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Tudor Movies and TV Shows

Updated on August 20, 2013

From Henry VII to Elizabeth I

If you love a good costume drama, then check out these awesome Tudor themed dramas. The Tudor Period is my favorite period in English History (followed closely by the wars of the roses), its full of interesting history and some real characters. Henry VII who won his crown and ended the wars of the roses by uniting the houses of Lancaster and York (well sort of!). His son Henry VIII who famously had 6 wives, murdered 2, one died in Childbirth, Divorced 2 and the last (lucky for her) outlived him. His Son Edward VI who did not outlive his teens, Queen (bloody) Mary, a devout Catholic who burned heretics at the stake, then the last Tudor Elizabeth I, the most celebrated Monarch of the Tudor dynasty, fiercely clever and outwitted everyone around her, beheaded her cousin Mary queen of Scots to save her throne from threats Elizabeth died childless and single, a loved Queen by her people.

Most people have heard about Henry VIII and his six wives, its a colorful period in English History, each Monarch from the Tudor Dynasty has an interesting history and each their own distinct personalities.

Check out these amazing Tudor themed Movies and TV Shows, they are well worth watching.

Henry VII Movies and TV shows

The end of War of the Roses

Henry Tudor is enshrined in Shakespeare as he defeats the evil Richard III. This period in English history has been brought up recently when Richard III remains were found in a Car park in York. If you get a chance to watch the documentary about the Car park King, it is well worth viewing. (I've put the video below but the full Documentary can be found on Youtube)

I Can't find any movies or TV Shows based on Henry VII in his own right but there are a few Richard III movies and currently showing is the TV Show the White Queen, which shows Henry VII getting his crown.

There are a few Richard III movies and Documentaries which show Henry VII winning his crown

Henry VII Related TV Shows and Movies

Richard III The Car Park King

Henry VIII

and his six wives

Henry VIII is the most famous Tudor monarch, a dangerous man who started his reign in a blaze of glory, he was a popular young king who married his brother Arthur's widow. Henry was never destined to become king until his older brother Arthur died. Henry married Catherine of Aragon a spanish princess who was a lot older than him. He was a womanizer and an active sportsman, his personality changed drastically over the course of his reign, some theorize that he had brain damage from a fall from his horse which gave him health problems later on and caused him to become increasingly paranoid and cruel. He had 2 living daughters Mary (with Catherine of Aragon) an Elizabeth (with Anne Boleyn) then Edward (with Jane Seymore who died in childbirth). Henry's reign was marred by his desperation to father a male heir to his throne, its rather fitting that his most celebrated and successful successor (Elizabeth) was a woman.

Henry reigned from youth until old age, and in the end was seen as a cruel and dangerous man who was very changeable. He died when his son Edward was still a child and not ready to take up the throne.

Here are some of the best Henry Tudor Tv Shows and Movies

The Other Boleyn Girl
The Other Boleyn Girl

A Fictional Tale, but entertaining


Queen Mary

Bloody Mary

Mary Tudor spent her childhood as a devout Catholic, she watched as her father cast her beloved mother Catherine of Aragon aside for the younger manipulative Anne Boleyn. Henry was vindictive he would not allow Mary to see her mother after the Divorce and Catherine died alone when Mary was twenty. She was then made to live with her half sister Elizabeth and was removed as heir to the throne as Henry declared his marriage to her mother invalid and Mary was a bastard. Mary was in awe of her father but had a close relationship with her mother, this lead to resentment towards her half sister Elizabeth later in life although when Elizabeth was a child Mary found her engaging and enjoyed her company. Elizabeth was later declared a bastard and removed from the throne when Henry accused her mother Anne of Witchcraft and incest and cut off her head.

Mary came to the throne after her half brother died (he was a sickly child). Mary had to assemble a force to fight off her cousin Lady Jane Grey who had been put on the throne in place of Mary (this was down to religious differences, Jane was a protestant).

Jane was removed and Mary proclaimed Queen, Jane was eventually beheaded to keep any threats to her crown away (it was obvious to Mary that Jane was forced on the throne, it was not her choice).

Mary married King Phillip of Spain and restored Catholicism in the land, leading to regular burning of protestants at the stake, this is how she got the nickname Bloody Mary. Her religion came first and made her deeply unpopular with the people. She died at the age of 32 with no heir and was succeeded by Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth's life was a dangerous existence, she was Mary's heir and they had differences over religion which lead to her arrest and brief imprisonment in the tower. Many supporters wanted to remove Mary and put Elizabeth on the throne, this made Elizabeth a direct threat to Mary and meant that her life was in constant danger. She was a very clever person, some would say a genius who spoke several languages fluently she was like her siblings in awe of her father Henry VIII and as the last Heir waited patiently for her time to come on the throne. Elizabeth never mentioned her mother and worked hard to liken herself to her father the king, the stain of being publicly named a bastard dogged her for the rest of her life.

She never married and played politics like an expert, fighting off the Spanish Armada in a significant historic battle. Elizabeth was loved by her people, she was careful with money and hated killing, her reign was a relatively peaceful time. She gave shelter to Mary Queen of Scots when she was deposed from the Scottish throne but was forced to execute her as she constantly plotted to take the English Throne (she was Elizabeth's heir). To the end of her life she refused to name her heir, knowing from experience that an heir was also a threat to her reign as Queen of England.

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

Henry VIII

Henry VII

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