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The Walking Dead Season 3

Updated on November 14, 2012

Let's Talk About The Walking Dead Season 3

If you are a Walking Dead fan like I am, then you have been waiting every since the Season 2 Finale for an all new action packed season. Well, that day is here! Each week I'll be adding a new section with a rundown of what happened in that week's episode. Then we will try to have a little fun with it! Leave your comments about your thoughts on each episode.

If you haven't seen it yet, then check out the Walking Dead Season 3 trailer. It looks like we are in for a whole lot of action.

I also want to point out that in order not to violate any copyrights, I will not have any images on this lens from the actual Walking Dead series.

All of the images will be sourced from the Creative Commons licensed for commercial use with attribution given to the source.

I want this lens to remain up through the entire season, and be a place that we can all come back to for some fun each week.

Image credit to Digital Sextant on Flickr

The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer - Curated from YouTube

It would appear that Rick's band of survivors are not the only ones out there trying to find safe haven. The plot will definitely thicken as they learn that the walkers are not the only ones they have to worry about. Oh yeah, check out the end of the trailer and you'll see that we are in for a treat this year with the return of Merl.

Image credit to Styeb on Flickr
Image credit to Styeb on Flickr

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1

Seed - Action Packed Season 3 Premier

Season 3 opens apparently months after our band of survivors were forced to flee the farm. This becomes obvious as they zoom in on Lori's belly showing that she is now in late-term pregnancy.

To start the season off, we are left with just:

  1. Rick, Lori, and their son Carl
  2. Hershel the farmer, and his two daughters; Maggie and Beth
  3. Daryl
  4. T-Dog
  5. Glenn
  6. Carol
  7. and Andrea (who was separated from the group at the end of last season)

The group has been searching for a safe haven for several months. Everyone has honed their zombie fighting skills, including young Carl who wields his automatic pistol with a silencer. The group appears to be tired of constantly being on the run, and Rick seems very stressed about Lori going into labor soon. They are desperate to find a secure location that they can hold up in for a while. That is when Rick and Darryl spot a prison yard off in the distance while hunting for food. It is exactly the safe place they have been searching for, but they need to clear the prison yard of a substantial number of walkers first.

They rally the forces, and clear the yard in a tactical formation. Meanwhile, Hershel, Lori, Beth, and Carl draw other walkers to the fence line, and take them out safely through the fence. With the main yard cleared they can finally relax. But Rick insists on pushing further into the prison on the following day to get access to the food, medicine, and munitions that he suspects the prison holds.

As they relax for the evening, Darryl keeps watch and is joined by Carol. As she complains about a sore shoulder from the recoil of the rifle she was using, Daryl proceeds to rub her shoulders. Some flirtatious dialogue ensues from Carol. Could this be our next Walking Dead romance? (Make sure to cast your vote in the poll below!)

The next day, Rick, T-Dog, Daryl, Maggie, and Glenn push further onto the prison grounds in a tactical formation. They encounter prison guards in riot gear that are now walkers and struggle to put them down. After securing the area, they push into one of the prison cell blocks after locating a set of keys on one of the deceased guards. They finally feel a sense of security, but are still in desperate need of food and water.

Lori confides in Hershel about her concern over the birth of her child. She hasn't felt the baby move in a couple of days. Since they are all infected with the virus, she is worried that her baby could turn into a zombie and rip her apart. If she herself dies during labor, she is worried about turning into a walker herself. She asks Hershel to put her down immediately should this occur. (Vote in the poll below on what you predict the outcome of Lori's delivery will be).

As the bulk of the group gears up to push further into the prison, Rick instructs Carl to remain behind and protect the women. As they push through a maze of dark hallways, they are quickly over-run by walkers and have to retreat. Maggie and Glenn are briefly separated from the group during the retreat. As Hershel doubles back to find his daughter Maggie, he is bit on the leg by a walker that he thought was dead.

