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Batman V Superman: The Critics are Wrong

Updated on March 27, 2016

Very Generic Spoilers. No Detailed plots. Just some characteristics.

Before I went to go see Batman V Superman I saw its 30% (now 29) on Rotten Tomatoes and I was afraid it was going to be a disappointment. The critics were bashing it saying it’s a horribly muddled movie with an overplay of CGI. They gave it a rotten tomato and said it was a bad movie. They weren’t even close. They were correct that the story is not an amazing thing to witness, but it was actually written better than a lot of Marvel movies that have been dropping the same thing over and over and over. Take a look at Iron Man 2 &3, those movies were terrible but yet they reeled in a 72% and a 79%. This movie’s writing was easily better than those two horrific scripts. However the thing that absolutely blew out some of these Marvel Movies were the fight scenes, visuals, and comic feel.

The movie had beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL, Cinematography. It felt and showed it’s way just like comic books and video games. Visually I couldn’t stop looking, I felt like a kid. When it came to fight scenes, I could definitely say its been a lot better than others. To be honest the Batman and Superman fight had it’s moments, but the best scenes were actually when they were fighting alone or together.

Zack Snyder absolutely killed it with Batman. Only if Affleck’s dialogue was written as impressive as Christian Bale’s then we could have seen the best Batman ever. The thing that put him in high regard was that Snyder put Ben Affleck in a stunning bat suit and nailed some little qualities of Batman that we all love and have been wanting to see. Without a doubt this movie had the Best Batman fight scene EVER; he actually disabled weapons before he attacked, he was hidden in plain sight, and he beat the ever loving shit out of these guys with no mercy like the real Batman would do. To top it all off, he probably did it in less than 3 minutes, it was amazing.

When it came to Superman he had his own battle as well, after Lex Luthor (Jr I think) released Doomsday he had his hands full. It was basically like watching two Gods duke it out with no mercy on anyone beneath them. I was actually worried for Batman and wanted him just to go home. These two felt like they could end the world by hitting each other at the same time (wink wink).

All in all the movie was pretty damn good. In my opinion it should at least be a 70% on Rotten Tomatoes at the minimum, it was a great comic book movie without a doubt. Especially compared to some of the stuff Marvel blindly drops for money, this was a win. I think it was definitely better than Iron man 2&3, Captain America 1, then maybe better than Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Thor, and The Dark Knight Rises, those were close. I think taste would end up dictating which ones you think are better.

Did you like the movie?

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