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Tribute to all bathroom choristers

Updated on February 9, 2013

Tribute to all bathroom choristers

Most people are good judges when it comes to good songs .However, doing the actual singing is a different ball game.It is in the bathroom that you hear all manner of voices ,the good ,the bad and the not-so-good. This kind of singers are known as bathroom choristers.


Great choir
Great choir

Tribute to all bathroom choristers

Singing is a skill not possessed by everyone .However, most people like to sing ,whether their voices is torturing others or not. When it comes to good songs everyone seems to be an expert and a judge. At -any-rate ,it is easier to decipher an interesting song than to actually do the singing .One of the places where people try their singing skills is in the bathroom .This type of singers are known as bathroom-choristers. Going close to some bathrooms ,it is possible to hear voices migrating from one music key to the other. All manner of voices on display ,the good, the bad and the not-so-good. This are some of the importance of bathroom choir.


Bathroom choir gives us the energy and strength to face the day. Most-times , people sing worship songs inside the bathroom and this is equivalent to praying two times.

Makes bathing fun

Singing in the bathroom makes bathing a fun thing. Sometimes the person could get carried away and end up spending hours in the shower .The songs changes tune from one stage of bathing to the other.

Plan your day

The very best time to plan our day is in the bathroom .As we are singing, we remember all the things we have for the day in the correct order .This also puts us in the mood to visualize ourselves doing the tasks.

Discover talents

Many people have being pushed into talent shows because of their exploits as bathroom choristers.How else does families know the latent skills they are endowed with, if not in the bathroom. Although many of those people ended up discovering that they are more of comedians than singers.

Train your voice

If one doesn't sing often ,how else can they train their voices. Bathroom choir is the avenue to achieve that . As we continue singing or croaking in the bathroom ,our voices get better with time.

Compose songs

Bathroom choir can also be a source of inspiration for us to compose new songs.As we are busy masticating other people's songs in the shower, we could also be able to compose one.

Duet by couples

Couples who sing together stays together .Bathroom choir can be a good place for couples to perform duets as they are bathing together. This helps to strengthen bonds in the family.

For us to train our voices ,it is also good to listen to other good choirs, to learn how they strut their stuff .This can also assist us in practicing how to modulate our voices when singing in the shower


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Tribute to all bathroom choristers

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