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Top 10 Most Famous People of All Time

Updated on February 14, 2013

1. Jesus Christ

Lord/Savoir/prophet/son of God

2. Elvis Aron Presely


Great humanitarian and by far the greatest entertainer of all time. Elvis changed music and created a genre all on his own and without him there wouldn't be any of the great bands like The Beatles and The Stone because he was there inspiration. Elvis is basically like a Star to the Stars and Elvis is and always will be THE KING.

3. Mahatma Gandhi

Great non violence leader

4. The Beatles

Band from 1960-70

John and Paul very famous, Ringo and George not as well know. Probably the best band of all time.

5. Abraham Lincoln

16th U.S. president

responsible for winning the civil and also freeing the slaves

6. John F. Kennedy, Jr.

U.S. president

One of the most beloved presidents, assassinated back in 1963 and to this day we don't know what really happened. I believe he was taken out by men lead by LBJ and the U.S. Government because of "different interests" U.S. war which is a big money maker, JFK peace, withdrawal from Vietnam, and the best interest for the American people.

7. Michael Jackson

Entertainer/ Child Molester

Micheal Jackson was big but everything that made him really big was self promotion he is the SELF PROCLAIMED "King of Pop" and his recent spark in popularity is only because of his recent death in 2009. Also MJ was involved in 2 child abuse scandals in 1993 and again in 2005 and if he wasn't a millionaire he would be still alive but rotting in a jail cell.

8. Orpah Gail Winfrey

Talk Show Host/ T.V. personality

Oprah is maybe the most famous woman in the world and to make the top ten being African-American and a woman is really something.

9. Michael Jordan

NBA player/ T.V. guest star

Maybe the greatest basketball player ever in history and if not one of the bests, he is truly a legend.

10. The Rat Pack

Music/ comedy group

This group featured two of the greatest singers of all time Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. It also featured Sammy Davis, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop who were very big at the time.

Honorable Mentions

John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, Albert Einstein, Mohammad Ali, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Bob Dylan, Babe Ruth, Barack Hussein Obama


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    • profile image

      HananMJJ , from Arriad 3 years ago

      1 is Jesus christ

      2 is (Mickael jackson) king of music

      I love MJJ

    • profile image

      Dave from New York, New York 4 years ago

      Wow you could be writing for the Times.

    • profile image

      Frank from Plover, Wisconsin 4 years ago

      Great list and I Love the Michael Jackson child molester label good job man.

    • profile image

      Jesse from Leeds, England 4 years ago

      Thank you for putting the Beatles on your list I'm a huge fan and besides Elvis because obviously he stands in his own league The Beatles are the best.

    • profile image

      Jack from Monteal, Canada 4 years ago

      Thanks for making this list you truly have a spirited inspiration and you are a great writer keep making hubs you have a bright future.

    • profile image

      Lisa from Red Oak, Iowa 4 years ago

      Great list you have some inspirational people on there like Elvis and JFK and thank you for giving Jesus the respect of being number one.

    • profile image

      Frank from Knoxville, TN 4 years ago

      Love the List and as you said Elvis is the king