The group retreats and carries Hershel to a cafeteria where they are able to secure the doors. Rick hacks off the lower part of Hershel's leg in an effort to keep the infection from spreading throughout his body. He is in shock over what he has done, but feels that he had no other choice in trying to save Hershel's life.

This is when Daryl's notices movement through a metal screen on the other side of the room, and shoulders his crossbow ready to fire. To his dismay, he is not staring down a group of walkers. They appear to be prisoners that have somehow managed to survive the apocalypse and taken refuge in the prison's kitchen.

Elsewhere, Andrea appears to be very ill and is being taken care of by Michonne (the hooded, samurai sword-wielding figure that saved her life at the end of the season 2 finale). Andrea insists that Michonne leave her behind and flee from the growing zombie herd that is migrating through the area. Michonne refuses and they head out together with Michonne's chained zombie "pets" in tow.

The first episode of season 3 did not disappoint, and was jammed full of action and suspense. And of course the episode ended on a cliff-hanger that we have come to expect.

Carol and Daryl... - Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

I think it is becoming pretty obvious that Carol has a thing for Daryl.

After the "back rub" scene, you have got to be wondering if they will be the next Walking Dead romance to crop up.

So what do you think?

Will they become involved this season?

Will Carol and Daryl become romantically involved in Season 3?

See results

The Birth of Lori's Baby... - Zombie or Human?

Lori expressed her concern to Hershel that she hadn't felt her baby move and that it may be born as a zombie.

What do you think?

Will Lori's baby be born Human or Zombie?

See results

Who Had the Best Zombie-Killing Weapon? - Why?

Who had the best zombie-killing weapon this episode?

See results

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2

Sick - The Struggle to Survive Continues

The action picks back up as Daryl keeps his crossbow aimed at the prisoners who are staring at them in awe. As the standoff ensues, Glenn and Rick try to stabilize Hershel, who just had his leg severed off after a zombie bite. They realize they are losing him, and place him on a rolling cart to transport him back to their secure cell block.

Once back in the cell block, Rick instructs Glenn to stay with Hershel no matter what (and indicates that he knows what he has to do if Hershel should turn into a zombie). Rick steps back outside the cell block to join Daryl and T-Dog who are still in a standoff with the prisoners who followed them back from the kitchen. One of them is armed with a pistol. It is at this point that the prisoners realize the scope and severity of the apocalypse. They have been locked in the kitchen for 10 months, surviving off of the food stores within. Rick informs them that nothing in the outside world is what it used to be, and most everyone is gone.

They all step outside to the prison yard, so Rick can show them what has occurred. At this point, an argument ensues about who owns the prison, and they agree to a deal. Rick and his crew will help clear another cell block where the prisoners can live safely, in exchange for half of the food stores that remain in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Carol and Lori work to stabilize Hershel. They are afraid they will lose him, and become worried about how they will manage the delivery of Lori's baby without Hershel. Lori gave birth to Carl via c-section, and Carol quickly realizes that she is not prepared to deal with this. She heads out to the prison yard to find a female walker to practice making incisions on. Carl returns with a bag of medical supplies and informs the group that he set out and found the prison infirmary on his own. This angers Lori and the rest of the group, because it was a brave yet careless move.

Rick and T-Dog return with several sacks of food. He gives Glenn his hand cuffs and instructs him to restrain Hershel just in case. Then they set out to clear the next cell block with the prisoners. They discuss a game plan, and how to fight the walkers instructing them to go for the brain. At their first zombie encounter, the prisoners brawl with the zombies which has no effect. They quickly realize that they need to listen to Rick and his team. They take out a large group of walkers, but one of the prisoners is scratched in the process. While discussing his fate, the leader of the prisoner group bludgeons him to death, and Rick and Daryl realize this guy is going to be a problem.

During the next battle, the prisoners once again don't follow instructions and the team is almost overrun. Tomas (the leader of the prisoners) throws a walker on Rick during the melee, and Daryl comes to his rescue. Once the battle is over, Rick fixes the problem with Tomas by lodging his machete into his skull. One the the other prisoners tries to take Rick out with a bat, but flees with Rick in hot pursuit down a maze of dark prison hallways. Rick retreats as the prisoner encounters a group of walkers and meets his demise. Our band of survivors leaves the two remaining prisoners (Oscar and Axel) in the cleared cell block, and return to their own.

