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Updated on August 12, 2011


Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester two brothers raised as hunters of the supernatural from Vampires to wendigos to demons to all the dark and sinister monsters you can think of. Supernatural just completed its sixth season and the show’s plot has really evolved from hunting monsters and demons to the boys now working with angels.

With the new season premiering on September 23 there are a lot of questions as to who the new villain is. It’s already been said that the boys will be facing their toughest foe yet. All their old tricks and weapons will be useless against this new force of nature. As I watched season six for the umpteenth time it got me wondering, who can this new villain be? It could it be friend turned enemy. Let’s face it, allies quickly turn into foe’s in this series (remember Ruby, Crowley, and Anna)

In the past seasons it was easy to know who the next enemy would be. Season 1 and 2 it was the yellow eyed demon, season 3 it was Lilith, season 4 it was Alastair, and season 5 Lucifer. With Season six we had to wait till mid episode to learn about the mother.

I looked at the past and present monsters and foes of the previous season and made my top 5 favourite enemies that could be this up coming’s season’s monster centrepiece.

5. Eve ‘The Mother of all’

You guys may think am mad putting the mother of all on my list. But those hard core fans of supernatural know nothing ever really dies in this series. In season six Eve was killed by Dean who ingeniously drunk the phenix ash and told the mother “Bite me” if you ask me that was brilliant.

Well we know that all monsters when killed go to purgatory. So it’s safe to bet that the mother went back to purgatory. With the door to purgatory opened it’s quite possible to imagine that the mother escaped through the door. Besides when Crowley was giving the mother’s corpse the electric treatment it still had an effect on the monsters.

So with the only thing to kill the mother is phenix ash and remembering that Sam and Dean had to go a long way to get that ash it’s safe to say the mother is a possible next season pain in the jewels

4. Fate ‘The sisters of Fate’

Well this chick was just amazing. With a personal axe to grind with the Winchesters, fate is foe number four. Fate has beef with the Winchesters because they averted the apocalypse and rendered her obsolete. This chick clearly dislikes the Winchesters and tried to kill them twice, first she tried killing them in an explosion and the second time she tried to through a fridge on them. With fate on the prowl it not going to get any easier for the boys and we all know how much these guys hate fate and destiny and will fight it tooth and nail. She’s a good candidate as the mantra goes “fate strikes when you least expect it”

The downside to this character is that Fate doesn’t actually fit into the story line of the Winchesters and beside she was taken care of by Castiel. But nonetheless she is a worthy foe with two other bigger sisters.


This guy is the ultimate survivor. He survived Lucifer and the apocalypse and then was spared by castiel for some reason. Crowley was introduced in season 5 when he handed the Winchesters the colt “take this gun to Lucifer and empty it into his face” when asked why he would go up against Lucifer, only one answer “survival”

He soon rose to the rank or given rank as king of Hell. He teamed up with Castiel to open purgatory but was blind-sided by the angel and subsequently let free “exit stage Crowley”

He too has a grind to axe with the Winchesters and castiel which makes him enemy number three. Being the king of hell he has millions of souls to draw power from (he even lent 50,000 souls to Cas)

However this guy has knack of survival thus you can trust that he will go running to the Sam and Dean for triple tag team against Castiel.

This demon lands on number3 because of his witty rhetoric and all fans love everything Crowley.

2. Castiel “The lord Castiel”

Castiel was introduced in season 4 as an angel of the lord. He was faced with a conflict of loyalty between heaven and the Winchesters. This relationship eventually leads to him falling from heaven at the end of the season and returns in season 5 as a fallen angel. In season six he leads a rebellion in heaven because the angels believe God favours him (remember he died twice at the hands of Raphael and Lucifer) so in order to defeat Raphael he needs to became more powerful than he is. In order to do this he has to take in a huge amount of souls from purgatory. The end of the season we see Castiel killing Raphael and declaring himself a new God.

The last scene was very hard to watch for us Castiel fans but that’s what makes this series so great. With Castiel knowing everything about the Winchesters and all the weapons and tricks he becomes a real threat in the next season.

However show runner Sera Gamble hinted that there might be redemption for the new God which I am sure all supernatural fans would want to see. I am sure that Castiel will take us for wild ride this coming season before getting redemption. Like Sam in season 4, although he had good intentions, the end doesn’t always justify the means.

With the angel knife unable to kill the new lord Castiel, the brothers find themselves in a bit of a bind plus castiel being well aware of all their tricks and tactics makes him potential villain number two.

1. Death

This guy is by far the scariest of all the supernatural things the brothers have come a cross so far.

“I am more powerful than you can process” is what death told Dean Season five. This guy is so powerful he is the only one who could get Sam’s soul back from the cage right from the clutches of the two most powerful arch angels (Michael and Lucifer) and he did it in record time. This guy was able to go to the deepest darkest part of hell which even the King of hell dared not to go. He also drives a fabulous car.

In a recent interview Jared Padalecki hinted that the next villain so powerful probably even powerful than God. That leads me to believe that the only thing powerful enough to fit that bill of goods is death himself. “……..old as God, probably older, neither of us can remember anymore…………life, death, chicken egg, regardless of the end I’ll reap him too” these are the words that death spoke to dean at the end of season 5. He also had a significant role to play in the sixth telling Dean to find out about the souls.With all this it’s safe to place your money on this guy.

However death cares more about the natural order of things and some would say he wouldn’t take too kindly to Castiel’s misdeeds and would be more of an ally than a friend but it’s amazing how fast friend turns to foe in the world of the Winchesters.

Well again this guy still has a thing against humans “this is one tiny planet in a solar system that barley out of its diapers……….. I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you…….”

This guy talks a big game and I don’t expect any thing less.


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