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Warm Bodies Merchandise

Updated on September 19, 2014

Warm Bodies Merchandise and Gifts

If you are looking for Warm Bodies Merchandise and zombie themed gifts, then you've come to the right page!

Warm Bodies is aired in cinema's in February 2013. Many fans have loved the book, which the movie is adapted from! Viewers will no doubt laugh out loud at this comedic look at what happens when a zombie boy falls in love with a human girl. Of course, this makes it a great film for a Valentine's date, but also to collect movie merchandise and memorabilia, or give them as gifts.

I am a huge fan of the books and couldn't wait to watch the movie. The thought of a zombie finding he can be a boy again because of his love for a living girl is very romantic and also a beautiful notion. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as the book. Although the movie isn't exactly the same as the book, the movie is very close to the book in some of the most fundamental aspects.

Read The Book - Find The Romance in a Horror Filled World

Warm Bodies: A Novel (The Warm Bodies Series)
Warm Bodies: A Novel (The Warm Bodies Series)

As soon a I saw the trailer I had to read the book! The book was funny and similar to the movie in a number of ways. However, there are differences and I was glad I read the book as well as saw the movie.


Warm Bodies Plot

What's Warm Bodies All About?

Warm Bodies is the tale of a zombie called R. He has no life and basically does what zombies typically do. He knows he has no life and follows the same patterns everyday. He has no memory but he thinks his name started with a R. However, he is different from the other zombies. He's kinda sarcastic inside his head and is able to feel remorseful of the things he does to continue with his existence. Although he eats people, he feels bad about it. It doesn't stop him from doing it though.

Everything changes when R is interrupted by a human girl. He falls in love with her and holds her captive. Their relationship develops and Julie begins to have feelings for R too. However, the world isn't understanding of their relationship and there are other forces at work. If they plan to change the world, it's not going to happen without all factions being involved and a large fight.

If you haven't read the Warm Bodies book, I urge you to read it. It's hilarious and you'll get through it faster than you could imagine.

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