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Transformers Toys Autobots

Updated on June 8, 2014

The Autobot Transformers

Our favorite alien robots from the planet Cybertron have been captured in many generations' action figures and transformable toys, by several different makers - from the Japanese Takara line to, of course, Hasbro.

It can sometimes be a bit hectic to choose which one we want to buy for that special little boy or girl (just imagine how hard it must be for them to choose!

Come to think of it, maybe not: they usually want them all). Some Transformers toys are hastily put together by the manufacturer; and, we realize too late that we should have stayed away from them.

Most others are simply brilliant, and can occupy the little one's bookshelves or play-box fondly for years - until the next movie comes out and it's time to arrange them once again!

optimus prime toy
optimus prime toy

Cybertron Transformers Toy Leader Class

Optimus Prime Toy

The Transformers Leader Optimus Prime toy is sure to send any young alien-robot fan into a tizzy (assuming the kid is as passionate about the big robots as my 6 yr. old nephew!), with its gorgeously-painted, crisp outer appearance and sturdy frame.

The eyes lighting up is sure to add to the pleasure of the lucky youngster who owns this. It is given to easy transformation to and from his renowned semi-truck, and sports those cool charged blades he unsheathed in the Transformers movies.

Sporting realistic movie sounds from truck revving in his transformed mode, to his famous phrases in robot mode, what's a Transformers collection without the ultimate Leader Prime?

Optimus Prime Transformer toys - Leader Class, MechTech and more - the best!

Bumblebee transformer toy
Bumblebee transformer toy

Bumblebee Transformers Toy

The Battle-Ops Bumblebee Toy and more...

The Bumblebee Battle Ops is without question the best Bumblebee Transformer toy of them all so far. It is simply amazing, with no discernible weaknesses.

The chassis is done in great detail; Bumblebee transforms without a hitch into his Camaro car form, the arms transform into cannons when in robot form, his armored face-plate from the Transformers movies is even there; and, it's fully retractable in both modes!

As an added bonus, there are flashing lights in place of the eyes, realistic-feeling rubber tires, and a voice box that produces famous Bumblebee movie phrases. You should probably stay away from purchasing this for younger kids; say, younger than 5 or 6 - as it may be a bit too complex for them.

All-in-all, this Bumblebee Transformer toy is really of collector-item quality, and would undoubtedly be the last Bumblebee any kid would need from the Dark of the Moon models.

Bumblebee Transformer Toy - Battle-Ops, Leader Class...My Nephew's Favorites

Ironhide Transformer toy
Ironhide Transformer toy

Ironhide Transformer

Optimus Prime's Oldest Friend

Ironhide may be the ultimate MechTech Transformers. The resident Autobot weapons-specialist truly comes to life in this visual accurate, stunningly-rendered toy.

The Ironhide MechTech Leader comes with various battle sounds, removable weapons, and of course, transformers into his tank-like GMC pickup truck, where his big cannons can be moved to the top of the pickup.

Additionally, the weapons actually light up! When you add to this that when Ironhide is shifting between forms, the transformation sound from the movies can be heard.

A brilliant addition to the Transformers toys' collection of anyone over 5 years old, due to the small parts being a hazard for those younger than that.

Ironhide Transformer Toys - The Battle Tactician of the Autobots

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    • MojoCreator LM profile image

      MojoCreator LM 5 years ago

      I had them all as a kid. Great fun, cool lens!