Back at their home cell block, Hershel quits breathing. Lori administers CPR. Just when you think that Hershel has passed, he springs to life with a gasp of air and you are certain that he has turned. (This scared the snot out of my wife, who just about jumped over the back of the couch.) Carl has his pistol trained on Hershel's skull ready to pull the trigger. Lori has saved him for the time being. They have patched him up with the medical supplies Carl found, but he is still in bad shape.

Lori and Rick talk outside about what has occurred. There is still a lot of tension in their relationship, which leads back to her sexual encounters with Shane and her reaction towards Rick killing him at the end of Season 2. Lori wants to discuss and work on repairing their relationship, but Rick just thanks her for saving Hershel's life, and walks off.

Out in the prison yard, Carol is practicing her c-section on the zombie cadaver. The camera's perspective changes to outside of the prison fence and you can tell that someone is watching her. It looks like there are more survivors that will be encountered in the near future.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3
The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

Walk With Me

It was a long week, waiting for Sunday Night to arrive with Episode 3 entitled "Walk With Me". This episode really shifts the spotlight to Andrea and Michonne.

Episode 3 opens with Michonne and Andrea staring at the smoke from a downed military helicopter. As they move in to investigate, several vehicles pull up to the wreckage forcing them to hide. Walkers move in as well, and the men who exit the vehicles work to take them out. A couple of men work to free the helicopter's pilot who is injured but has survived the crash. Michonne decapitates her own pet walkers to try to avoid detection by the approaching men. But it is too late, because who else than Merle Dixon is standing behind them ... (remember Merle, he's the one who cut his own hand off in Season 1 to get out of handcuffs).

Andrea passes out and comes to inside a building of a walled off and heavily guarded small town. Andrea pleads Rick's case as she and Merle catch up on old times, and how he nearly bled to death after sawing off his own hand. They talk about the people from the original group that have passed, and about his brother Daryl.

The town's leader (who they refer to as The Governor) arrives as Michonne demands their weapons be returned to them and that they want to know why they are being held. The Governor assures them they can leave at any time, as he takes them to the wall where the guards are in the process of taking down walkers outside the gate. It is during his meeting that Andrea and Michonne first come to know that everyone is infected and that they turn when they die.

He takes the on a tour of the community of Woodbury, gives them fresh clothes, nice accommodations, and good food. Michonne is uneasy and skeptical, but Andrea is getting comfortable, especially after she tours the community. It seems to feel safe to her.

The Governor meets with the recovering pilot, who tells him that a number of men from his unit are still out there waiting on his return. He gives the location to the Governor who promises to recover them.

The next day he drives up on the men from the pilot's squad while waving a white flag. He tells them that he has rescued their pilot and has a safe location to come to. The Governor then pulls out a gun and opens fire. Several Woodbury men emerge from the weeds and mow down the rest of the soldiers as they open fire with their rifles. It is pretty obvious now that Michonne's instincts are correct, and this town is not the safe haven Andrea thinks it is.

The Governor and the Woodbury men return to the town with all of the soldiers' weaponry, gear, and vehicles. That evening, the Governor sips a glass of whiskey as he enters a private room and settles into a chair. He stares forward numbly as the camera pans around to a number of glass aquariums. Inside are a number of zombie heads, including the pilot and Michonne's pet walkers.

Whoah... where is this going next!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4

Killer Within

AMC drops a major bombshell in the fourth episode entitled "Killer Within". I got to admit that I never saw this coming, but two of our survivors bite the dust this week. Surprisingly, T-Dog and Rick's wife Lori are the next two to go.

As the episode opens, you realize another survivor is up to no good as you see an unknown person using a deer carcass to lure the walkers into the prison yard.

