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Raising Arizona (1987)

Updated on March 1, 2013

Quite possibly the funniest movie ever made.

Raising Arizona is an offbeat comedy about a childless couple who kidnap one of a set of quintuplets so they can have a complete family, this movie is close to perfect from beginning to end. Much as I enjoy all the Coen brothers works, this one always stands out as their best. It is an early gem of theirs, and stars people who were really at the beginning of their careers: Nicholas Cage, Holly Hunter and John Goodman. - by mrliteral, Amazon.

Raising Arizona DVD - Not unless round is funny.

Raising Arizona
Raising Arizona

This movie is much more than an outrageous and unique comedy. One reason for its cult following has been consistently missed by the critics: repeated viewings reveal surprising layers of meaning and an intricate web of symbolism. - Karl Fusaris, Amazon.


Do you love this movie? - I think I know it by heart.

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