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Vampire Knight (New and improved!!)

Updated on July 11, 2014

Vampire Knight

NEW POLL of "Which is your Favourite Vampire Knight Characters" added!

Are you a fan of the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer? If yes, you would definitely love Vampire Knight!

Loaded with plenty of good looking vampires and many hilarious and suspenseful moments, Vampire Knight is and will be a good read for you anytime.

I like this series alot as both the anime and manga versions are very similar with each other, unlike some others which has way too many filler episodes in between.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Note: there is a total of 26 episodes in the anime version, and 49 chapters for the manga series last dated 23 April '09.

Plot Overview

The only memory Yuki Cross has of her childhood is a snowy day filled with blood. Alone on a mountain, she was about to be attacked by a vampire, but was saved by another, Kaname Kuran.

Fast forward to ten years later, Yuki is a cheerful girl and a prefect of Cross Academy and adopted by Kaien Cross. Her job revolves around keeping the secret of the students of Night Class from the Day Class pupils, that is they are all vampires.

She is accompanied by Zero Kiryu, a prefect and student of Day Class, who is haunted by his tragic past and what he is turning into. Zero is filled with utmost hatred of the vampires and wants to avenge his parents death.

Lastly is Kaname Kuran, a pureblood vampire who is an enigma.. What exactly is his relationship with Yuki Cross?

Yuki Cross

Her only memory of her childhood is that she was saved from a ravenous vampire by Kaname Kuran. Kaname introduced her to Kaien Cross who adopted her as his daughter. Both are very close together until Zero arrived to the Cross family. In school, Yuki and Zero are entrusted with the task of keeping the Day Class students away from the Night Class students at Cross Academy.

Yuki has an anti-vampire weapon which is her staff, Artemis. She is usually very energetic and agile but often sleeps in class, incurring the wrath of her teacher.

Vampire Knight Guardians Womens Junior Black Tee

Yukis character is always cheerful and always tries hard to make Zero happy. She cares alot for Zero and even lets him drink her blood when he is suffering from the thirst for blood.

She believes that she is not good enough for Kaname and is contented to admire him from afar but what she does not know until later is that Kaname loves her alot.

Despite having quite a traumatic experience with a vampire in her childhood, Yuki is not afraid of vampires as she believes that there are 'good vampires' out there like Kaname. However, she still fears going out on her own outside of the school.

Zero Kiryu

It is ironic when a vampire hunter is a vampire himself. Zero was bitten by a pureblood vampire, Shizuka Hio, who also killed his family when he was young. (A person will only be turned into a vampire if he/she is bitten by a pureblood vampire like Kaname)

Zero (1 year older than Yuki) was then adopted by Kaien Cross, who wanted him to be the school's guardian together with Yuki. (in charge of keeping the vampires away from the students of Day Class and vice-versa)

Zero is filled with thoughts of avenging his parents' death and loathes vampires to the core. He is not afraid of Kaname and company. Disgusted that he was becoming something that he hated the most, Zero had wanted to kill himself, but his plan was foiled by Yuki.

He hates himself for drinking Yuki's blood and not being able to control his vampiric instincts.

He is protective of Yuki.

Kaien Cross aka Chairman

He is the principal of Cross Academy as well as Yuki and Zero's adoptive father. Despite them not being his own child, he still treats them as his own and he loves to hear Yuki call him 'Dad'.

Kaien hopes that there would be peace among vampires and humans so that both could live peacefully together.

He was a former vampire hunter before he became a principal. Kaien always tries his best to persuade Zero to accept the vampires at the school. He wishes that Zero would just take the blood tablets and not to suffer in pain by suppressing his vampiric instincts.

Although he may seem too happy-go-lucky and cheerful most of the time, Kaien has a serious side to him too ;)

Night Class of Cross Academy

Cross Academy is separated into two classes: Day Class and Night Class. The Night Class consists of good looking and powerful vampires, a secret that nobody knows except Kaien, Yuki and Zero.

The Night Class was set up by the Chairman in hopes that one day, humans and vampires could co-exist together peacefully. The vampires are forbidden to drink blood on school premises and instead, ingest blood tablets that dissolves in water.

The vampires there consists of a pureblood vampire, Kaname Kuran and several other vampires from Noble family backgrounds, some of which possesses special powers.

The president of the Night Class is of course, Kaname and the vice-president is Takuma Ichijo. All the vampires there lives in the Moon Dorm.

Most of them are there is because of Kaname.

Read on to learn more about the characters in the Night Class.

Kaname Kuran

He is the dorm leader of the Night Class in Cross Academy, which he only joined so that he could stay close to Yuki. As the only pureblood vampire there, he is both feared and respected by his fellow classmates, whom some has special powers like him too.