Rick's crew is out in the prison yard cleaning up and planning to get settled in to their fortress. Axel and Oscar (the two prisoners that Rick helped get their own cell block) come to the yard asking to join Rick's group. They plead their case that they are really good people, but Rick is not buying it and offers to give them rations and send them on their way in a vehicle.

Hershel enters the yard on crutches and everyone rejoices at his recovery from his leg amputation. That is when all hell breaks loose as walkers enter the yard in a large number.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea is getting more comfortable with her new surroundings and wanting to stay. Michonne gets more suspicious as she inspects the vehicles from the recently slaughtered military unit, finding blood and bullet holes.

Merle wants to leave the stronghold and go search for his brother, but is talked out of it by the Governor. The Governor also shares a drink with Andrea and tries to convince her to stay. It works, and Michonne storms out of the room when Andrea tells her she wants to stay longer.

Back at the prison, a fierce battle ensues with the walkers and the group is split up. Hershel and Beth lock themselves in a small fenced-in area, as Maggie, Lori and Carl flee into the cell block. T-Dog suffers a bite to the shoulder from one of the walkers as he attempts to secure the gate to keep more from entering the yard. Glenn notices that the chain securing the gate has been cut, and Rick accuses Axel and Oscar. Suddenly, the prison alarm system sounds drawing even more walkers toward the prison fences. Oscar tells Rick that someone else must have powered on the backup generators, and they all move into the prison to attempt to disable the generators.

Carol attempts to help T-Dog with his bite, but he is only concerned with getting Carol back to the safety of their cell block. He knows he is done for. As they reach the laundry room doors, it is blocked by walkers. They are out of ammo. T-Dog charges the walkers and keeps them contained as he yells at Carol to keep going. As she reaches the doors, she looks back in horror to see T-Dog being ripped apart by the walkers. T-Dog is gone.

As Lori, Carl, and Maggie navigate the prison hallways, Lori suddenly doubles over in pain. The baby is coming and she can't move any further. Carl directs them to the prison boiler room where they take shelter. Maggie attempts to help Lori deliver the baby, but she starts to hemorrhage. She convinces Lori that she has to cut her open to save her baby. Carl had to be delivered by c-section and she knows that she cannot deliver this baby naturally. Lori says her goodbyes to Carl, telling him that he was the best thing she ever did and not to let this crazy new world spoil him. Maggie slices open Lori's belly and is able to save the baby, but Lori is lost.

Axel and Glenn head in one direction, while Rick, Daryl, and Oscar head in another to search for the generators. Rick's team finds the generators but are being pursued by walkers. Daryl and Oscar fight to hold the door shut while Rick attempts to power off the backup generators. But Rick is attacked by another prisoner - Andrew. Andrew was in the original group of prisoners from Episode 2 and was thought to be dead. He is back for revenge. Rick and Andrew battle hand to hand as Rick loses his gun. It is retrieved by Oscar, and Andrew yells at him to shoot Rick. Oscar shoots Andrew instead forming a new trust between him and Rick. Rick is finally able to power off the generators and stop the alarm from sounding.

To top off this shocking episode, Carl and Maggie look at Lori lying lifeless on the ground. Carl says that they can't leave her there like that because she will turn into a walker. Carl hugs his mom as Maggie checks the door. Then a gunshot rings out and Carl leaves the room with the smoking gun still in his hand. Everyone regroups back in the prison yard. As Maggie comes forward holding the baby, Rick realizes that Lori is not with them and collapses in grief.

The Walking Dead Apparel from Amazon

If you like The Walking Dead as much as I do, then I hope you will find this lens fun and interesting.

Bookmark it and stop by each week after the episode airs for more Walking Dead Fu!

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      6 years ago

      Surprisingly, I like this show.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Surprisingly, I like this show.

    • Melissa Miotke profile image

      Melissa Miotke 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      My husband and love this show!

    • daisychainsaw lm profile image

      daisychainsaw lm 

      6 years ago

      Exciting stuff! We watched this episode last night, can`t wait to see what happens next.

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      6 years ago

      I looooove the Walking Dead. *Blessed!


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