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Top 10 Christmas Horror Flicks

Updated on February 9, 2014

Ten "Christmas" Horror Movies that Make Halloween Envious

It's not that I'm anti-Christmas, because I'm not, but I love weird horror movies, and what better setting for a horror film than Christmas, a season that's supposed to be peace on Earth and good cheer? Well, I'm not the only freak out there, because there are plenty of Christmas-themed horror movies out there, and here's my list of ten of the best--in no particular order, along with more information as more great Christmas themed or Christmas based horror movies are continually added over time.

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2007 Loves Horror at Christmas Time!

If you're looking for the Top 10 Christmas Horror Films, just scroll down a little further. I wanted to put in a little note about how 2007 seems to definitely be bucking the trend.

Many of the horror movies on the list were banned because they were put out around Christmas with a definite Christmas theme. This year we see two releases in December, one of which (AVP-2) is being released on Christmas day.

With Sweeny Todd, Demon Barber, and AVP 2 (which looks very apocalyptic), it seems like Hollywood is also beginning to love horror during Christmas time. It's a trend we can only hope continues :)

Johnny Depp in Sweeny Todd, Demon Barber

Well, the tradition of horror movies at Christmas time being a big deal seems gone, as Johnny Depp stars in this incredibly interesting Holiday horror flick.

AVP 2: Alien vs. Predator Came Out During Christmas

Being released on Christmas day, AVP 2 looks like a very apocalyptic movie for the season. I can't wait to see this one myself!

Tis the Season to Be Slashing...

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not against Christmas. If there's a holiday I have a serious beef with, it's probably Valentine's Day, but that's a rant for another time. I'm a huge horror movie afficiando, and part of any good horror film is setting.

And what a better time for a horror flick than Christmas? And before anyone gets extremely offended, I'm pointing out that the best time for a horror flick is Christmas exactly because Christmas is supposed to represent everything that is good and nice and safe. Add in an ax wielding maniac dressed as Santa or some crazy cannabilistic Elves, or a battle with Santa vs. Satan, and we have a great setting!

Also on the darker note, Christmas does have its own dark underside: there are more suicides that time of year than any other, so the thought of a horror movie based around Christmas I don't think should be that offensive. Not any more than turning a cherished religious holiday into a commercial one.

Besides, these have moral don't murder your spouse on Christmas Eve or your kid will let in a psychotic Santa Claus serial killer who wants to get you for revenge sake. See? Aren't we all happier now?

Some of these are great horror movies, some are hilariously bad or campy (Gremlins, anyone?). For those many of us who don't have families, are young, are just plain straight out weird, this isn't an insult to Christmas--it's another way to enjoy it.

Anyway, for the horror flick fan, some of these are hilarious and ridiculous, some have great rants about Christmas (see "Gremlins") and others are truly scary and incredibly disturbing. Here's the full list, so enjoy!

Clip of Silent Night, Deadly Night

Some people find this clip from Silent Night Deadly Night funny. It is a little over the top, but in the context of the full movie, it becomes incredibly creepy and disturbing.

Silent Night Deadly Night - This movie is still banned in many nations

This spawned a whole series of spin-offs (I believe it went up to Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 last I checked) but the first one was meant to stand alone and it is incredibly disturbing. Small boy sees parents murdered by hitchhiking Santa, grows up in orphanage with abusive nuns, hates job and is forced to dress as Santa and then snaps.

As a warning, this may be one of the most disturbing horror movies ever made, so if you're into the light hearted, make fun of the movie, do not watch this one. If you want to see an incredible horror script, this is it.

This film came out during the Christmas Season and was heavily protested before being yanked out of theatres. In addition, this movie is so disturbing that it is a cult classic among die hard horror fans and this movie is still banned in many countries.

As for the sequels: some people think #2 was okay. Everyone agrees the last three suck, but can be hilarious from the "I can't believe how bad this is" stand point.

Silent Night Deadly Night / Silent Night Deadly Night: Part 2 (Double Feature)
Silent Night Deadly Night / Silent Night Deadly Night: Part 2 (Double Feature)

The original, with the only sequel that most fans agree generally didn't blow chunks.

Silent Night Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! [VHS]
Silent Night Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! [VHS]

Admit it, you buy movies to make fun of them sometimes. It's okay, we all do it. Besides: zombie santa serial killer.

Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation [VHS]
Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation [VHS]

And Hollywood is still out of control....

Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker [VHS]
Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker [VHS]

Admit it, you want to see the killer toys.


So Terrible It's Hilarious - Rampage from Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Terrible acting, terrible special effects, maybe the funniest (stupidest?) horror movie rampage ever. This scene is a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Scene waiting to happen.

Black Christmas, 1974 - We're talking about the original, not the crappy remake.

Black Christmas is also one of the scariest and most disturbing horror movies out there, and not just among Christmas Horror Movies, but among horror movies as a whole. The remake was terrible, in my opinion, and everything added made it worse, the back story made no sense, and it just didn't do it.

The original was a pre-cursor to the films that made the "He's calling from inside the house!" urban legend mainstream in American folk lore.

And we are talking about the 1974 original version of Black Christmas, not the incredibly super crappy remake. Compare the two if you want. The original is great, the most recent one, IMO, is just stupid unless you hit the mute button at a party and play video sherades.

Black Christmas (1974)
Black Christmas (1974)

The Original is the best, by far. Way ahead of its time.

Black Christmas (Special Edition)
Black Christmas (Special Edition)

A friend told me to watch this before watching Halloween and you can see how one impacts the other.

Black X-Mas (Unrated)
Black X-Mas (Unrated)

Watch at your own risk...

Black Christmas (Unrated) [HD DVD]
Black Christmas (Unrated) [HD DVD]

Ditto....I wonder if the HD shows the make up or not...


Gremlins - This movie is just fun...and has some classic anti-Christmas rants

Why is a PG rated movie like Gremlins on this list on Christmas themed horror flicks? It's technically horror, it's really funny, and I don't think it attacks Christmas so much as the artificial "holiday culture" that honestly annoy most of us, but we're not willing to say.

This is also a nice change of pace from the first two mentioned, since those 2 Christmas horror flicks are really dark and disturbing. Stephen Speilberg really made a worthy Christmas "horror" classic with this movie, and it is simply a hilarious, fun, movie that still works for the Christmas season.


A fun holiday "horror" movie. Even in the eighties at age eight I thought this was hilarious.

Gremlins (Special Edition)
Gremlins (Special Edition)

Special Edition of Gremlins on DVD


Gremlins Trailer: Does This Bring Back Memories?

I even forgot that Gremlins a Stephen Speilberg movie! This is being re-released for the Christmas season. After watching it again the other day, I forgot how incredibly entertaining this movie is. Definitely an A+ grade!

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974)

Silent Night, Bloody Night shows that there's just something about making religious Christmas hymns evil that creates just a great title for a horror flick. This one is an excellent Christmas time horror movie, and will definitely make your hair stand on end. Among Christmas horror fans, this movie usually ranks around #3.

In other words, here's another "Christmas movie" that's not for the kids.

Christmas Evil (1980)

One of two Christmas horror movies released on the year I was born. The other, To All a Good Night is as crappy a movie as it is good a title. For those who don't follow, it's a 99 cent rental on Halloween to make fun of.

Christmas Evil is actually an excellent movie about a boy who is scarred when he finds out Santa isn't real, and he puts so much effort into wanting to be the real Santa that when everyone's criticism goes too far, he simply snaps, and the ax murdering begins!

Christmas Evil
Christmas Evil

Another option to get this exceptional Christmas horror flick!


A List of Christmas Horror Links

Some articles, some discussion, and some variety.

Don't Open Until Christmas! - A good British twist on the whole psycho Santa thing...

Don't Open Until Christmas! is a great Christmas horror movie. This British film takes a common Christmas horror movie theme and turns it around. Instead of having a guy in a Santa suit going nuts, this time a psycho is going around killing Santas. And porno stars.

Yet the shooting is done so no nudity is ever revealed, while the psycho seems like a stabbing version of Ted Kazinski--completely anti-commercialism. So a psycho serial killer gets even with Santas for taking Christmas away from Jesus...or something. Probably or something, but this is a very entertaining film, nonetheless.

Tales From the Crypt (1972) Featuring Joan Collins - It has Joan Collins. What else do you want from me????

A series of horror stories, the first is the most Christmas oriented, though this entire film is quality and deserves some good watching time. Not to be mistaken with the more modern Tales from the Crypt movies.