Kaname often puzzles the other vampires by treating Yuki very sweetly, as they deemed her to be 'just a normal human girl'. Kaname was the one who had saved Yuki when she was nearly about to be attacked by a ravenous vampire when she was young.

He also brought her to meet Kaien Cross, who adopted Yuki to be his child. Since then, he often visits Yuki and both are very close until Zero arrived.

Everything Kaname does is for Yuki's sake and he is unhappy with Zero drinking Yuki's blood, and as he once said, Yuki is the 'most important girl in his life'.

Takuma Ichijo

Ichijo is close to Kaname and is one of the most powerful noble vampires around. He is also the vice-president of the Night Class and appears to be cheerful and friendly all the time. Kaname is someone whom he respects alot and Ichijo would rather disobey his grandfather than to help him spy on Kaname.

However, he was forced to leave Kaname when his other good friend, Senri Shiki was possessed by Rido.

Ichijo loves to read manga and behaves just like a human being does, unlike the other vampires in the Night Class.

Beauties of Vampire Knight

Beauties of Vampire Knight
Beauties of Vampire Knight

Hanabusa Aido

Aido, or Idol (his nickname) is extremely popular with the girls at Day Class. He respects Kaname alot and is very protective of him. Hence, he does not like Zero alot as Zero had once pointed a gun at Kaname. Aido is from a powerful noble family too and he has the power to control and conjure ice.

He is puzzled by why Kaname treats Yuki so nicely, and wonders what is the relationship between them. He often gets slapped by Kaname for saying the wrong things or hurting Yuki.

He was troubled when he witnessed Kaname killing Shizuka Hio, a pureblood vampire, as it was a crime to do so.

Akatsuki Kain

Kain is one of Kaname's helpers, just like Aido. Though he may be innocent, Kain, or Wild (nickname) will get implicated whenever Aido gets into trouble. His special ability is to control fire, the total opposite from Aido's powers.

Besides that, Kain is very sensitive to the feelings of the people around him. He is always near Ruka whenever she is feeling down after getting rejected by Kaname. Kain has feelings for Ruka but that feeling does not seem to be reciprocal.

Ruka Souen

Ruka was childhood friends with Kaname, Ichijo, Aido and Kain. However, she is in love with Kaname and even wants him to drink her blood, which he politely declines. She does not like Yuki at first as she is jealous that Kaname chose Yuki instead of her, but later accepts it when she learns that Yuki is actually Kaname's sister.

Ruka possesses the power of mind control and she is very popular with the students in Day Class, especially the boys there.

She is very protective of Kaname and just like Aido, would kill anyone who dares to lay their hands on Kaname. It seems that she is unaware of Kain's feelings for her.

Senri Shiki

Shiki is Kaname's cousin as his father was Rido Kuran. Shiki works as a model and his mother was a former actress. He is able to control his blood and even use it as a whip.

Shiki is always seen together with Rima, whom he works with. He cares alot about Rima and he is on good terms with Ichijo too.

Later, he was possessed by his father, who wanted to kill Kaname as he believes that he, Rido, is the true head of the Kuran family.

Shiki is normally the one sent out by Kaname to destroy Level E vampires.

Rima Touya

Rima is very close to Shiki and it seems that they have feelings for each other. She, too, is a model and one of the youngest Night Class student at Cross Academy.

Rima possesses the ability to control electricity and lightning and she helped Shiki to gain consciousness when he was possessed by Rido.

I myself feel that they are a perfect match to each other, as they also have a similar personality.


Seiren is a student of the night class and she is the bodyguard as well as informant for Kaname. She is very protective of Kaname and did not hesitate to attack Zero when Zero pointed his weapon Bloody Rose at Kaname. Seiren is also a very skilled attacker and she uses her body as a weapon effectively and efficiently.

Shizuka Hio

Shizuka Hio was the pureblood vampire who killed Zero's parents, transformed Zero into a vampire and took away his twin brother Ichiru. This was because Zero's parents were vampire hunters who killed her lover, a level E vampire, and she wanted to avenge his death.

Shizuka Hio then possess her distant relative, Maria Kurenai so that she could get inside Cross Academy to find Zero.

Many of her fellow vampires are uncomfortable with her presence and she was named the 'Madly Blooming Princess'.

She was later killed by Kaname who drank her blood, but before she died, she told Kaname that only a dark future lies before him.

Maria Kurenai

Maria is Shizuka Hio's distant relative and she allowed the latter to possess her in exchange to being allowed to drink her blood, as she was rather weak. However, she did not get the deal in the end as Shizuka was killed by Kaname. Maria is fond of Ichiru and often mistakes Zero for Ichiru. She tells Yuki to inform Zero that if he sees Ichiru again, tell him that Maria is looking for him.

