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Top Ten Prettiest Final Fantasy Costumes

Updated on September 23, 2014

Top Ten Prettiest Final Fantasy Costumes

Final Fantasy one of the most popular RPG franchises ever made. The various games are filled with beautiful images and the costumes are no exception. Some of the costumes are formal and some are the characters normal wear.

This page looks at the prettiest Final Fantasy Costumes for the female characters.


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Rinoa Dance Dress Final Fantasy VIII
Rinoa Dance Dress Final Fantasy VIII

Number #10

Rinoa's Dance Dress from Final Fantasy VIII

Rinoa's Formal Dance dress has a simple elegance. It's an off-white dress that is almost a cream color. It has short hem and a sheer over layer. It features a halter neckline.

The dress fits the dance scene perfectly and the dance scene is one of the best scenes in the game.

Character design by Tetsuya Nomura

Wallmarket Aeris Final Fantasy VII
Wallmarket Aeris Final Fantasy VII

Number #9

Wallmarket Aeris from Final Fantasy VII

In the Wallmarket scene, where Aeris and Cloud dress up to save Tifa, Aeris, dons a simple yet very lovely red dress. It's floor length A-line gown that is sleeveless. This dress has been made popular by cosplayers.

Character design by Tetsuya Nomura

Lulu from Final Fantasy X
Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Number #8

Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Lulu's costume has a lot happening. It's off-the-shoulder with a fur trim, bell sleeves, lace and lots of belt. And yet even with all these components and the gothic overtones Lulu's costume is very elegant.

Character design by Tetsuya Nomura

Yunas Wedding Final Fantasy X
Yunas Wedding Final Fantasy X

Number #7

Yuna's Wedding Gown from Final Fantasy X

Yuna Wedding's dress is a strapless gown that is shorter in the front (to her knees) and goes into a long train. The hem is trimmed with feathers and on the back there are angel wings with a bouquet attach to it. She has knee high boots or stocking, wrist length gloves, and a tiara.

There is a lot going on with her wedding dress that seem like they shouldn't really fit together but the scene is memorable and the dress is pretty.

Character design by Tetsuya Nomura

Rydia Final Fantasy IV
Rydia Final Fantasy IV

Number #6

Rydia from Final Fantasy IV

Rydia's adult design is a layers of green on green. The fabric looks really airy and light. It seem easy even though she wearing more or less a leotard and thigh-high boots

Character Design by Yoshitaka Amano

Yuna Final Fantasy X
Yuna Final Fantasy X

Number #5

Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Yuna's normal battle costume is one the most elegance battle costumes in the series. It's combination of school girl and traditional kimono. The costume has a long pleated skit with a pink floral pattern, a yellow obi, a soft white sash that acts a shirt and detach kimono sleeve that have a soft ombre dye from white to pink. There is a lot of components but they all are in perfect harmony with each other.

Character design by Tetsuya Nomura

Terra Final Fantasy VI
Terra Final Fantasy VI

Number #4

Terra from Final Fantasy VI

Much like Yuna's Battle costume, Terra's battle outfit is elegant. It's a short red dress that is strapless. The costume features sheer cape , tights, and ankle boots. Like many of Amano designs there are a ton of little details that gives the costume complexity and beauty.

Character Design by Yoshitaka Amano

Celes' Opera Gown Final Fantasy VI
Celes' Opera Gown Final Fantasy VI

Number #3

Celes' Opera Gown from Final Fantasy VI

Celes wears this opera costume when she is performing in an opera. It's cream with gold embroidery. It's in the style of gowns from the 18th century.

The opera scene is one of the memorable scene in Final Fantasy VI.

Character Design by Yoshitaka Amano

Ashe's Wedding Gown Final Fantasy XII
Ashe's Wedding Gown Final Fantasy XII

Number #2

Ashe's Wedding Gown from Final Fantasy XII

Ashe's wedding gown is very different from most of the formal gowns in Final Fantasy and from wedding gown as a general concept.

It's a two piece gown; it has a mermaid skirt and her midriff is expose. There is a lots of details that from gold embroidery, feathers, a veil, a gold head piece and lots of jewelry components. There is so much going on in this costume that it shouldn't work but it does and it's gorgeous.

Character Design by Akihiko Yoshida

Garnet Final Fantasy IX
Garnet Final Fantasy IX

Number #1

Garnet's Royal Gown from Final Fantasy IX

Princess Garnet's formal gown is a a strapless gown that has a full A-line skirt. It has an over-skirt that has vines details which are also on the bodice. The bodice has a sweetheart neckline. The underskirt has gold details. There also handless opera gloves which also have the vine detail. She also has a lovely crown, upper arm cuff and at least two necklaces (she wears on necklace at the beginning of the game and the Silver Crystal at the end).

All the elements in the costume work together to form a beautiful and royal Princess gown.

Character Design by Yoshitaka Amano

Final Fantasy Costume

Yuna Final Fantasy X
Yuna Final Fantasy X

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yuna's costume is just amazing <3

    • Milkcananime profile image

      Max Wong 

      6 years ago from Singapore

      Rinoa in Final Fantasy VIII was dancing with Squall in the ballroom to the lovely song "Eyes On Me"


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