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Top Ten Guitar Players Ever

Updated on February 23, 2014

10 Amazing Electric Guitar Players Every Guitarist Should Know

These are my top ten personal favorite guitar players...I hope you like 'em too!

My top 10 favorite guitarists ever may not be your list of best electric guitar players -- and that's OK. It was difficult for me to keep my list to just ten. There are and were so many great musicians out there.

The reasons I chose the ones that I did:

They all influenced me, and inspire me. They each did something nobody else had done up until then. They were original. Their playing resonates in me to this day. All good reasons to be here. Some are gone on to their final reward and some are still jamming hard today.

Roy Buchanan

Roy was a maverick, a one of a kind. A great showman and a quiet, humble man. And, he influenced many, many guitarists--both during his time and that came after him. When EVH was borrowing tricks (tapping and hammer-ons to name but two) from Jeff Beck in the late 70's and 80's--he was actually borrowing from Roy Buchanan--cause that's where Jeff Beck saw it done first!

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck has been famous for playing an Esquire, a Telecaster, a Les Paul, a Jackson and a Stratocaster, But it is always Jeff Beck. He started out playing with a pick, but now he's given up the plectrum and he plays with his bare fingers. Whichever way you see him, he is always amazing...

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Jimi Hendrix - He was 27 years old when he passed away...

Jimi Hendrix Playing the Star-Spangled Banner, then Wild thing, then burning his guitar--both by playing the heck out of it and then with lighter fluid and matches. That's a moment in rock 'n roll time that nobody should forget. everything about playing the guitar changed then.

Rory Gallagher

Nobody played the blues like Rory. He had soul and it came through in his playing. Pure ambiance.

Les Paul

Les Paul influenced us all! He invented multi-track recording and MANY other great musical innovations. Oh, yeah--and he could play!

Frank Zappa

As a lyricist, he always wrote with a point. As a conductor, he could always get his musicians to do things that they otherwise wouldn't normally do. As a composer and arranger, he was second to none.He was one of the most prolific musicians ever, with over 60 albums to his credit. Ah--but as a guitarist, he could really wail! You may not like what he said, or how he said it, but there is no denying that Frank Zappa was an amazing musician.

Eric Clapton - River Of Tears...

From playing with other greats like John McVie and Mick Fleetwood in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers to Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker in Cream, Blind Faith with Steve Winwood, as a backing artist for George Harrison and then as a solo artist, playing with Delaney and Bonnie, etc. He is just a great guitarist.

He played a Telecaster, an SG, a Les Paul, a 335, and of course, a Stratocaster.

Edward Van Halen - They used to say that if you don't like Van Halen--you are wrong.

He made finger tapping a household way to play air-guitar in the 80's. No matter whose guitar he's playing--he played a Frankenstein-Strat, a Charvel, Ibanez, Kramer, Steinberger, Music Man, Peavey and now the EVH Wolfgang by Fender--But it always sounds like Edward.

Eric Johnson

He might not be your cup of tea--but there is no denying his prowess. Listen to those runs! Very clean. Very tight. I like that!

Stevie Ray Vaughn - SRV - Stevie Ray Vaughn

I heard that Stevie's not really dead--he's just teaching God how to play the guitar! Could be true, I say!

Jimmy Page

The Best Electric Guitarists Ever!

Ten, count 'em, ten...

My 10 (in alphabetical order for this list) are: Jeff Beck, Roy Buchanan, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Jimmy Page, Les Paul, Edward Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Frank Zappa, and NOWHERE NEAR in that order! For me, the order changes all the time, depending upon my mood.


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