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Wallace and Gromit

Updated on August 11, 2014

Best comedy for all ages

Wallace and Gromit are a team that keeps you entertained and laughing no matter how old you are. These films also break the language barrier as the antics of these two needs no explaining. The dialog is humorous but even if you don't speak English the jokes will be evident. Sit back with your popcorn and prepare to have a night of laughs.

Why I love Wallace and Gromit

delightfully entertaining

I first met the Wallace and Gromit features while staying at a friends home. We had a group of Tibetan monks staying with us that did not speak English but we wanted to keep them entertained while we cooked dinner so our host popped Wallace and Gromit into the DVD player. We were all greatly entertained with the antics of these two bungling characters and even though the words were not understood by the monks it did not matter as the storyline was so evident and funny that the monks howled with delight just the same. In truth the scenes are so well played that the dialog is a big bonus but often unneeded to get the gist of what is happening. I have purchased all the different episodes of Wallace and Gromit because every one of them is genius. These movies are good for any age and I highly recommend them!

Some clips from Wallace and Gromit

These are just a couple of quick looks at the cleverness that is Wallace and Gromit

A cute little scene of breakfast

Clever movie and oh so funny!

Wallace and Gromit Movies - prepare to laugh

Cook up the popcorn and get ready for an enjoyable, fun and creative movie experience.

A few photos from Wallace and Gromit

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