschetti

"Good Thing" - Written and performed by Shayne Blue

Songs in the To Do List Movie Trailers


Military Marches, Op. 39 | March No. 1 in D

Also Known as the Graduation March

Sir Edward Elgar


Kelsi Luck




Hipjoint featuring Sherry St. Germain

THE GRADUATION MARCH - "Pomp and Circumstance" by Sir Edward Elgar

If you're looking for the music that kicks off the trailer as Aubrey Plaza (Brenda) gets introduced for her speech as valedictorian, it's the classic graduation march "Pomp and Circumstance" by Sir Edward Elgar. The original is only a couple of minutes long but I found this YouTube video where someone's remixed it to be a lot longer so that it could be used in ceremonies where it requires more time for the graduates to walk in or out. Have a listen.

Looking for Something a Little Hipper? - Check Out This CD for Your Grad Ceremony

Get an extended traditional version of the classic graduation march along with some fun remixes to make the perfect playlist whether for a pre-school, elementary school, high school, college or home school backyard graduation event or party.

Pomp and Circumstance (Remix) [Graduation March Processional] [Orchestra Rock Hip Hop Dance]
Pomp and Circumstance (Remix) [Graduation March Processional] [Orchestra Rock Hip Hop Dance]

Check out this great CD with 31 different remixes of Pomp and Circumstance. If you're looking for a traditional version, track #9 is a nice extended mix that's about 7 minutes long that's perfect for when students are walking in.

But as students are walking out and everyone is in a celebratory mood, it might be fun to play say Track #10 which is a less traditional pop hip hop dance remix along with Track #4 which is an even more up tempo electronic house dance mix so that the now grads can dance there way out of the ceremony.


Spinderella, Cut It Up One Time - Salt-N-Pepa "Let's Talk About Sex"

"Do It" - Hipjoint Music Group

Do It Hipjoint Productions
Do It Hipjoint Productions

To Listen to the Song "Do It" from the To Do List Movie Trailer, click here.

From the President of the Mathletes - Aubrey Plaza's Chance to Shine in the Sun

April from Parks and Recreation plays an overachieving valedictorian who takes the summer to prepare for college in this R-rated flick.

There Are Things on This List I've Never Done Before

It's the 90s George - I Think I Should Talk to Her

You Need to Do Your Homework

Audrey Plaza spends the summer trying to hook up with the guy of her dreams.

The To Do List Movie Release Date

August 16, 2013

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

The To Do List Press Conference - Director/Writer Maggie Carey & the Cast

Jack McBrayer who played Kenneth Purcell on 30 Rock hosts the press conference for the movie. Maggie Carey was asked with such a talented cast if she allowed for any production time for the cast to improv any of the scenes.

I | II | III | Connie Britton & Clark Gregg | Bill Hader & Scott Porter | Aubrey Plaza & Maggie Carey

Interview With Director Maggie Carey

Rachel Bilson On Working With Aubrey Plaza

Bill Hader Post SNL

The To Do List comes at a great time for Hader as it is now officially announced that he is leaving the cast of Saturday Night Live. As with most cast members, when the time comes, they move on to other projects. It's hard to believe he's been part of the cast for over 8 years. Check out what's next for Bill in this article by The Huffington Post, click < ahref="">here.

Make Your Own Day of the Week Panties - Source: CBS Films

Aubrey Plaza The To Do List Day of the Week Underwear
Aubrey Plaza The To Do List Day of the Week Underwear

In the To Do List movie trailer, Aubrey Plaza does a hand stand at a college party revealing her day-of-the-week practical cotton granny panties. I had a tough time tracking down plain jane white cotton briefs embossed with "Saturday". So what might be fun as a pre-party or after-party crafty thing to do is to head to the dollar store or buy plain white cotton panties.

Then head to the craft store to look for fabric markers. Sharpie makes some nice ones. Then just make 'em yourself. You don't even need a complete 7 days set. You just need to make say a Friday night or Saturday night pair of panties. The set Aubrey has on has grey letters outlined in black. Have fun.

Hard to Find Days of the Week Knickers - Like the Ones Worn by Aubrey Plaza

In The To Do List party scene, Aubrey Plaza does a hand stand at a college party which reveals her granny bloomers where she's wearing Saturday panties. You think it would be easy to track down day of the week underwear. Turns out there are plenty of underwear sets for little kids but almost next to none for adults. Here are a couple of sets I found for adults on eBay.

What do you you think of the To Do List Movie and Soundtrack?

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The To Do List Soundtrack

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