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Top 10 Sri Lankan Actress

Updated on November 3, 2012

Sri Lankan Movie Actress List

Sri Lankan cinema is one of popular cinema in south Asia and there are so many beautiful actress and models represent this industry. Hear are some top beautiful actress of Sri Lanka.Sinhala cinema has great stars who is also popular in international level too.There are so many beautiful Sri Lankan movie actress who popular in Sri Lankan in hear I only mention several beautiful actress among them and I am plan to post so many other hot sri lankan actress picture galleries and videos in near future.

10. Sheshadri Priyasad

One of upcomming actress in Sri lanka she was introduced to Sinhala cinema by Udayakantha warnakoolasoriyas Challenger movie

9. Shalani Tharaka

Another hot young beauty in Sri Lanka who got ultimate popular in Television serials. Shalani Tharaka introduce to industry by Sirasa Kumari beauty pagent competion.

8. Udayanthi Kulathunga

Udayanthi Kulathunga is the most sexiest actress in Sri Lanka and she did several films and teledramas.

7. Udari Warnakoolasooriya

6. Dilhani Asokamala

5. Chathurika Peries

4. Kanchana Mendis

3. Nadeesha Hemamali

2. Dulani Anudradha

Dulani Anuradha introduced to the cinema by ABA sinhala epic movie and after that she performed several successful teledramas and movies. She did major role in Kuweni sinhala film.

1. Upeksha Swarnamali

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