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Life with wacker

Updated on February 1, 2010

Wacker is a year and one half old basset hound. Named for the way he would play with our kitten of the same age. He would quietly come up behind her and bounce upon her. This would ensue a five minute wrestling match that the cat would most of the time win. She now likes to jump on his back for a ride. Always having cockers we were not prepared for a basset. You would think that being fourteen inches tall his bark would be small in stature also. This isn't the case. Most people mistake him for a big dog till they see him. Bassets are loyal good dogs but hard to train. They are very headstrong and tend to do what they want after you think you have them trained. His nose proceeds him by at least five minutes and once his locks on he bulldozes his way through. He loves affection and likes his share of the bed(and mine). Every evening he gets wound up and starts running the length of the house bounding over anything including our older cocker till he drops and sleeps for one half hour. During this time you can't wake him. You can move him and he will only open his eyes slightly and sort of grin at you. He has changed our life and goes with us in the car frequently laying in the back window. At this point even with all his trouble we could not live without him.


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