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Top 3 Best Episodes of Freaks And Geeks

Updated on January 8, 2013

Watch Clips of The Best Episodes of Freaks & Geeks

The TV series called Freaks and Geeks is one of the best comedy television shows of all time. Even though Freaks and Geeks were not appreciated when it first aired in 1999, it became one of the most popular comedy series on DVD and Blu Ray after its cancellation. The TV show only lasted 1 season. The series cancellation came as a surprise to the cast and the creators of the show despite the growing support of the fans. The Freaks & Geeks television series shows what life is really like in high school. It talks about bullying in school, social cliques in school, and the changing times from when your parents went to high school. It is a coming of age story with a humorous look. Freaks & Geeks takes place during the 1980s. A lot of popular actors got their start on this TV show such as Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and James Franco. You can now watch clips from the best episodes of Freaks and Geeks.

The Actors and Cast of Freaks And Geeks

Cast List For Freaks & Geeks

Weir family:

Linda Cardellini as Lindsay Weir

John Francis Daley as Sam Weir

Joe Flaherty as Harold Weir

Becky Ann Baker as Jean Weir


Samm Levine as Neal Schweiber

Martin Starr as Bill Haverchuck


James Franco as Daniel Desario

Busy Philipps as Kim Kelly

Jason Segel as Nick Andopolis

Seth Rogen as Ken Miller

Other students:

Sarah Hagan as Millie Kentner

Jerry Messing as Gordon Crisp

Stephen Lea Sheppard as Harris Trinsky

Natasha Melnick as Cindy Sanders


Dave "Gruber" Allen as Mr. Rosso

Steve Bannos as Mr. Kowchevski

Trace Beaulieu as Mr. Lacovara

Steve Higgins as Mr. Fleck

Leslie Mann as Ms. Foote

Thomas F. Wilson as Coach Fredricks

Freaks And Geeks Dodge Ball
Freaks And Geeks Dodge Ball

Pilot Episode of Freaks And Geeks

Watch Episode 1 of Freaks & Geeks

The Pilot episode of Freaks and Geeks sets the tone for the whole TV series. It shows how high school life really was in 1980 with the freaks or burnouts on one side and the geeks or nerd on the other side and some people in-between. Episode 1 of Freaks & Geeks also was nominated for the Emmy for Best Writing in a Comedy Series in 2000. There are some really funny moments in this episode that ring true of high school life. This episode also features a mentally handicapped student named Eli as played by Ben Foster. It shows how students treat mentally handicapped people such as calling them retards and other names. The Pilot episode also sets up some recurring plot lines that continue throughout the season such as the problem of Alan being a bully and Sam liking Cindy Sanders.

The highlight of this episode is the dodge ball scene. That depicted what I remember of high school too. Where all the nerds and athletically challenged students are on one team and all the jocks are on the opposing team. Of course the nerds get pummeled and it is a nightmare for the last one left on the team when everyone on the other side has a ball to throw. You can watch this scene down below. Another great moment is the big fight with Alan. Instead of a full drag down knock out fight, it just turns into a typical wrestling slash slapping encounter that is hilarious.

There are some great quotes from this episode as well. Such as when Sam says to his dad "Are any of your friends still alive?" when his dad is talking about how someone that he knew that smoked and another person who got pregnant died. Here is a good Star Wars reference too from the Pilot episode.

Neal Schweiber says "You should handle Alan the same way Han Solo dealt with Jabba The Hutt, avoid him."

Sam Weir says "So just avoid him forever?"

Neal Schweiber says "Just for 4 years."

Freaks & Geeks Dodge Ball - Dodgeball in Episode 1 of Freaks And Geeks

Freaks & Geeks Episode 6 Im With The Band
Freaks & Geeks Episode 6 Im With The Band

Freaks And Geeks Episode 6 Im With The Band

Episode Featuring Sam Weir and Thomas F. Wilson as Coach Fredricks

This episode of Freaks and Geeks was hilarious. It shows the dreadful experience of gym class in school. I can relate to how Sam felt because I always felt uncomfortable taking a shower with a bunch of guys after P.E. or gym class. Just like Sam, I tried to wet down my hair too to make it seem I had taken a shower. The funniest scene is when Sam has to run through the school streaking because he got locked out of the locker room without his clothes. That has to be a kid's worst nightmare. I also loved it when Sam's family tried to make him feel better by telling him he has a beautiful body. There is also another Star Wars reference where Sam is wearing a Star Wars towel in the locker room.

Don't we all remember being a part of a high school rock band? I think we all tried it and that's just part of the high school experience. This episode shows what that is like. Where everyone just likes to hang and mess around with playing music but it never really sounds good. This episode of Freaks & Geeks really focuses on Nick Andopolis and his desire to be a professional drummer. When Daniel and Ken don't agree with the direction Nick wants to take, he then decides to try out for another band called Dimension. That doesn't turn out too well for Nick either though. In the end though Daniel, Ken, and Nick still remain friends and have fun with their band.

Another highlight of this episode is the lines that Thomas F. Wilson as Coach Fredricks gets. He has some great quotes.

Sam Weir says to Mr. Fredricks "We didn't even sweat, smell us."

Mr. Fredricks says "You know Weir, I will put that on my to do list."

Also when Coach Fredricks tells Neal Schweiber "Schweiber put on some clothes, you look like a 50 year old man."

Freaks & Geeks Episode 6: Im With The Band - Watch Freaks & Geeks Episode 6 With Sam, Neal, and Bill in Gym Class

Freaks And Geeks Episode 11 Looks And Books
Freaks And Geeks Episode 11 Looks And Books

Freaks And Geeks Episode 11 Looks And Books

James Franco in Freaks And Geeks

This is a funny episode that relates experiences a look of people have in high school. In this episode Lindsay Weir gets into a car crash and realizes that Daniel and her friends got her into it. She then tries to go back to her former life as a Mathlete. The highlight of this episode is when Sam tries to look impressive by wearing a blue Disco suit. He walks into the school thinking he is the coolest kid around and then shortly realizes that everyone is laughing at him. This scene is both funny and awkward to watch. I think all of us have tried some new hair style or clothes thinking that we would be so cool but then realize just how dumb it looks. Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 does a stellar performance as the salesman in the store where Sam buys the Disco suit.

Watch Freaks And Geeks Episode 11 Looks And Books - Sam Weir in His Disco Blue Night Suit

Shows and Movies With James Franco - Video With James Franco

Freaks And Geeks Episode List

Complete List of Season 1 Episodes of Freaks & Geeks

Episode 1 "Pilot"

Episode 2 "Beers and Weirs"

Episode 3 "Tricks and Treats"

Episode 4 "Kim Kelly Is My Friend"

Episode 5 "Tests and Breasts"

Episode 6 "I'm with the Band"

Episode 7 "Carded and Discarded"

Episode 8 "Girlfriends and Boyfriends"

Episode 9 "We've Got Spirit"

Episode 10 "The Diary"

Episode 11 "Looks and Books"

Episode 12 "The Garage Door"

Episode 13 "Chokin' and Tokin'"

Episode 14 "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers"

Episode 15 "Noshing and Moshing"

Episode 16 "Smooching and Mooching"

Episode 17 "The Little Things"

Episode 18 "Discos and Dragons"

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    • BruceJackson1 profile image

      BruceJackson1 5 years ago

      They should have given them one more season at least. That '70s Show went on into the 80s. Grad of 88 and I loved the concept.

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      phoenix3423 6 years ago

      Have never heard of it before now I am intrigued.