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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Updated on March 21, 2013

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

How far would you go to save your loved one? Even if the price for doing so is high? For Syaoran, saving his best childhood friend Sakura is all that matters, regardless whether she would not be able to remember him at all. If you had read Cardcaptor Sakura before, these two characters mentioned above would be very familiar. Both popular manga series are written by Clamp.

Embark on this journey with Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane and Fay D. Fluorite as they travel to different worlds and dimensions to retrieve something dear to Sakura.


He was the main character and protagonist in the first half of the story. It was only revealed later that he was a clone of Syaoran Lee made by Fei Wong Reed to collect all of Sakura's feathers(memories). Before that, he was the good friend of Sakura and he had always aspired to become an archaeologist just like his father. He also always does his best to protect Sakura despite knowing that she may not remember who he is.

"Syaoran" Lee

He was taken captive by Fei Wong Reed when he was young and was usually seen asleep in a 'tank' that as sealed by magic. It was only at the middle part of the story when he finally awoke and went to find Sakura and the others. He feels that everything bad that had happened was his fault due to him wanting to grant his own wish to save Sakura years ago. He feels bad when Kimihiro Watanuki (xxxHolic) was created to replace the 'void' that he made, and hopes that Watanuki will not 'disappear'.


She is the princess in Clow country as well as Syaoran's best friend. Both of them share the same birthday, 1st of April (Watanuki's birthday too). She is a cheerful and kind-hearted girl who tries to help out whenever she can. The feathers that the four of them have to travel to collect are actually the manifestation of her soul consisting of her memories. She could not remember who Syaoran is as Syaoran had paid a price to Yuko Ichihara the witch of Dimensions, which is Sakura's memories of him. Sakura loves Syaoran but her plan to confess her feelings to him were foiled. She has a power that enables to interact and understand the 'feelings' of nature around her, such as the wind or trees.

Fay D. Fluorite

He was a powerful sorcerer and magician and joined Sakura and company on their trip as he is trying to escape from King Ashura from his world. Fay is always the cheerful and happy-go-lucky one in the group and loves to call Kurogane funny names. Even so, he never reveals his past to his companions before.


He is a ninja from the old-era Nihon (Japan), whom Princess Tomoyo forcefully sent to visit the witch of dimensions. Although he may seem to be rough and unfriendly, he actually cares alot for his companions. His real name is Youou, which means (Hawk king). He is very highly skilled in swordplay and an excellent martial artist, and had once taught the first Syaoran how to use a sword properly.

Mokona Modoki (white)

One of the pair of Mokonas that was given by Yuko Ichihara. Mokona has many special abilities like being able to transport everyone to another world, communicating and transferring items to Yuko from another world. Just like Fay, Mokona likes to cheer people up and make fun of Kurogane. It also does its best to help its companions and cares alot about each of them.

Yuko Ichihara

Witch of Dimensions

Appears in xxxHolic. and currently resides in the modern Japan, whereby she has kept a black mokona with her. She has a shop that could fulfill people's wished for an equivalent price. She is fond of magical things and loves to drink. She plays a very important role in helping Syaoran and company later as the story progresses.

Princess Tomoyo

She is the princess of Nihon Japan who had sent Kurogane on his quest at the beginning of the story. She is very intellligent and is powerful. Her abilities include having the power to cross dimensions as well as to see the future in her dreams. She is the one who had saved Kurogane from becoming mad after his parents were killed by Fei Wong Reed and monsters.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles anime opening 1

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Funny Moments

Tsubasa video

I added this as all the characters looks so cute!

Kurogane would never dare to bully Mokona again if it was that huge ^.^

Kurogane would never dare to bully Mokona again if it was that huge ^.^
Kurogane would never dare to bully Mokona again if it was that huge ^.^

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Overall, I feel that Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is very interesting, as the Syaoran and company travels to many different worlds and meet all kinds of people there. The anime version is a must-watch, even though it has quite a few filler episodes. If this was a real story, I would be the first to volunteer to travel with them!

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    • Milkcananime profile image

      Max Wong 8 years ago from Singapore

      hi, thanks alot for your praise ^^

      I have wanted to add in the clone Sakura at first, but after much consideration, i felt that adding that will be too much of a spoiler to those who hasn't read TRC yet..

    • Milkcananime profile image

      Max Wong 8 years ago from Singapore

      [in reply to mortal-oak]

    • profile image

      mortal-oak 8 years ago

      Great lens. Definately 5 stars from me!

      1 thing though, what about the clone sakura?