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My top ten favorite movies of the 1980's

Updated on February 20, 2016

My top ten all-time favorite movies list of the 1980s I enjoyed as a preteen boy. It was hard picking my favorites except for my number one pick, The Goonies.

The 1980s was a great decade for movies. I decided to stroll back memory lane and list my top ten favorite movies of that decade. I didn't include some of the big hits like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Pretty in Pink because they were more teen types of movies and I wasn't in that age range at that time. My all time favorite movies that I own and watch on occasion even in my 30's is The Goonies and Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Some movies seem cheesy when you watch them years later but some of them are still very entertaining and bring back that sentimental feeling. So sit back and let's go back in time to some of my favorite movies of the 1980s.

Photo of my vhs box copy of goonies.

My top movies on Amazon

The Goonies
The Goonies

A must buy in your video collection. My favorite movie from the 80s.


Without further ado here is my top ten list

1. Goonies (Truffle Shuffle anyone, who wouldn't want to look for treasure)

2. Star Wars Return of the Jedi (I imagined I was a Jedi Knight)

3. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (how cool was this movie)

4. Gremlins (the kitchen scene was so cool at my age)

5. Short Circuit

6. ET the Extraterrestrial (common theme for me was space/alien types of movies)

7. Neverending Story (great fantasy story and timeless classic)

8. The Dark Crystal

9. Ghostbusters

10. Benji the Hunted

honorable mention Stand by Me and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Movies that should be in the list but didn't watch them until later on so in good conscience couldn't include them in the list)


It was just so cool. Fighting ghosts and a cool cast of characters. It had a little bit of everything needed to make this a great movie.

Gremlins (Special Edition)
Gremlins (Special Edition)

I had such a crush on Phoebe Cates and I thought Gizmo was awesome. The kitchen scene is so cool.


Voice your opinion on my list, remember it is geared for those around 10 years old in the mid 80's.

What do you think of this list?

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Don't be shy to offer your opinions

I know from previous comments from readers and remembering some movies that I forgot about that and need to be included my list needs to be updated. I will be updating in the near future and would like your comments on what ones definitely belong and what ones should be included. Leave your comments on the guestbook below, thank you.

Feedback and comments welcome

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    • asereht1970 profile image

      asereht1970 4 years ago

      Goonies and Gremlins were my favorite among the list.

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hello. From your list, I enjoyed watching "E.T." and "Ghostbusters".

    • FloridaDino profile image

      FloridaDino 5 years ago

      Not sure I could do a definitive 80's top ten, so many....!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Goonies never say die!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very nice list, some very good movies on that list.

    • TwistedWiseman profile image

      TwistedWiseman 5 years ago

      My wife made me watch the goonies, oh goodness me such a kids movie :)

    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 6 years ago from Australia

      Loved ET way back then.

    • nyclittleitaly profile image

      nyclittleitaly 6 years ago

      Some of these movies are the best. Great lens and good job.

    • Jadelynx-HP profile image

      Tracey Boyer 6 years ago from Michigan

      I was never a fan of the Goonies, but my husband loves it. Must be a guy thing ;)

    • ionee251 profile image

      ionee251 6 years ago

      I like the Indiana Jones game.

    • SquidooPower profile image

      SquidooPower 6 years ago

      What about Back to the Future?

    • dvdmoviereviews profile image

      dvdmoviereviews 6 years ago

      goonies is quality

    • Leilani-m profile image

      Leilani-m 6 years ago

      Some of those movies I still love to see from time to time :) Go Goonies :)

    • spritequeen lm profile image

      spritequeen lm 6 years ago

      Great lens. Thank you for sharing your favorites.

    • danzuc76 profile image

      danzuc76 6 years ago

      Goonies and Gremlins are ace films. Nice lens.

    • profile image

      Ivalotasay 6 years ago

      Even though I've seen ET about 4 times, I still cry when he's dying!

    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 6 years ago

      Four of my favorites are included in your list.

    • profile image

      dejaviewer 6 years ago

      Star Wars is my favourite. The greatest sci fi movie ever