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top cat cartoon

Updated on February 1, 2013

top cat

top cat
top cat

Top Cat Introduction

 Top Cat, is the undisputed leader of the gang of alley cats in new york. His friends include Benny the Ball, Choo-Choo, Brain, Fancy-Fancy, Spook, and Officer Dibble.

Top cat is an animation cartoon made by Hanna-Barbera, and was aired originally in 1961 to 1962. Top Cat ran for 30 episodes.

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top cat
top cat

Top Cat

Top Cat is the leader of the gang of back alley cats who are always looking for a quick buck.
He was voiced by the late Arnold Stang.
Top cat is the genuis behind all the money making and gambling scams going on in the Alley.
He likes to walk a fine line between the law. Top Cat will take credit for any ideas, and is always ready to organise a plan. He lives in a dustbin, loves milk, and also has exclusive access to officer dibbles phone.

Everybody recognizes the top cat theme.

Top Cat Theme

Benny the Ball, Top cats right hand man
Benny the Ball, Top cats right hand man

Benny the Ball

Top Cats right hand man is Benny the Ball. He is the short one of top cats gang, and although not the brightest, he has a good heart, and always needs some creative persuasion from Top Cat if there are any schemes and deals afoot.

The voice of Benny the Ball is Maurice Gosfield.

Benny the ball topcat

Officer Dibble

Officer Dibble was the local police officer who patrolled Top cats neighborhood as part of his beat. Officer dibble has a phone line that Top cat enjoys exclusive access too.


Spook is one of the cats that roll with top cat. He is considered the coolest cat, and frequently found chatting up girls.

Spook Video

Choo Choo

In the original cartoon Choo Choo was voiced by Marvin Kaplin, and in the more recent Topcat the movie, Choo Choo was voiced by Jason Harris Katz.

Choo Choo is the cat of the bunch who is always cheerful, and yet a bit dim.


Jazz is a wannabe topcat and invades topcat's scene trying to take over.

Jazz topcats biggest rival
Jazz topcats biggest rival | Source


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