Tales from the Crypt  / The Vault of Horror (Midnight Movies Double Feature)
Tales from the Crypt / The Vault of Horror (Midnight Movies Double Feature)

A great double feature for double the horror pleasure!

Tales from the Crypt 5 Tales of Horro [VHS]
Tales from the Crypt 5 Tales of Horro [VHS]

The classic original with Joan Collins!


Santa Claws (1996) - Also known as "Tis the Season"

Santa Claws, also known as Tis the Season is a raunchy Christmas horror flick where a psycho Santa decides to teach people a lesson about not being naughty by killing every porn star he can get his hands on.

Yes, this is the "old school" horror plot, but as long as you go in expecting that, this movie isn't half bad.

Santa Claws (Special Edition)
Santa Claws (Special Edition)

Santa + Porno Stars + Slasher Movie. I guess it all makes sense.


Santa Claus (1959)

Santa Claus is a Mexican film that is surreal, bizzare, and just flat out weird by even today's standards. To avoid confusion, many fans of this film will refer to it as Mexican Santa Claus versus Satan.

Satan, in a red leotard, is tempting children to do evil and Santa will fight him, using magic potions to stop him. No, I'm not making this up.

[DVD] Santa Claus (1959) by Movie Classics
[DVD] Santa Claus (1959) by Movie Classics

Maybe the most bizzare Christmas film ever. Not horror, but definitely bizzarre and surreal.


Santa vs. Satan

A clip set to funny music from 1959's Santa Claus (hard to find a clip on this one) where Santa and Satan are using magic to fight over a little girl and see if she will make the right decision or not.

Jack Frost (1996) - Not a very jolly figure in this one...

Jack Frost makes this list because there really have only been 9 good Christmas horror movies, and someone has to hold the 10th spot until another film comes along to bump it off.

Jack Frost is about a serial killer who becomes genetically mutated in a car accident (??) ((I know, it sounds like a really bad plot from a "Blaster Master" type Nintendo game)) and dies, but comes back as a serial killer snow man.

No, I'm not making this up, either. But if you want a horror film that causes you and your buddies to bust a gut laughing during a scene that's supposed to be scary, it doesn't get any better than this one. The sequel even includes the words "Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snow Man."

Amazing. Truly amazing.

Jack Frost (Letterbox Version)
Jack Frost (Letterbox Version)

If you want a great party favorite for movie sherades, this is it.

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman
Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

"Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman." I don't have anything left to say.


Why Was Jack Frost 2 So Hilarious?

This clip of Jack Frost 2 shows why this horror movie is the type of terrible horror christmas film that is so bad it's hilarious.

The Total list of Christmas Horror Movies (not in order)

Feel free to contact me so I can add any I missed or don't know about.

  • Silent Night, Bloody Night
  • Black Christmas (Original)
  • Black Christmas (Crappy Sequel)
  • Christmas Evil
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night I
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night II
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night III
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night IV
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night V
  • Tales from the Crypt (1972)
  • Jack Frost
  • Jack Frost 2: Revenge of a Killer Mutant Snowman
  • Don't Open Until Christmas
  • Day of the Beast (Dia de la Bestia)
  • Elves
  • Santa Claus 1959 (Mexican Santa vs. Satan)
  • Gremlins
  • To All a Good Night

Christmas Horror Flicks from eBay

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Are these great? Are you shocked? Are you glad to see such a bizzare list of "Christmas" movies, or am I just a terrible human being? Let me know!

Have a Horror Gory Christmas!

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    • Marigold Tortelli profile image

      Marigold Tortelli 6 years ago

      I love watching horror movies during Christmas!

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      hunksparrow 7 years ago

      I watch Gremlins every year at Christmas. Great lens.

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      new Zombie Santa webseries 'Santa Preys for X-mas' @

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      Ann Hinds 7 years ago from So Cal

      i can't believe that I am even commenting on this lens. However, since I try to watch at least one bad Sci-fi movie a week, I guess I sort of understand. Great lens.

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      FreddyBenstein 8 years ago

      Love these kind of weird humor movies, but to be honest, I prefer the feel-good Xmas movies.

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      blue22d 9 years ago is hard for me to connect Horror Flicks with Christmas....but you lens is well put together. Five stars for your content.

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      Rock! I can't say if you're a terrible human being or not, but thank you for sharing the holiday spirit - "Jack Frost" looks like a can't miss.

      Ho, ho, ho! [enter slashed porn star]