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Top feel good movies for the holidays

Updated on November 27, 2012

Movies that can bring a family together

While reading is something I always encourage, there is the need to sit back during the holidays with a roaring fire with family or friends and put on a great movie to get in the spirit of the season. Holiday movies are actually a social institution that not only helps us all get into the spirit of what the holidays should be about (family and friends versus just commercialism) as well as simply forces us to slow down and spend time with others. Below are a couple of my favorite movies that I would recommend to everyone.

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Its a Wonderful Life

You certainly can not start the season without this classic that reminds us all what the holidays are all about (regardless if you celebrate Christmas, another holiday or none at all). The messages of appreciating life and never taking it for granted is universal and timeless. If your children have not watched it yet, don't let them be deterred by the black and white, they will soon get sucked into the story and will love it.

Little Lord Fauntleroy

If you can find the 1980 version of this movie which is not commonly available it will be worth your time. This is the story of a boy sent to live with his grandfather who rules over a town with an iron fist and a uncharitable attitude (sound like another Christmas classic?). Thru a love of life and people, the grandson exposes his father to another side of the people he has in his town and helps him realize what it means to be a true leader. Life lessons plus wonderful acting bring this to the top of the list.

Miracle on 34th Street

I have to admit the original 1947 version of this movie I feel adds more impact than the modern remake. It takes this concept of faith and belief in something we can not see, touch or prove and encourages it. While we must teach our children about science and verifying truths, I would hate to lose the concept of imagination and faith in things that may not be able to be tested. This timeless classic tells the tale of both young and old pushing against cynicism that really it is ok to believe in things that may seem silly or impossible. You never know when they might be true.

Love Actually

Moving a bit more modern and mainstream, this movie brings together a rockstar cast that have their own lives and challenges that many of us might face throughout the year or over the course of our lives. The wonderful part of this movie is how it gives suggestions of how to deal with some of life's toughest moments using the holiday season to make it just a little bit easier. It is never easy to forgive, to face controversy or to face your own mortality; sometimes though the feeling of kindness and generosity that the holiday season provides can make the difference between tackling the hard choice and avoiding it. A great cast and script with comedic moments never hurts either.

The Holiday

A relatively recent movie but I think one that I hope will not be overlooked. This movie is the story of two women with their own problems, in their own worlds who decide they need a change and decide to swap homes for the holidays. They each learn more about themselves, not to mention meet others that change their lives forever. Besides the feel good nature of this movie, it also helps to remind us that we can all jolt ourselves out of whatever rut we might find ourselves into a new and exciting trajectory.

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    • kabbalah lm profile image

      kabbalah lm 

      5 years ago

      Great movies. I forgot about the Holiday movie. It was really good.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I do love the classics, but Christmas Vacation and Love Actually are the two movies I watch every year during the holidays.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      7 years ago

      Some real classics here.


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