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Top 25 Anime Opening and Ending Song

Updated on August 24, 2017

Before The Start of The Show...

There is always a Nice and Catchy song for you to listen before the start of the show. This is also one of the reasons why people watch anime as they are attracted by the opening song.

After the story ends, there is always ending song as well lead people to excitement to continue watching.

There are so many Opening and Ending Songs, which is your favourite? There are 25 Opening and Ending in total below...

Music Video is provided below for you to watch before Voting as well...


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Suggestion When Voting...

1. Nice and Catchy.

2. Have you taken a look at the Music Video of the Anime? Can you understand the meaning behind it?

3. Do you think the Song matches with The Anime Opening or Ending?

* To Vote : Please click on the small Top or Bottom Arrow

Anime Opening and Ending Video

Before Voting, you can take a look below and watch the Opening and Ending for all 25 Video first...

Anime Songs...

Anime Songs...
Anime Songs...

1. Fight Together - By Namie Amuro

2.One Day - By The Rootless

3. Scarlet Knight - By Nana Mizuki

4.Fearless Hero - By Nana Mizuki

5.Sign - By FLOW

6.Diver - By NICO touches the wall

7.Cascade - By UNLIMITS

8.Mask - By Aqua Timez

Sorry Viewers, this is the best i can find...hope you understand.

9.Harukaze - By Scandal

10.Crossing Field - By Lisa

11.Burst The Gravity - By ALTIMA

12.I'll Believe - By ALTIMA

13.Dream Shooter - By SeaA

14.Deli Deli Delicious - By SeaA

15.My Dearest - By Supercell

16.The Everlasting Guilty Crown - By Supercell

Sorry Viewers, this is not the real Opening 2 for Guilty Crown but similar.

17.Departure - By Egoist

Sorry for the Viewers again, i can't find any Ending Video for this song

This is the full song of Departure


18.Planetes - By Egoist

I'm apologise to the Viewers once again, there is no Ending Video to this song as well.

This is the Full Song.


19.Towa no Kizuna - By Daisy x Daisy

20.Evidence - By Daisy x Daisy

21.Kagayaku Tame no Mono - By Yell

22.Michi - By The Sketchbook

Apologise to the Viewers once more

This is the full version of Michi...


23.Colors - By The Sketchbook

Apologise to the Viewers again, there is no Ending video to this song as well...

This is a short ending of Colors...


24.Masterpiece - By Mami Kawada

25.Serment - By Mami Kawada


Below is some of the short Introduction of singers whom sing Anime Opening and Ending...

Nana Mizuki

Singer & Voice Actor

This is a short introduction that I know about Nana Mizuki.

She is one of my favourite singer and voice actor.

Nana Mizuki have sang a lot of opening song for anime like Magical Lyrical Nanoha and Dog Days.

You can recognise her voice quite easily if you have always listened to her song.

Nana Mizuki seems to have two voices for being a voice actor of anime.

She is a very talented person and I admire her a lot.

Mami Kawada


Mami Kawada is also one of the singers that have a very nice voice as well.

She have sang Shakugan no Shana Season Opening and Ending as well as To Aru no Majutsu no Index Opening.

Mami Kawada have a voice that can be easily recognise too.

She is also as talented as Nana Mizuki.

Single Singer...

Which singer is better?


Japanese Band Group

Scandal is one of my Favourite Bands.

There 4 members in the group and together they have a very powerful voice.

They have also sang a lot of anime song too.

For Example: Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood- shunkan sentimental and Bleach-Harukaze.

The Sketchbook


The Sketchbook is a band that I found it recently while watching Sket Dance.

They have 3 member: Vocal, Guitarist and Drummer.

The Sketchbook sang mostly Sket Dance Opening and Ending.

The vocal have a very powerful and nice voice.


Japanese Girl Band Singer

Sea A is a newly Japanese Girl Band Singer.

There are 4 members who came from South-East-Asia and this is also how they get their Band name.

They have sang the song ‘ Dream Shooter’ as their first song and this song is also the ending of Cardfight Vanguard as well.

Not just Cardfight Vanguard, Sea A also have sing Toriko ending too.

Japanese Band Group

Which Band do you like?

See results

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    • iamraincrystal profile image

      Rosyel Sawali 

      7 years ago from Manila Philippines

      We loved the songs from Wolf's Rain! ^_^


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