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Top Ten Bachelor Pad Must Haves

Updated on January 26, 2015

Top Ten Bachelor Pad Must Haves - For Gentleman

This is the Top Ten Must Haves list for bachelors that are ready to leave the stained carpets and movie posters at the frat house and become a gentleman. We're sorry, but you won't find any beer pong tables or keggerators on this list. So lose the Axe spray and the cheap beer and get ready to rock out grown man status.

#1 The Bedroom

Marry The Night

Having an all-around solid bedroom is key for the swinging bachelor, and will only help your cause. Make sure to go with something modern and sleek. You might think a spinning round bed with red silk sheets is the way to go; just stop now. You and Quagmire from "Family Guy"are the only ones who still think this is cool. Also, don't scrimp on the sheets, guys! Stay away from satin and velvet. They may look nice, but the most comfortable sleep comes from a set of high thread-count cotton sheets. And let's not forget about the comforter, the mainstay of all bedding. Investing in a high quality goose down comforter will provide you and your lucky guests with gorgeous sleep (and all the fun stuff that comes before that) for years to come. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra on the comforter, either, because when protected with a duvet they will outlast the mattress itself.

Affordable Bedding Options

An amazing find from Amazon, a simple white platform bed is a great way to add sophistication to your bedroom without looking like your trying to hard.

If you don't have the funds available for a platform bed comfortable bedding is the next best option. Lets just say the more inviting your bed looks the more inviting your bed is. What's cozier that a big fluffy high thread count comforter?

Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen

#2 Gourmet Kitchen

You Are What You Eat

Okay, so not everyone can afford a gourmet style kitchen. But that's absolutely no excuse for not being able to create gourmet style food. Dialing Domino's isn't impressive and if you plan on ever being a self-sustaining adult with a shot in hell of getting laid, you NEED to learn a few things. First of all, make sure your kitchen is clean. It's a huge turn off for a woman to be sipping a glass of wine at your counter and find last week's spaghetti sauce caked around your stovetop. Take the time to make things look nice, it goes a long way. Always keep plenty of beverages in your refrigerator, a bottle of red and white wine on hand, and a respectable selection of wine glasses and tumblers never hurt, either.

For more information on how to start honing your cooking prowess, visit

Must Haves If Your Can't Afford a Gourmet Kitchen - "Mostly to Impress the Ladies"

A swinging bachelor pad has certain expectations believe it or not. If you cannot produce a frozen floofy drink, Offer a decent wine glass, or have a tumbler and shot glasses there is no excuse what are you 16? Get with the program below are some great deals on entertaining paraphernalia.

A few Must haves for entertaining the ladies

Flat Screen TV
Flat Screen TV

# 3 Televisions

Bigger Isn't Always Better

This should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway. If you are working with rear projection TV, its time to trade that bad boy in. No one cares that it's 60" and it might have been cool and worked for you in 2004 but, it's a new decade and you need to get with the program (real punny, I know). You might have to sacrifice some inches with the purchase of a sleek, new flatscreen, but the aesthetic benefit will be well worth it. Another viable option is a projector, and these tend to be around the same price as a good quality flatscreen if you shop around. Whichever route you decide to go, it is absolutely essential that you take the extra time to make sure that all the wires are hidden. Nothing screams "I half-ass everything I do in life" like a great looking TV with wires sticking out all over the place. If you are going to make an investment in the appearance of your home and in getting a good television, go the extra mile and finish the job.

Flat Mount Your Television

Mounting your television is one of the best thing y you can do to improve the look and feel of your living or bedroom the key is to do it correctly). If you have wires showing, is bootleg.... If the angle is off and you cannot adjust the angle...... its bootleg. So here are some inexpensive fixes to your problem.

#4 Outdoor Space

If You Don't Have It, Make It

Outdoor patio spaces are awesome for entertaining guests. If you live in an area where the weather allows it, investing some extra money into your outdoor space can go a long way for the overall ambiance of your home. Needless to say, outdoor spaces are ideal for entertaining, so make sure you haven't neglected things seating space or lighting. Citronella candles and tiki torches are a great lighting option, because they also protect you and your guests from nasty bug bites. If you don't have currently have a patio area or an outdoor place, consider creating one. Adding extra outdoor living space to your home can make you feel like you've added tons of square footage to your home for a fraction of the price. And remember, bigger isn't always better. There is a lot that can be done with a creative mind and a small space, so use your imagination and create your own outdoor paradise.

