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Television shows that will get you in the Halloween Spirit

Updated on October 13, 2012

These shows have stood the test of time

Halloween is fast approaching and these shows will get you in the mood for the day. Here are shows that will put a chill up your spine or give you a must needed laugh. If you have a chance look up a few of these shows and see why they are classic shows that entertain.

Let us ease into Halloween by listing comedies that show families that although odd are just like most families. They love each other and find humor in situations dealing with everyday life.

BEWITCHED- This show starred Elizabeth Montgomery has Samatha Stevens. She appeared to be a typical housewife with a husband and child, but she had some magical powers as well. Samantha also had family and friends who popped to irritate her husband Darrin. This show was very charming and very funny. Samantha seemed like a lot of fun to be around. The audience agreed the series ran from 1964-1972.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY- This show was created by cartoonist Charles Addams . In 1964 it was created into a tv series starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones. The series had a family living at a mansion on 0001 Cemetery Lane. The family loved one another and they believed they are normal, but the average citizen who met up with them would have to disagree.They are creepy and kooky alright.

There is Gomez the head of the house who seemed quite normal, but he didn’t see anything strange about the place he was living in or his family members that weren’t so normal.

Uncle Fester dressed kind of strangely and could light up a light bulb by placing it in his mouth.

Morticia who dressed in black and liked to cut roses off their stems. She seemed to be vampire but it was never stated..

Cousin Itt was all hair and a bit short.

Thing was a hand that lived in a box. He was sure to scare by his sudden appearances.

Lurch was a Frankenstein like man who was a butler for the family.

Pugsley and Wednesday were Gomez and Mortica’s children. They too were a bit on the odd side but that is what made them watchable.

This show was on the air from 1964 to 1966. Check out this strange family

THE MUNSTERS- This show is in the theme of an odd family who have great family values none the less.

This show aired from 1964-1966. It was a very funny show with Fred Gwynne has Herman Munster a giant man child who looked a lot like Frankenstein. It was funny to see the looks an average person gave him when they first met him. The only people not shocked by him were his family, his boss and coworkers.

Yvonne De Carlo played Lily the understanding wife and the glue of the family. She had to soothe Herman’s temper tantrums and keep her father out of trouble. She was the straight man for the show and did a great job.

Grandpa lived in the basement and was a mad scientist. He was Lily’s father and dressed like Dracula.

Eddie was the son of Lily and Herman and looked like a werewolf. Other than that he was your normal kid who liked sleeping in his closet.

Marilyn Munster was the niece of Herman and Lily she was the normal looking one of the family, but her own family thought she was a bit plain.

This show will make you laugh Herman is the main laugh getter his expressions will get you every time.


THE SIMPSONS- this show which is a cartoon each year has their way to celebrate Halloween with The Tree House of Horrors. The normal family enters into strange situations which are a bit scary, but you know that things will get back to normal after Halloween.


Now it is time to turn to some dramas that have will turn your laughs into fear.

The TWILIGHT ZONE- this show created by Rod Serling aired from 1959-1964. These shows were so well crafted that once you saw an episode you never forgot it. One episode starred William Shatner as a passenger on a plane. He had recovered from a nervous breakdown and when he looks out his airplane window he sees something on the wing. Is he going crazy or it that thing really there? The Twilight Zone had great stories and a great introduction by Rod Serling. The stories, the music, the narration all are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

DARK SHADOWS- this unusual soap opera first aired in 1966 and lasted until 1971. I used to watch it when I got out of school and even in the daylight it scared me. This show was very unique. It was a gothic soap opera, it had vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, warlocks and time travel. It has something for everyone. It has been voted #23 in TV Guides Top Cult Shows ever. Join Barnabas Collins and the gang in Collinwood if you dare.

KOLCHEK THE NIGHT STALKER- this show only aired from 1974-1975, so people may not be familiar with it. The show starred Darrin McGavin (thd dad from A Christmas Story) as a reporter trying to solve cases that the police don’t want to get involved with like the supernatural. It paved the way many years later for The X Files.

GHOST STORY- this show only too only lasted a year from 1972 to 1973. It starred Sebastian Cabot (Mr. French from Family Affair) he would host the show which had supernatural themes and many stars who appeared on the show. Low ratings lead to a title change and a change from the supernatural, but it didn’t keep the series from being cancelled.

ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS- this show aired from 1962-1965. Alfred Hitchcock knew how to grab an audience and this show has been ranked one of The Hundred best tv shows of all kind by Time magazine. Each week Alfred would get the view prepared for the episode and at the end of the show he reappeared to give his take of the show. It was very entertaining.


THE X FILES- this show aired 1993-2002. It show cased two FBI Agents –Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they investigated cases regarding paranormal activity. Mulder was a believer and Scully a skeptic. The show had the science fiction and a budding romance between the two characters. It had a little something for everyone.

MY GHOST STORY - this show aired on the Biography Channel in 2010. It recreates stories from real people who have encountered a ghost. This show will have you looking over your shoulder and turning on all the lights.

CELEBRITY GHOST STORY - this show aired in 2010 on A&E and Biography. It has celebrities telling about their ghostly encounters another show that you don’t want to watch by yourself.

Hope these shows triggered some memories if you were old enough to view them the first time. If you weren’t you might want to check these shows out and see why they live on as classic television shows.


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