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Total Gross Sales of Sarah Geronimo Movies

Updated on April 16, 2013

Gross Income / Sales

Are you wondering about the total gross income of all movies of Sarah Geronimo? Do you want to have a site wherein it displays the box office sales of her movies? Then you've come to the right article.

This page will show you the accurate figures (coming from a trusted site) of all Sarah Geronimo Movies. It only covers her movies with John Lloyd Cruz up to her leading man Gerald Anderson. The reason why I do this is not to compare their movie sales but to inform you that whoever Sarah's partner is, for sure it will be a hit and box office.

Enjoy and have fun!

Image credited to mintscreen.

A Very Special Love earned 180M.

A Very Special Love

Total Gross Sales / Income

I just want to let you know that these sales are only from the Philippines. Sales from worldwide / international screenings are not counted.

Anyway, see the real earnings of AVSL above.

A Very Special Love DVD - See it while it's available

A Very Special Love
A Very Special Love

This is a must-see movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. If you want to fall in love even for a while, you should see this right now!


You Changed My Life earned 227M.

You Changed My Life

Its Total Gross Income & Sales

This is the part 2 of AVSL, a movie with John Lloyd Cruz. Of course, the first thing comes to our mind why a certain movie be followed by a sequel is people demand for it. Meaning, the first movie did really earn a lot of money.

Anyway, above is the accurate earnings of YCML.

You Changed My Life DVD - Grab it if you don't have it yet

You Changed My Life
You Changed My Life

A follow-up-movie of Ashlloyd. A part 2 of A Very Special Love with the same director, Direk Cathy Garcia Molina. Feel the love again as you watch this film.


Hating Kapatid earned 82M.

Hating Kapatid

How much did it earn?

Hating Kapatid or HK is a family-oriented movie starring Sarah Geronimo and Judy Ann Santos. I love its comedy dramatic theme that makes me laugh and cry every time I watch it.

Anyway, since this one is not a love story but focusing more on the family, see what it got above.

Hating Kapatid DVD - I love this movie as it makes you laugh all the time

Hating Kapatid
Hating Kapatid

See the first project of Sarah Geronimo and Judy Ann Santos in a movie. Also, this one will make you laugh as you watch it because Vice Ganda and Luis Manzano are part of the cast too.


Catch Me... I'm In Love earned 120M.

Catch Me... I'm In Love

Its Total Gross Sales / Income

This is the first tandem of Sarah Geronimo & Gerald Anderson. I love its semi-fairy tale theme that the son of the president fell in love with ordinary girl.

Anyway, above is the real sales of this movie.

Catch Me... I'm In Love DVD - Find yourself being catch while watching this movie

Catch Me I'm in Love
Catch Me I'm in Love

This is the first team up of Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson. You will surely fall in love coz their chemistry is different from Ashlloyd.


Won't Last A Day Without You earned 86M.

Won't Last A Day Without You

What is its total movie sales?

Won't Last A Day Without You is another movie of Sasa and Gege. This story is not a sequel or part 2 of CMIIL but a different story with different director.

It is the latest movie of Sarah. Anyway, above is the sales of this movie.

Won't Last A Day Without You DVD - You won't last a day without watching this film!

I Won't Last A Day Without You - Filipino DVD Sarah Geronimo
I Won't Last A Day Without You - Filipino DVD Sarah Geronimo

Ashrald has another film to offer. This one, for me, is more relatable in real life and Sarah's acting skill has improved.


Conclusion of the Author

What can I say after knowing this?

I'm a popster at heart and I support her movies all the way. Whoever her partner is and whatever the gross income / sales are, it doesn't matter. As long as I do not stop supporting Sarah Geronimo, everything will be okay.

This page is not made to boast and made their fans fight each other. Knowing these accurate figures do not mean that more people like a movie with a highest gross sales because there are many factors to consider: the conversion of dollar to peso, the economic crisis we had at that time and calamities including typhoon, earthquakes, floods and others.

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    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      @anonymous: Yup, you're right! As long as expenses are being paid off by the earned money, that movie is successful. Thanks for the visit. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      absolutely great to know those numbers...well it's a million money for the producers double gain for what their expenses are..good job!