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Vanessa Simmons

Updated on September 16, 2011

Vanessa Simmons

Meet Vanessa Simmons another Simmons doing big business. Vanessa is co-owner of Pastry, a fashion sneaker and apparel brand, with her sister Angela Simmons. Their father Rev Run and uncle Russell Simmons do big business too and that's part of the reason it did'nt take Angela and Vanessa long to figure out how to fill a gap they had uncovered in the market. If your curious to know just how diverse the sneaker line is, take a look below. The Pastry brand is quite popular; even Jay-Z gave a shout out on his Empire State of Mind track "catch me in the kitchen like the Simmons whipping pastry". Not only is Vanessa an entrepreneur, she has lso appeared on the soap opera Guiding Light. Expect to see Vanessa, on the new season of Run's House the reality show with The Simmons Family in addition to her reality TV show Daddy's Girls in which she appears with Vanessa.

image credit: pastryshoecollection

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      Nursyiah 2 years ago

      Gena Restivo - Terence, you have an amazing pertepcsive on life and it is reflected in your photos! Just stunning . My family really enjoyed having you join us at Kristi's wedding. You helped make the day even more fantastic! Thank you again for being so terrific!!August 12, 2009 11:05 am