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Top Five Anime Rivals

Updated on August 15, 2012

Five Anime Rivals - They Are So Popular!

Popular Anime Rivals is a common thing. In fact in most anime that have Violence and fighting scenes, Kinda like how Is all anime about death. There are Rival`s that happen over and over again and the anime it self dwells on it. I find this interesting because you`ll get to see it happen in a lot of anime, and some rivals are better than most. For Example the Rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is overwhelming.

In Manga as well as Anime, you will find rivalry`s all the time! The Anime or Manga doesn`t need to be popular to have a rival in it, on top of that everything we do a days have some type of rival if you think about it. For example, sport`s and even band`s have rival team`s that they compete against each other.

So let`s get started!

Source: Narutp Vs Sasuke Photo

Anime Rival - Naruto and Sasuke

1st Anime Rival

We all seen it! back then Naruto and Sasuke were best of friends (Well, close enough to be some what friends) either way now , With sasuke leaving him from the leaf village Naruto and Sasuke became enemy's fighting for that bond. It was important to naruto to get sasuke back but sasuke moved on in his life.

Naruto and Sasuke is a popular Rival between them because they had a lot of history. In Fact, it turns out the Naruto and Sasuke are the main characters of the manga and anime which is why it was so important. It was the plot for the longest time to get sasuke back and in a safe matter. They went through so much stuff just because they needed sasuke.

Are you happen how it all worked out? or did you feel like the who plot and idea was to drawn out?

I feel that If it turned any other way it would have not been so entertaining and I am glad how it turned out.

Source: Naruto Vs Sasuke Photo

Anime Rival - Izaya & Shizuo

2nd Anime Rival

Izaya and Shizuo were a very popular Rival and more popular this summer then any other time when it came out in america on Adult Swim.

It all started when they were both in highschool, one of Shizuo`s friends was close to Izaya and they started to have problems ever since. What makes this rivalry so entertaining is because every time one of them would see each other around they would both try to kill each other. Legit! they would fight out of nowhere, All you would see is something flying in the air coming towards Izaya for example, A motor cycle, a stop sign, many heavy items and objects.

Then Izaya would take out hisi knife and try to stab Shizuo with it. It`s an on going battle that no matter what is always entertaining and sometimes even funny to sit their and watch. Well, I find it very entertaining who they both fight over basically nothing.

Source: Izaya Vs Shizuo Photo

Anime Rival - Light & L

3rd Anime Rival

Light and L from the famous Anime Deathnote was classic! I found that this anime was the best rivalry that has happened yet. I Felt that this was one rivalry that would go down into history.

Well when you think of it, it kinda did. Light and L were the main character of a popular Anime and Manga series. They had to go back and forth fighting between justice and boredom.

Light was known as "Kira" the killer of people who deserved it and L was known as an "FBl" Agent, he was trying to find out about kira and worked the Kira case completely. While the series went on you found out that more and more about Light and L and they basically the show was on who can break the case first.

Now, with out spoiling anything the case got to a point that is something to remember. Light and L in my opinion was a Rivalry that you shouldn`t forget about when talking about Anime Rivals.

Source: Light Vs L Photo

Anime Rival Merchandise - Naruto Vs Sasuke Products

Can you believe this? Anime rivals have became the hottest thing, and you can find it everywhere now a days. If your a huge fan of naruto and the fighting between him and sasuke. Well, this is exactly what you want! and what you need!

Anime Rival - Zero & Suzaku

4th Anime Rival

Zero and Suzaku Were best of friends for the longest time but the location at which they were born and their family`s prevented them from being friends. In fact, They had to be enemy's to the very end, This series goes through a lot of twists and turns so when it came down to it they both were on the same side for such a long time.

Their friendship from their youth and childhood memories kept them true to each other and they had found a bond that would make sure to keep them strong. You see this bond in the first episode when Suzaku has a choice to make and choices his friend zero over everything else.

I think that people these day`s need to keep in mind that their friends and family need to be so important to them. I also think that if "Code Geass" taught us anything at all it would have to be "Friends are forever".

Source: Zero Vs Suzaku Photo


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Anime Rival - Edward & Scar

5th Anime Rival

Edward and Scar were great rivals in the brotherhood series of fullemetal Alchemist, In the end they really found a bond lets say. The Fullmetal himself had to come to an understanding with a person who was known for many murders.

He also was the killer of someone`s parents that edward was very close to. On top of all that Scar was known for "Destroying Alchimie" and Edward himself was known for "Creating Alchimie".

Being able to put all this aside and work with a man that had killed so many citizens and people that Edward knew would be something that could go down in the recorders book. Not going to spoil this moment for you but I do have to say that, These rivals were strong and the fight they had was even stronger.

I believe Edwards choice was the correct one, with out making a choice like that I am not so sure where the series would of went from there on.

Source: Edward vs Scar Photo

Top Ten Anime Rivals! - Here`s more Popular Anime Rivals

If you thought that Five Anime Rivals wasn`t enough for you then try these as well. I found this video very entertaining and well put together!

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    • profile image

      Anon 22 months ago

      Have you seen code geass? Your description of "zero" and Suzaku's rivalry was so inaccurate.

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      Gohan13 2 years ago

      Where is Goku and Vegeta?

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      Aja103654 4 years ago

      cool cosplay photo. Is that you?

    • maryLuu profile image

      maryLuu 4 years ago

      Anime, in my opinion, are the link between cartoons and real actor movies. They are very useful in teaching kids some tough lessons about life.