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Tractor Videos for Kids

Updated on July 18, 2013

Lots of Tractor Videos for Children

Looking for tractor videos for kids? We've put together a collection of our favorites including lots of working tractors with various attachments, tractor stunts, information about tractors, tractors in trouble and even dancing tractors!

We've included lots of free videos to watch online and some DVDs to buy too. I have two small boys who love tractors and it can be hard to find good child-friendly videos for them to watch.

John Deere Tractor Videos - Green tractors

John Deere is one of the best know manufacturers of tractors. My son has a toy John Deere pedal tractor so these tractor videos are very popular in our house.

John Deere 8345 RT - Tractor - Machines at Work

Baling hay with a John Deere 630 tractor and 336 baler

John Deere 3510 Sugarcane Harvester

John Deere Snowblower

Pedal Tractors

My son has a John Deere pedal tractor which he loves. He opens it up to fix the engine. He loves to attach and remove the trailer and put stuff in it. (His younger brother likes to climb in!) It's always popular when children come round to play.

We've been to a few farm parks that have ride-on tractors and I've noticed that they are always a big hit with the kids (more than the animals sometimes!)

Tractor Videos for Kids

Lots of kids love tractors, boys especially. We live in the countryside so we do see tractors now and then, but often the boys want to see tractors when we're at home. And they want to know all about them. Here are a few videos that help.

A Children's Guide to Modern Tractors (Full Version on Amazon: A Children's Guide To Modern Tractors)

Here Comes A Tractor - Clip 1 (Available on Amazon UK: Here Comes A Tractor [DVD])

Here Comes A Tractor - Clip 2

Here Comes A Tractor - Clip 3

Here Comes A Tractor - Clip 4

Tractor DVDs for kids

You can get DVDs for kids featuring tractors. Lots of kids love learning about heavy machinery. There's a John Deere series of DVDs which as lots of information and tractor footage.

Tractor Stunt Videos - Tractor Tricks

After watching these videos of tractors doing stunts my four year old put on a toy tractor stunt show in the living room. We really weren't sure if the tractor in the first video was going to fall over!

New Holland T7050 - will he make it?

Caterpillar tractor tricks

Tractor Stunt

Tractor Dancing Videos

Tractor Square Dancing - This one is a big hit with my toddler son 'can we watch tractors going round in a circle?'

Tractors in Trouble Videos

Kids do like to see a tractor in trouble.

Tractors In Trouble

Tractors In Trouble 2

Tractors In Trouble 3

Tractor Song Videos

The Driving my Tractor song and video is from the book and CD:

Driving My Tractor PB w CD


Driving my Tractor

Tractor Ted

Tractor Ted is a TV show for kids starring a Tractor!

Trailer: Tractor Ted in Autumntime

Tractor Ted DVDs

There's a whole range of Tractor Ted carton DVDs in which Ted has lots of adventures based around the farm.

We hope you enjoyed

Tractor Videos for Kids

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