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Vinyl Record Storage Boxes & Cases: 5 Great Solutions

Updated on September 6, 2014

Finding the Best Storage Boxes for Vinyl Records

Vinyl is one of the best ways to listen to music today. There's nothing like the honest fidelity and warmth that a good record can provide. Despite technological advances, there is still a significant vinyl industry and tons of gear to be had. For any aficionado, finding a good set of vinyl record storage boxes is a great way to organize, display and keep your record collection clean, safe and ready to play.

Vinyl is a bit different than other technologies. Each record takes up a decent amount of space, and requires a good storage solution. The LP record is about 12 inches by 12 inches, and although they're flat, they still create an interesting storage dilemma due to the fact that they are also fragile and prone to shattering if abused. A high quality vinyl record storage box can provide a great place to keep them safe from harm.

This article will showcase some of the best vinyl record storage boxes, containers and cases on the market today. We'll take a look at five specific models, giving the pros and cons for each one. Hopefully by this you'll be able to find a suitable set of storage boxes for your vinyl records that will keep them safe and nicely organized for your listening pleasure. We'll also first briefly touch on vinyl record storage requirements and how you should do it. Let's get started.

How to Properly Store Vinyl Records in Boxes or Cases: - Keep your vinyl healthy with these storing tips.

Vinyl records are an entirely different creature than your ratty CD collection. They are collector items and meant to be treasured and appreciated. They are also a lot more fragile and easily damaged than a CD, and as such it's a good idea to observe proper storage techniques. The best storage boxes for vinyl records will provide a happy home for your music collection while minimizing risk of breakage, scratching and warping. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Don't Cram Them In:

    If you've got too few vinyl record storage boxes, chances are you'll be tempted to cram them in tightly. I encourage you to avoid this practice. Vinyl is easily warped, and putting a record under too much pressure will cause distortion to the surface and ultimately hinder the sound. Keep your collection happy by giving them a bit of room to breathe.

  2. Give Them Some Padding:

    You'll probably have a cardboard sleeve that came with your LP. However, it's a good idea to double this protection by adding a paper inner sleeve if it doesn't have one already. This tissue will just provide an extra element of cushioning to prevent scratches and dust. A good vinyl record storage box will do wonders, but think about friction inside the sleeve too.

  3. No Sunshine and No Rain:

    Records appreciate a dry and sunlight free environment. That's the main reason why I encourage collectors to get a good storage box or case for vinyl records that they can close up and seal. Sunlight can damage the sound quality, and a mouldy cardboard case caused by water damage is no good either. It's also a wise idea to keep the heat at a reasonable and consistent level to avoid warping of the record.

  4. Store Vertically:

    You probably know this already, but keep your LP records stored vertically. If you stack them flat the pressure will warp them and damage the grooves. Most good vinyl record storage cases are intended for vertical storage, so if you buy a pre-built one it shouldn't be an issue.

Crosley Record Carrier Case

A vintage look, heavy-duty vinyl record storage case

The Crosley Carrier Case is a great example of how you can store your records safely, and still have your space look great. This beautiful and well-made vinyl record storage box case is perfect for holding as many as 30 records. They store vertically, and the whole case closes up when you're not using it, and includes a heavy-duty handle for moving from place to place. The case isn't leather, but it's a realistic looking tan vinyl that will last forever.

I really like this style of storage case for vinyl records because it provides storage that won't warp or damage your collection, and it's a really easy way to browse through your collection. You can store this case or display it with pride, it's up to you.

Eurolite LP-70 LP Case Black

A 70 record vinyl storage box that's rugged and secure

The Eurolite LP-70 is a super rugged, durable and dependable record storage case that can hold up to 70 LP records safely and securely. It's got a professional grade construction with the rounded chrome corners, plastic polymer lining, recessed latches and locks, and heavy-duty top handle. It's extremely durable and looks really great in person.

The interior of the case is actually lined with foam rubber, which provides enough stability to keep your records upright and safe but still loose enough to make browsing easy enough. The polymer grip on the handle is comfortable enough to move around. It's a highly safe and secure LP vinyl record storage box and one you should consider.

Sefour 115 LP Record Storage Box, Black

Stackable, modular record storage boxes for vinyl collectors

Sefour also produces a smaller, more modular record storage box that works well for mid-sized collections. The 115 LP storage box is a rectangular, modern and stackable case that can hold up to 115 records vertically. It's built with a laminated particle board construction with a built-in chrome handle on the inside.

These boxes are nice because they're perfectly matched to a modern interior decorating scheme. They're dark, low profile and simple, and if you have a couple of them they can serve as a low shelf too. It's got a bit more refined look than a crate or apple box, yet it's still a snap to browse through and pick out the perfect record for any occasion. They're pretty easy to put together too, and they're one of my favorites.

LP Storage Crate Side Facing

Simple, wooden style vinyl record storage crate

These amazing and simple wooden vinyl LP storage boxes are perfect for keeping your records well organized in a great looking system. The boxes are simple enough to be light and look great, but they hold a lot of records. They're made from North American softwoods like pine or spruce, and they are pre-sanded, durable and long lasting crates.

The hand made wooden crates are great to look at, with custom contoured handles on either end for easy moving around. The great thing about these is they're awesome even if you're not using them for vinyl record storage boxes. They are sturdy and can hold a lot, so they'll work great in a storage room. They arrive fully constructed and ready to use.

Sefour 500 LP Vinyl Storage Unit Black

A great record storage box solution for big collections

The Sefour 500 is a wonderful solution if you're a collector with a lot of vinyl LPs to store. This storage cabinet for vinyl records has room for a massive collection, with space for around 500 records in total. The beautiful, curved design fits in a modern home nicely and has a light profile so it doesn't visually take up too much space. It's a nice solution if you don't want a half dozen vinyl record storage boxes kicking around your living room. What's more, it's really easy to sort and browse through your collection if you plan to use it every day.

It's an attractive and practical solution for a large collection, and this beautiful LP vinyl record storage cabinet will match nicely with modern furniture and Ikea pieces.

Other Record Storage Case Solutions:

When it comes to storing vinyl, you're pretty much limited only by your imagination. Many shelving units or bookcases can suffice, as long as they can hold a 12" x 12" record safely. A few Ikea brand bookshelves double nicely as capable vinyl record storage cabinets. The important thing is to keep your collection vertically stored, free from dust and debris and water, and preferably in a stable environment without huge temperature variance.

Here are a few more suggestions that might work for your storage solution. If you have a suggestion that you don't see here, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll check it out.

How do you store your vinyl record collection? - How many LPs do you currently have?

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