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An In-Depth Look at the New "Underworld: Blood Wars" Posters and Trailer

Updated on October 24, 2016

I'll be the first to say that I sort of lost a bit of interest in the "Underworld" series after the third edition (especially with how lackluster "Underworld: Awakening" really was). However, let me be plain here: I love vampires. I also love werewolves. Heck, I'm good with just about everything from demons to clowns (scary, right? I know....). And there's a certain flavor of darkness inherent in these films awakening the shadows the way it should for this type of genre. No sparkly vampires. No cheesy black dudes with blades (sorry, Snipes). Just a hot chick with fierce eyes, some guns, killer curves, and literally no humor at all. It's just plain action awesomeness, and that's how a horror action film is supposed to be.

Despite the Apparent fallout of "Underworld: Awakening," I Have High Hopes for What I'm Seeing in This Latest Edition Soon Coming to Theaters

And it's called "Underworld: Blood Wars." You might've already heard about it (especially if you like Kate Beckinsale.... Who doesn't?). What thrills me is the fact that Kate here doesn't seem to tire over the fact that she's got to have the fierce eyes, the guns, the fortitude, strength, stamina, intellect, and raw concrete emotion to still pull this off even though she's pushing her age a bit and having done her fair share of romantic comedies.

I can't shy away from this, honestly. Sure, they've stretched it out a bit much, and it seems like a cash grab. But this is Kate Beckinsale we're talking about. This is Selene. She makes Blade look like a comic book character (well, actually, Blade is a comic book character!). Selene in this grayscale and icy blue demeanor has an air of realism surrounding this fantastic world of beasts in the dark, and I honestly have to say: I'll always love it even if I've already grown tired of it -- (not to mention the third film, "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans," didn't even have Selene, but Rhona Mitra did a fairly good job bringing out the bloody sexy danger anyway).

What you really need to do is simply check out the trailer, which just dropped on the laps of many a Lycan and mouths of many a vampire film lover. And feast your eyes on how Selene still knows how to bring the pain with a quiet, solemn, and succulent demeanor. Check it out:

Additionally, production company's kicking their marketing campaign into high gear -- as if this trailer wouldn't deliver the goods already -- by already kick-starting the release of posters to highlight our characters.

We're pretty positive the film will bank (and not tank) in the box office. Kate Beckinsale will continue to be a big draw, and even though many didn't care much for "Awakening," we're sure audiences will awaken to this new blood war coming at you with a fever pitch of the bestial kind.

Here's the slate of posters echoing that excellent gray scale style "Underworld" is so well known for:

Man, Kate looks cold. I could keep her warm....


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