If you Have Limited Funds an Outdoor Fireplace Will Do Wonders

Swim Spa
Swim Spa

#5 Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot Is In When You're Out...Side

Hot tubs and spas provide the ultimate relaxation year round. The ideal place for one of these is outside, and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, the outdoors is one of the most relaxing things we have in life. There is nothing quite like fresh air and a nice breeze to soothe the mind, body and soul. Pair that with steaming water and powerful jets to massage away any bodily tension, and you are left feeling like a brand new person when you emerge. Being immersed in a hot tub or spa while watching the rain or snow fall around you is also an experience everyone should have at least once, but preferably whenever the urge should strike you. It goes without saying that these are ideal for entertaining, so break out the Red Cat and let's get this party going!

Modern Bathroom
Modern Bathroom

#6 The Perfect Bathroom

The Unexpected Escape

I cannot stress this enough, bachelor's of the world: YOU MUST HAVE A NICE BATHROOM! First and foremost, it needs to be clean. This means that there shouldn't be dirty clothes all over the place, the sink and tub wiped down, no rings in the toilet, and at least two scented candles burning. All of this takes less than five minutes to accomplish, and will make your guests feel like it's okay to take of their pants and have a seat. After you've mastered the basic rules of bathroom cleanliness, it is time to consider aesthetics. Make sure your towels match, and that you have at least some kind of decorative scheme going on. Remember, you spend time in the bathroom every single day, and usually it's private time where you can allow yourself to unwind and become centered. Don't take that for granted. A bathroom is a relatively small area, so investing some money to make it nice shouldn't break the bank. If you want to pull out all the stops, visit whirlpool combination steam shower.

#7 Your Ride

Va Va Va Voooom

It might help to have a few exotic cars in your driveway, however this isn't necessary. Driving a respectable car will always help your odds but here are a few things that won't. Rims (spinning or stationary), sub woofers, body kits, lambo doors (unless you own a lambo), Camaros made after 1980, and Hummers (especially the H3). Lets face it, bolt on after market parts are only cool if you're 18 or under. As long as you have a nice looking car (black and white are timeless colors) that is kept vacuumed and washed, you should be in pretty good shape. Keeping your vehicle in your garage will also help your cause. as it will decrease exposure to the elements and allow you to wash it less frequently.

#8 Your Closet

Get Organized

Getting dressed out of a laundry basket is only acceptable before you graduate. It's grown up time, and that means it's time to get organized and take pride in your clothing. Keeping a well organized closet will not only make getting ready much easier, but it will allow you to maximize your possibilities of outfit combinations.closet You don't have to have a huge walk-in in order to keep things orderly and accessible. You pay good money for your clothes, so it's time to start treating them with respect and caring for them so you can look great and feel great, too.

modern wall art
modern wall art

#9 Wall Art

Lose the Movie Posters

We all know how great Goodfellas and Scarface were, okay? We get it. Now, lose the posters, because there is a big difference between appreciating cinematic brilliance and making your walls a shrine to Scorsese. Also, if you have Grateful Dead tapestries hanging from the wall, this would be a good time to go get some lighter fluid and burn them. Finding good wall art is key. If you have the money to invest, buy real paintings. They are an excellent investment and will never depreciate in value. If not, you can get some fabulous canvas prints at any local home goods store. Don't be afraid to ask a friend with an eye for design for some advice, either! Wall art can go a long way in making a space feel like a home.

Home Bar
Home Bar

#10 The Bar

What Keggorator?

Having a good wet bar is great for entertaining. However, we can't all have our very own wet bar in our homes. That's okay, though, because there are some really easy solutions. Invest in a nice shelf or cabinet, and over the course a few months, slowly start to fill it with choice premium liquors. Make a vow not to dip into them until you've built up a respectable collection. Before you know it, you won't even have to leave home to have all the beverages you pay $15 a pop for at the club or a fancy restaurant. A good collection of nice drink tumblers, sifters, wine glasses and the like are also highly recommended to really give your space a realistic feel. Just don't go ruining by hanging a neon sign on the wall next to it.

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