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UFO TV Series, Science Fiction ahead of its time

Updated on September 4, 2014

UFO pronounced (U-FO) is a 1970's British Science Fiction Television Series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, best known for their later creation Space 1999.Twenty six UFO episodes were created with it originally airing in UK and Canada then later the United States.

In the series, the year is 1980 and aliens from light years away are abducting humans to harvest them for replacement body parts in order to keep their own sterile population alive. It is speculated in the series that the aliens were much like the humans on Earth at one time but they depleted their worlds resources as they evolved and are traveling light years to Earth in order to replenish.

A secret international organization called SHADO, the Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defense Organisation, is the only thing standing between Earth and the alien's plans. So as not to cause panic with the Earth's population, SHADO works incognito when fighting the alien invasion. SHADO headquarters operates under cover as a movie studio so that activity at odd times, the movement of vehicles, equipment, people, and material would not create undue interest and could easily be explained away as usual studio business. SHADO has several defenses including SID, a computerized satellite that scans for alien incursions, a moon base with interceptor space craft armed with nuclear missiles, an under-sea launched interceptor aircraft, and caterpillar track land vehicles.

Every episode is filled with action and intrigue as SHADO defends Earth from aliens. UFO was filmed under a strict budget so you will have to overlook the reuse of filmed footage of scale spaceship models. UFO only had a half dozen of futuristic vehicle props so you will find the same vehicles used in many episodes. In fact, the same futuristic car is used in any episodes supposedly owned by different characters. UFO, also makes use of tight shots in parking lots so they only need a handful of futuristic cars to set the scene. In addition only two aliens are ever seen at a time as only two alien space suits were ever created for the series.

Despite UFO's shortcomings, it is still vintage science fiction at its best. If you were a fan of Space 1999 you will truly enjoy the UFO television series.

Other Great Science Fiction from the 1970s

Space: 1999: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Space: 1999: Season 1 [Blu-ray]

Space 1999 was created based on the popularity of the moon base from UFO.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Epic Series
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Epic Series

This was a favorite of my mine growing up as a child of the 1970s.


Opening scenes from the UFO Series.


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