Toga Yagari

He is Zero's master and the top vampire hunter. He lost his right eye when a nurse at Zero's school turns out to be a vampire but Zero would not let him kill her. It was then when the vampire tried to attack Zero but was blocked by Yagari, who got a hit in his face causing him to lose his right eye.

He also gave the anti-vampire gun, Bloody Rose to Zero. Despite being quite harsh, it is apparent that Yagari cares alot for Zero.

Beauties of Vampire Knight

Beauties of Vampire Knight
Beauties of Vampire Knight

Ichiru Kiryu

Ichiru Kiryu is Zero's identical twin brother and both are taught by Toga Yagari to be vampire hunters. However, Ichiru was always sickly when young and does not perform as well as Zero. He hated Zero after hearing that his parents prefers Zero better.

Ichiru was taken away by Shizuka Hio after she killed his parents. He then became her devoted servant and she let him drink her blood to strengthen him, though he was not turned into a vampire.

After Shizuka was killed, Ichiru vows to avenge her death and joined Cross Academy to hunt down the murderer. He also went to side with Rido after the latter claims he will help Ichiru kill Shizuka's murderer.

However, Ichiru had a fierce fight with Rido later and was seriously injured. He then went to find Zero and shot him, wanting Zero to 'eat' him, so that they could become one instead.

Rido Kuran

Rido is the elder brother of Kaname's parents and is Kaname's uncle as well as Shizuka Hio's former fiance. Ten years ago, he killed his brother Haruka as he wanted the Kuran princess Yuki. Kaname tried to kill him but failed to, thus, he reduced Rido to a state such that he needed a pureblood vampire's blood to be revived. According to Asato Ichijo, he is the true head of the Kuran family.

Rido has eyes of different colours (red and blue), and when he possesses people, they will have the same eyes. He then uses his son, Shiki's body to go to Cross Academy. Later, Kaname gave some of his blood to Rido so the latter would be revert to his original form.

He had a confrontation with Kaname and then Rima, whom he injured and Shiki gained control of his body again. When he sees Yuki, he is reminded of her resemblance to her mother Juri, and wanted to take her as a lover instead of 'eating' her. (He used to love Juri back then, but the feeling was not reciprocated)

Haruka Kuran

Haruka Kuran is the father of Kaname and Yuki, as well as the brother and husband to Juri Kuran. Rido Kuran was his elder brother, who killed him ten years ago, when he wanted to prevent Rido from killing Yuki. Haruka is a pureblood vampire who had lived for at least 3000 years. Even though Kaname offered to help his father to fight Rido back then, Haruka did not want to let his dearest children to enter a fight.

Juri Kuran

Juri Kuran is Kaname and Yuki's mother. She looks like an older version of Yuki too. She is the wife as well as sister of Haruka, as it was common for pureblood vampires to marry each other, so that their kind would not become 'extinct'. Ten years ago, when Rido appeared, she went to erased Yuki's memories of her last 5 years, so that Yuki would become a normal girl and be happy.

Kaien Cross then adopted Yuki and took care of her, as he is indebted to Juri, who spared him his life when he has tried to kill her years ago. Juri last wish was that Kaname takes good care of his sister Yuki.

Asato Ichijo

Asato is Ichijo's grandfather as well as a member of the Vampire Council. He wanted to become Kaname's guardian after the latter's parents were killed by Rido, but his request was rejected by Kaname. Asato then wanted his grandson Ichijo to help him spy on Kaname. He is feared by many vampires due to his age, power and position in the Vampire Council, although Aido and Ruka confronted him when he wanted to drink Kaname's blood.

Sayori Wakaba

Sayori is Yuki's best friend as well as dorm mate in Cross Academy. She is the only girl who is not interested in the good looking members of the Night Class and feels that they give her a 'scary aura'. Furthermore, she is also not intimidated by Zero, unlike the other girls from Day Class. Sayori is a very good and loyal friend, as despite knowing later that Yuki was a vampire, she was not scared and was more worried about Yuki' safety.

Who is your favourite Vampire Knight?

My favourite character is ...

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Yuki and Zero

Yuki and Zero
Yuki and Zero

Shiki and Rima

Shiki and Rima
Shiki and Rima

The Beautiful Yuki Cross in Cosplay

The Beautiful Yuki Cross in Cosplay
The Beautiful Yuki Cross in Cosplay

Yuki's choice

Who do you think suits Yuki Cross better?

See results

Vampire Knight

Overall, I feel that Vampire Knight is an enjoyable read. Even though I am not a big fan of vampires, this series got me hooked on it after a few chapters. Of course, the good looking characters in there helped too ^^

Thus, Vampire Knight is one of the few manga series that I would STRONGLY recommend you to go and check it out, because it is REALLY good.

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