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Top Ten Friendly Grim Reaper Videos

Updated on August 22, 2015
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Nightcat is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about a wide variety of subjects.

Handsome fellah, isn't he? That is actually the skull and one of the many hats from Baron Samedi's altar, which he graciously loaned me to make a photo shoot. I told him I'd give him credit and I tend to keep my promises to my best buddy. So thanks!
Handsome fellah, isn't he? That is actually the skull and one of the many hats from Baron Samedi's altar, which he graciously loaned me to make a photo shoot. I told him I'd give him credit and I tend to keep my promises to my best buddy. So thanks!

The dead, Death. They are seen in many ways around the world. Some people fear them so much they want nothing to do with a holiday for the dead, thank you very much. Some people feel they are with us every day, helping us get along in life. But Death and the dead can be seen as friends. Death can walk the earth beside us, and who better to understand our problems? A companion on this journey we call Life. For life is part of death just as much as death is a part of life.

So why not stop and rest a while with me? Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and a snack, and catch the following top ten videos out there that focus on the lighter side of Death and the dead. Here you'll meet a Hooded Stranger, the adventurous Morty, a skeleton that plays a serious set of drums and more.

As always, all photography is mine, and all videos are used for entertainment and educational uses only. If you own the copyright to any content herein and wish to have credit or something removed, please let me know.


Death, beautiful lady that she is is shown as a caring and nurturing figure in this delightful short. Unfortunately, like many a single mother she has a little one of her own, Morty, who has the perfect plan to update Mom's workload. No more personal visits! Death refuses, but Morty has other plans...

Slightly dark yet witty humour, the perfect short for a coffee break or after a long day at work.

Dia De Los Muertos

This touching film is one of my personal favorites, as I found it soon after the loss of my own mother. When a young girl leaves the city and celebrations behind to mourn at her mother's grave she is taken to the land of the dead by a mysterious and loving skeleton. Who la flaca is and what she wants with the child proves that love never dies and spells out the true meaning of the joyous celebration.

The Hooded Stranger

Otis Jiry is one of my favorite storytellers and I love this story. As the hooded stranger keeps showing up, including on the night a grieving father contemplates suicide, the listener must wonder who he is. Is he a mysterious monk? A member of some odd cult? Or an already known friend who just doesn't want the father to know he is helping?

And when he will only say he is an old friend the listener is left to wonder if Death himself isn't a friend. To me, gender doesn't matter. Male or female Death is an old friend indeed.

The Book of Life

I so want to see this film, and I am saving up my Bing points. I won't spoil it for you or me, but looks like someone is set to get a royal smackdown from La Muerte and it isn't our besotted couple. The phrase about never cheating Death comes to mind and she is truly lovely here.

The Book Of Life

Book of Life
Book of Life

Ready for an adventure? Manolo and Joaquin have always been best friends with the beautiful Maria, ever since childhood. But once they have grown the men become rivals for her heart, and the beautiful La Muerte has bet her spouse that one of them will win.


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The Lady and the Reaper - La Dama Y La Muerte

I love this delightful short which manages to remain humorous while dealing with a serious subject. Death is a part of life, but our Western outlook is that Death is the enemy, not a friend. Yet is a life supported by machines a life worth living? We have lost a lot of the divinity in death and while it is not an easy issue to discuss as we all have deep personal feelings, I do believe it is the right of the individual to choose based on his or her religious or other strongly held beliefs.

I honored my mother's wishes when it was her time and I know it was the right thing to do as her greatest fear was to be kept alive by machines. Whether I agreed or not did not matter. It was giving her a death in a dignified manner and respecting her wishes that gave her one final honor in this life.

Aprendiz de la Muerte / Deathigner

This delightful short melted my heart. Various Deaths from around the world such as the Western Grim Reaper, here apparently hailing from France and the Egyptian Osiris with a trainee Anubis (actually the god of embalming) have apprentices who must pass through the lessons in Death School to become full fledged versions of their mentors. But in the end they could all learn a lesson from the cuddly little Reaper who has only love for those he or she must reap. I'm going with he, by the way. His voice sounds male and he's cute as a button. And who says guys can't knit?

Animated Death's Alphabet

This video has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while and it sums up life and death perfectly. I like the animation style ala Edward Gorey and the voice of Death is somehow warm and comforting while he gleefully works his way through a deathly alphabet filled with Suessian charm. It is a special bonus that our jovial poet is a dead ringer for Baron Samedi. Mine found the video hilarious, btw.

¡Viva Calaca!. The Day of the Dead (Official)

I love a lot of Voltaire's music, and this lively video is no exception. For those who missed the cultural bus, The Day (or Days) of the Dead are special, and a time when the dead are welcomed back among the living with ofrendas (altars), music, dancing, and the food they loved. Yes, it is still sad to loose a loved one, but how wonderful to have them come home every year for a grand fiesta, si? To me, this lively video captures the fun spirit of the holiday, with the joyful dead cavorting around a bewildered tourist.

The Hogfather


Everyone is eagerly awaiting Hogswatch, a holiday much like our Christmas, when the Hogfather will deliver presents. But not everyone wants the Hogfather around, and when an assassin is hired to eliminate him, it will be up to Death and Susan to stop him.


Night of the Day of the Dead

This short put a huge smile on my face. Back when my parents were alive I got one of those mass produced, made in China shelf sitters that mimicked the Day of the Dead skeleton decorations. Well, we tried to find him a mate, but there were none in any store. No other skeletons at all in fact, and although he had a bit of his sombrero decoration coming off, I kept our beloved SeƱor Calaca. He sits out all year on his high perch, keeping an eye on things, and mom, of course, swore he moved around at night, even if we always found him in the same place.

"Sorry!" Ad

A man is out for a wintery drive in a commercial I truly enjoy. The storyline is simple and clean. When you aren't paying attention while driving, accidents happen. And as he is looking at a sign, then staring at Death, the driver has no idea what he is about to be in for. "Sorry." Death says with a gleeful chuckle. That cuts out when the car saves the day. I love the expression on his face at the end, it's priceless. Reminds me of Baron Samedi when he gets grumpy. Of course my boy snuck in here, why wouldn't he?

Bonus Video

I found this one right before going to press and couldn't think of a better way to end this Hub. Please, if you feel I've skipped a video that has deep personal meaning to you, let me know. There are many more videos out there, but some contained content that might have upset some viewers and some I could no longer find. Life, even on the Internet, is fleeting, so enjoy!

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