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Two Brothers

Updated on April 14, 2013

It is a brotherhood movie shown through tiger

Two brothers is a movie, about brotherhood, but it is not a normal film involving humans. The brotherhood shown is through tiger. Yes, the movie showed brotherhood from tiger perspectives. It was my friend who suggested me to watch the show, and not only suggested, but force me to watch it, and I am glad I watch it. It is a must watch see movie. It got love, brotherhood, animals, and it is a family oriented movie. It is a great movie about love and animals. Well, it is not a normal love because it involved humans and king of jungle

About the movie

Taken from wikipedia :

Two Brothers (Deux Frères) is a 2004 adventure family film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. It is about two tigers who are separated as cubs and then reunited years later.


Set in 1920s French Indochina, two tigers are separated as cubs after the ancient temple where they live is disturbed by Aidan McRory (Guy Pearce) who intends to steal and sell the ancient statues.

Two tiger cubs are playing when one (later named Sangha) comes upon a young civet. Sangha chases the civet into its burrow and the mother civet appears and chases Sangha up a tree. The other tiger cub (later named Kumal) appears and chases the mother civet away. Gunshots are heard, and the tigress arrives to protect the cubs. She picks Sangha up and runs for safety. Kumal follows, but can't keep up and falls behind. The cubs' father appears, but the men have caught up with them and he is shot dead by McRory.

McRory is an unscrupulous explorer, big-game hunter and temple looter. He discovers Kumal and befriends him, but McRory is arrested for stealing from the ancient temple and Kumal is kept by the chief in the Cambodian village where McRory had been staying. The chief then sells Kumal to a circus where he is to be the star attraction.

Sangha remains in the jungle with his mother, but both are soon trapped by McRory as game for a vain Khmer prince to hunt. The mother is shot in the ear and thought to be dead before she jumps up and runs off with a hole in her ear. Sangha is discovered by young Raoul, son of the French administrator, Normandin, and becomes the child's pet.

Kumal is trained by cruel circus ringmaster Zerbino to do tricks, such as jumping through a flaming hoop, while Sangha in a fright seriously hurts Raoul's schipperke and, considered too wild to remain in the French household, is made a part of the prince's palace menagerie.

The prince then decides to hold a festival in which a battle between two great beasts - the brother tigers - will be the centerpiece. When placed in the cage before the audience during the festival, the two brothers do not immediately recognize each other, and Kumal is afraid to fight. However, when the brothers finally recognize each other they begin to play together instead of fighting,and the audience likes this but the trainers don't. The trainer attempts to antagonize the tigers into fighting, but as he opens the cage to shoot one, the tigers escape, managing to frighten the trainers and the audience into the cage themselves.

The two tigers escape, and McRory is determined to hunt them down. After Kumal showing Sangha how to jump through fire to escape, McRory and Raoul find them. However, as McRory takes aim at Sangha, Kumal appears, and demonstrates that he remembers the sweets McRory used to give him. McRory puts down his gun and vows never to hunt again.

The two brothers make their way back to their temple home in the jungle where they meet a third tiger, revealed to be their long lost mother. Just before the credits, some comments to save the tigers (as a species) are shown.

tiger cubs and the mother
tiger cubs and the mother

It is a great movie

When I watched the movie, this thoughts always came to my mind, how on earth that they able to make the tiger do all the acts? I still haven't found the answer for this question.

When Kumal was in the circus, and met an old tiger, there is this scene where I was touched by the gesture of old tiger to help Kumal come out from his sadness. Kumal stayed at a cage beside the old tiger. When Kumal was in the verge of dying and do not want to eat anything, the old tiger came closer and using his tail to comfort Kumal. Even a small gesture counts. But it sadden me to see that the old tiger finally killed because Aidan McRory wanted to buy the tiger skin for the king.

There are also many plots where your tears will come out without you realized it. When Sangha was taken away and Kumal chased it. Sangha was taken away by car, and Kumal chased and even at one point Kumal was trying to take sangha out from the cage until Kumal fell, it was a tearing scene.

two brother movie poster
two brother movie poster

It hilarious movie too

It is movie involving tiger, so, there will be some sort of violence scene in it, especially when Sangah and Kumal was supposed to fight against each other. But guess what happen? Even though all tigers kind look the same, but they able to know each other, and instead of fighting, they are playing. That is not the only good part, and then, they able to escape from wach other guard. The hilarious and touching scenes began.

I know it supposed not to be hilarious when tigers chasing human, but when you dwell too much on the movie, you can see why it hilarious.

Even tigers know how to help each other. When Aidan McRory is making a plot to capture back these tigers, he with helps form others, using fire to frighten them. But it is not working, because Kumal has been taught to cross the fire while he was in circus. Kumal able to cross over the fire, but Sangha scared of it. Then, Kumal showed how to do it. When Kumal able to cross to the other side, they shouted to each other.

Then, instead of living Sangha, Kumal came back, and help Sangha and showed how he can did it. And they able to cross the fire and escaped form the plot. It was a very amazing scene. It is not the only scene where they help each other, there are more, and it is fantastic and phenomenal.

It is a must see movie

Not only for animals lover too, but for all. From this film you will see and witness their remarkable journey as these tigers grow up, reunite, and embark on an incredible adventure to find their way home. In the process, you'll see how evven humans can make a connection with the king of jungle through love. That is just amazing.

The movie is about love between man and animals. it is fantastic and amazing

Get to know kore about tiger from here

Watch a snippet of the movie

About tiger you must know

Tigers are one of the Earth's fastest disappearing species. At the beginning of this century there were about 100,000 wild tigers. Today there are less than 2,500!

Tigers are a global resource. Loss of the tiger doesn't just mean that the tiger, as a species, is lost. It also indicates an imbalance within an ecosystem that affects many other life forms. We can never replace a species once it is lost! Extinct is forever!


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